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I soloed Alatreon, here are some tips!

Ok, first off i want to clarify that I used IG so I can’t speak to how GS or any of the heavy weapons will fare, but Imagine he’ll Ben just as soloable with them given the right set up.

Absolutely build for elemental attack, specifically Ice for the assignment. He will always start off in fire active mode during then assignment. My set wasn’t optimal at all as I had to build it kinda on the fly, so if you can build an optimal set for Ice that’s the way to go.

Bring vitality mantle, health booster and jerky. With these, you’ll absolutely be able to survive the judgment attack which brings me to my next point.

You absolutely have to get the special element stagger, you’ll know when you get it as the NPCs will tell you you’re keeping his elements in check. You only need to do this once each time before he gets to do his judgment attack.

Once you’ve done the element stagger, break a horn. Once you break a horn it prevents him from going into the element form of the weapon you’re using! You’ll get to break his horns twice and the threshold to break them doesn’t seem insanely high so it isn’t too difficult to achieve.

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During the judgement attack, assuming you’ve staggered him place a health boost, don the vitality mantle and wait. Once the mantle is broke eat a jerky. Easy as that, you shouldn’t break a sweat. I’d go as far as to say the health booster isn’t even required.

After you’ve got both horns broke and two judgments out of the way, you may have to fight him in ice active mode. I wasn’t able to stagger him at that point, and did cart to the judgement but you do have an opening to stagger him in his dragon active form if you can pull it off as far as I can tell. I slayed him mere moments after coming back from my cart so you might not even need worry about that.

My set wasn’t optimal, I only tenderised once, used none of the consumable buffs. He’s absolutely soloable.


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