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I tried designing a mimic monster, let me know what you think

Hello, I've tried designing a new monster as an exercise, It is based on the phenomenon of mimicry, where an organism resembles another one in order to gain some sort of advantage, in this imaginary monster’s case it mimics the Yian Kut-Ku’s appearance in order to bait creatures that would try to prey on the Yian, like an Abiorogu, and to take them by surprise.To do so it evolved to look very similar to a Yian Kut-Ku, albeit bigger, with a longer tail, and lacking a beak.

It preys on creatures trying to take down a Yian Kut-Ku that, presumably, have some sort of fire resistance (naturally or thanks to armor in the case of a Hunter) due to Yian’s fire damage, so this creature’s attacks should do water damage to counter that. It probably also has a moveset similar to that of the Yian Kut-Ku, to better sell the idea of the two monsters looking and acting similarly.

Here is Yian Kut-Ku’s moveset:

Tail Whip: The Kut-Ku turns, attacking with Its tail.Peck: The Kut-Ku could either peck where it is or can leap forward and peck.Bite: The Kut-Ku turns while he bites, not straightforward.Fire cloud spurt: The Kut-Ku “spits”, throwing a fiery projectile.Charge: The Kut-Ku runs forward, sometimes, spitting “fire spit” on either side of him while he does.Ground Scratch: The Kut-Ku scratches the ground, which only hurts when you are standing directly under him.
Info taken from here.

And here is the mimic's:

Tail Whip: The mimic’s tail is a lot longer than the Yian’s, so the monster turns a lot faster than the Yian and will try to use its tail to knock hunters away or latch onto them if they are weak. It won’t do a lot of damage and will be primarily used if the player stands at the sides of the MimiKut-Ku for too long.
Headbutt: The mimic has a head similar in shape to the Yian’s, lacking a beak but mimicking it with very sturdy and fleshy protrusions that also run on the top of its head. As such it doesn’t peck but tries to headbutt its prey. This should be its main damaging move if the player stands in front of it.
Bite: The mimic will try to bite hunters in front of it, this move also deals water damage. This attack should get used if the hunter is too close to headbutt, for example, if he is standing near the front of the monster’s legs.
Water spurt: The MimiKut-Ku flies off the ground, roughly 2 meters up, and shoots water bursts targeting the hunter. This attack should be used to break the flow of the fight, but not too often.
Charge: The MimiKut-Ku runs forward and is able to make sharp turns using its tail to steer (like a cheetah), it will try to headbutt enemies in its path and, should it run past the hunter, it will try to grab them with a whip of its tail, causing the creature to destabilize and fall should it miss the grab.
Kick: The mimic kicks behind it dealing water damage and greatly knocking back enemies hit, it only gets used if the player is standing behind it.

Physiology and breakable parts:

Breakable and cuttable parts:It would make sense for the tail to be able to be cut, so we’ll add that and make it so that a cut tail drastically reduces Tail Whip’s range and removes the latch mechanic (the creature will still try to use the latch once before stopping).We established that the creature uses its sturdy head to attack, so we’ll make the top of its head breakable, which will make Headbutt deal a bit of recoil damage if it connects.Ineffective damage:Legs (effective damage if broken) and top of its head (highly effective damage if broken)Effective damage:Wings, neck, rest of the head, back, tailHighly effective damage:Underbelly


In regards to how its roar sounds, I thought that it should sound similar to the Yian Kut-Ku’s, maybe we can up the pitch, similar to how the Yian Garuga does it, and then stretch certain parts of the roar, it should feel like a Yian Kut-Ku but wrong.

Sure, in its current state the creature can’t be implemented into a game, as it would need more work in the balance and sound departments, item drops and item sets, as well as some decent art to tie all together, but the basic concept and some of the gameplay surrounding it are established and written down.

Do you think this is a concept that could actually work? I would need to think more about it's ecology before doing anything else, but it seems decent enough right now.

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