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Iceborne has some of the best combat design that is utterly ruined by abominably terrible mechanics

Content of the article: "Iceborne has some of the best combat design that is utterly ruined by abominably terrible mechanics"

The Clutch Claw is fucking insufferably terrible

Mantles are awful and annoying and cheesy

Softening is literally just a hassle that EXCLUSIVELY makes the game worse for literally no gain

Gunlance is ruined by a similar new mechanic, the Wyrmstake, which just gives you anxiety about maintaining uptime the entire fucking hunt and prevents the weapon from just being the simple and enjoyable way it used to be

Wallbangs are also cheesy and nonsensical and something that nobody ever asked for or wanted

I still don't like mounting at all

I don't feel rewarded when I cheese a tough monster with damage immune mantles and successive knockdown mechanics giving me free hits. I feel the opposite, I feel like I abused the intentional game mechanics to get around actually fighting the monsters because for some reason according to Capcom that's not fun enough.

Every time they try to fix what WAS NEVER BROKEN IN THE FIRST PLACE it just makes the game worse because all it does is give you more shit to think about, more chores to worry over when you should only worry about having fun hitting the monster. The slinger is fine, I do actually like it, but it barely does anything. Other than that, the only things they should be doing and have done to improve is adding new dimensions to the combat like sliding attacks and jumping attacks.

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In addition to this, the V3T3R4N M0NST3R HUNT3R G4M3RS wanted it to be 'harder' so we got this cabal of spectacularly unfun endgame monsters. If AT Velkhana is what they were looking for, then give me baby mode Monster Hunter because at least I'll have a modicum of fucking fun with monsters that actually have good mechanics and attacks instead of whatever this shit is. How do we make AT elder dragons hard? Have them drop a bunch of shit all over the arena so you have to play bullet hell while you're trying to just hit the monsters. Ice explosions taking up 90% of your screen, explosive slime that punishes you for ATTACKING THE MONSTER, death fog that constantly drains your health and you can't do anything but move, explosions, like yes filling the screen with a bunch of constantly exploding particle effects makes it HARDER, it makes it a lot more chaotic and difficult just to move around the map without dying, but that is not the least bit fucking fun, nor is crackhead monsters that are in rage mode 100% of the time and literally NEVER. STOP. ATTACKING. Yeah sure it's hard, because I literally can't even get a single hit in. Nergigante is fun because he has a readable but punishing moveset and can catch you if you're not careful, he doesn't need to drop pools of lava on 90% of the map to deny you freedom of movement to fight him as you would like to be able to, he lets you move around and actually play the god damn game when you're fighting him.

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I hope the biggest lesson the devs learn from Iceborne is that it was almost entirely a failure. Gameplay wise anyway. Pretty much everything they tried was shit.


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