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Iceborne – I’m not having much fun

So not long ago, I decided to give basegame an other go, after a hiatus of 2 years. I was enjoying myself quite a bit. When I reached the endgame and started killing the elder dragons, I also had my fair share of fun : they all had their unique mechanics, they had plenty of openings inbetween their attacks, and their big attacks were easy to evade (aside from Nergigante's dive, but I was playing HBG shield for this fight). I was at a point where I genuinely liked playing.

I then decided to continue having fun, and bought Iceborne as a result. The main MH reddit was saying encouraging things, like "it's basegame, but better" and "you liked basegame, you will like Iceborne". But from the moment I started the story line to the moment I unlocked the Guiding Lands, I… I pretty much never had much fun, in any hunt.

It all started fine and dandy, or rather "normally" : Beotodus and Banbaro were ok, not memorable but "ok". Then, I met Viper Tobi. I thought to myself "damn, he's… quite fast and annoying, even more so than the base version". I killed it and moved on, but at the back of my mind I still thought "that was annoying.

Then, I did all the monsters until Velkhana final fight, and I finally saw the pattern : most of MR monsters are too fast and unrelenting, nearly always enraged, nearly always flying (I experienced first hand the nerf of flashpods against a Rathalos), never allowing you to find a good opening that allows you to hit more than 1 or 2 times depending on your weapon. Coupled with the fact that I barely delt any damage to most monsters parts, and I realized the problem… to incentivize you to use the clutch claw (something I never trully used thus far), they made weak points less "weak" so you kinda have to tenderize, and monsters more aggressive so you kinda have to make your own opening via wallbanging, one of the most clunky mechanic of the game.

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After that, my way of seing the game changed, for the worst. Against aggressive MR monsters, I just baited them near a wall, and wallbanged them, then tenderize (on most weapons, you pretty much have to pop a mantle if you want to tenderize while the monster is active), then dps during the next opening window.

The last Velkhana's fight was an annoyance. She spams so much, she moves so much, she can iceblight you… even her lair is a cluster fuck where you basically have to let her destroy all the crystal shit to move properly… and then she creates her own ice walls ! At first I thought "oh the walls will probably stop the ice be-" oooor not, icebeams go right through them. So the whole fight was me hitting her a few times during her rare openings, baiting for a wallbang/tenderize, then when she's enraged I ran like an idiot for minutes evading her every hits, running through her ice walls, ice from the sky, ice beams, ice giant AoE… I had no fun. After this 38 min long fight and for the first time since I started, I thought that I wasted my time.

Yadi yada, I pushed myself to the GL, because I fixed myself the objective of killing Fatalis. But then, I checked the monsters I had to farm to get my early endgame build running… silver los, Kirin, etc etc.

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I dunno, I'm starting to lose my will to continue playing.

Do you have a tip for me ? A way to enjoy the game ?


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