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Iceborne is absolute trash and ruins everything I enjoyed about the base game

  • Clutch claw. Clutch claw isn't even a half baked idea, the idea of clutch claw seems like it's a wad of garbage that they grabbed out of the dumpster from the closest fast food shack and threw it onto the idea board. The fact that without clagger and tenderize attacks, getting decent DPS comparative to base game is a hair pulling frustration just makes me curse the team that made Iceborne ad nauseum
  • Hot drinks. Hot drinks made me realize how dumb of a concept cool drinks are. Who thought it a good idea to instead of having a small area of a map require a drink to maintain a stat, they'd make a whole map? I've had so many people counter with, "Oh, it's not that big of a thing. It lasts 10 minutes. They put the ingredients in the box. You can get the stuff to immediately craft it right outside of the camp. Etc." If it's so common, why even have it? What does drinking a hot/cool drink add to a monster fight? Nothing. Drinking a demon drug? Your health goes up. Dash juice? Helps stamina. So many consumables that solely benefit you when fighting a monster. Cool/Hot drinks have nothing to do with fighting a monster. Doesn't matter if you're fighting or just standing in the area, you either drink or suffer consequences. Also, the fact that now, my inventory is cluttered with more items that I've got to sort through and add to items loadouts. Absolutely dumb mechanic I'm glad to see Rise do away with.
  • Iceborne monsters. Onto the monsters, the monsters in the expansion are liked coked up energy drink addicts that just started a week long bender. They're constantly fidgeting around and if you so much as get grazed, you're going to need to consume a mega potion at least or the next hit is going to cart you.
  • Armor skills. With the addition of clutch claw, skills like WEX got it's legs swept right out from under it. Still a core skill to have but, without using claw to tenderize parts, you're losing what made the original skill a must have on all builds. Also, Maximum Might got nerfed with some arbitrary cooldown/wind up time. What skill suddenly got limelight with the addition of claw? Agitator. I'm not sure about you folk, but, I'm already spending half of a hunt running around waiting for the monster to take a second to sniff it's own fart before I even think about moving into attack. Now, with Agitator, the monster being enraged is considered a must on all "meta" builds.
  • Palico gadgets. Most of the gadget changes I'm happy with. But, the fact that the final upgrade for Vigorwasp, which I mained before Iceborne, is a cart crutch, fills me with rage.
  • Decoration farming. More decorations to sift through to get the ones you want to help your builds reach the best they can offer. Couple the decoration farm for armor with the farm for mantles and you can see where majority of your time is intended to be spent.
  • Steamworks. Not a bad concept. But, I don't need pachinko in my Monster Hunter. Wasted time and assets that could have potentially been used to fix the laundry list of problems so far.
  • Decorating your room. When I first played, before Iceborne, I thought the setting creatures around your room had it's perks. However, now that Iceborne has pretty much turned room decoration into some Suzy homemaker concept, I look back at Steamworks and think, where better could this time have been spent?
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So much of the expansion just leaves me fuming and regretting all the time I've invested in this game. I used to be a huge proponent of the game. I'd recommend it to anyone that gave me the time of day. Iceborne ruined it. Any time I speak to someone about Monster Hunter, I can only tell them that they should steer well clear of it and save their time and money elsewhere. I look at Rise and I had a glimmer of hope. But, with wirebug and palamutes, I'm not even going to bother. Wirebug looks like claw 2.0. Sure, you don't have to use it like you don't have to use claw. But, how long until not using it leads to you suffering in a hunt or they implement a mechanic where not using it hinders you. Palamutes looked fun. That was until I realized why have a map so large and full of nothing to do that you require a faster mode of transportation? I've read that World and Rise didn't have influence on each other and I find that laughable when you see claw/wirebug and tailraider/palmute.

TL;DR I'm done with Monster Hunter after World. They seem to keep trying to reinvent the wheel and it's dumb to me. I just want to smack the monster around with my weapon and get rewarded for it. Not zip around the map like some wannabe Spiderman or spending time playing Suzy homemaker.

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