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Iceborne is the only playable MH and people who defend the older games are only nostalgic

The series has been dick on the ground garbage since its launch. It had clunky controls, bad hitboxes, dumbass item management, and bad graphics. When I heard a new Monster Hunter game was announced (World) I wondered "Why can't this shit die?" However, after watching the trailers it actually looked good. The series was finally off baby Nintendo consoles and had big boy graphics. This was exhilarating. After buying the game I thought I knew why everyone liked MH. First of all, the graphics were finally fixed. Secondly, the game was not clunky. The Hunter never had to stop to do any kind of action, which is a positive. But this leads into an issue I have with the boomer fans. They hate QOL because it makes the game "easy." No, it doesn't. Not stopping to do gather shit makes the game faster and better. But they also hate restocking, which is absolutely absurd. In the old games you could heal in the bed at camp, or gather items to craft potions. Obviously they are hating on a new mechanic because it's new. They also moan about how that threw the game off "balance." Like really bitch? If it wasn't balanced the team would not have put it in the game. Restocking just keeps up the pace of the game. Now onto something great about the game- the clutch claw. Easily the best idea they have ever head, chef's fucking kiss and hats off to Ichihara for coming up with it. Mounting was already overpowered in base game, but the claw is that on crack. You get big dick damage when the monster is tenderized, AND you can fling it into a wall which gives you thousands of damage, AND it enrages the monster for even more damage! Enough of the monster getting tired bullshit, the fights are always high octane. The feature is completely optional so if you don't like it don't use it retard! The fights are rewarding, and their gear is even more rewarding! Watching your weapons go from bone to badass is awesome and they should've done it with the armor too. The story was also impressive and made it not embarrassing to play. After completing World, I watched cutscenes from Generations Ultimate. Oh. My. God. My street cred would be completely fucking ruined if i dared to think about playing that shit. World finally made the game for adults and it should stay that way. Hopefully we will get full nudity and sex scenes in the future if they continue to give the fans what they want. The maps also got improved, no more dumbass loading screens (and bad graphics). The environments feel real and I loved exploring them. The Ancient Forest in particular is possibly the best map in the series with many places to explore and just how dense it is. Let's not forget the monsters themselves though. I have heard the argument that there's "little variety" but who cares? Having shit like a huge rabbit was only made to appeal to the target audience, babies. World got rid of the bad designs and only kept the good ones. World is an improvement in every possible way for the series, but let's not forget the best part of the game- the free updates. All the monsters have been insanely good, especially Fatalis because it encourages the use of all Iceborne's mechanics. Behemoth was also beautifully integrated as a MMO monster. The haters just don't know how to fight it. I honestly don't see why they couldn't just keep adding expansions like Iceborne to the game. They could easily expand this forever. Now there's no point to continue playing and it will be a while before I see the Handler, my waifu, again. Too bad we can't have nice things because the next one is for actual babies with it being on a nintendo console and getting rid of the good graphics and mature storyline.

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Overall, really good Dark Souls clone.


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