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IG Switch Skill: Advancing Roundslash (and a little on others)

The Advancing Roundslash the first of the Insect Glaive's Switch Skills.

It is often overlooked for the familiar and easy to use Leaping Slash from the games of old.

Leaping Slash is great. Quick. Move's you only a bit and deals it's damage quickly. It is a very good choice.

Po chi, a popular IG Speedrunner often used it in his original videos.

As of now, he has 16 different monsters hunted in speed runs with the IG and originally did start out using the Leaping Slash too.

However in almost all the recent ones (last 6 so far) he's been using the Advancing Roundslash and in the first video he did using the ARS, he was asked if he preffered the skill to the Leaping Slash by an English speaking commenter and he actually responded in English with a "Yeah!". So that's something.

You can see him using the ARS against the:

  • Part 1

  • Part 2

What are the benefits of using this unwieldy skill?

  • Incredible gap closer.
  • Deals more damage (Leaping Slash has an MV of 26, while the Advancing Roundslash hits 3 times with MV's of 10, 20 and 20 respectively).
  • Has a large amount of i-frames while leaping towards the enemy allowing you do essentially go through any enemy attack/roar as long as you learn the timing. This is the main strength of this Switch Skill.
  • When hitting the enemy, it launches you into the air for a mini vault which you can then transition straight into any of your aerial moves or even your Diving Wyvern.
  • The launch from ARS counts as a charge from your aerial attacks, already putting you at your first bonus from the aerial combo's. Helping jumpstart your aerial combo's DPS. Or to even skip the aerial combo and go straight into a first level boosted Diving Wyvern without having to do any aerial attacks.


  • Learning the timing for the i-frames takes getting used to and some people are just not as good at that. Because of that, the Leaping Slash is much easier to use and still a good option.

That's really the only downside as while on the ground, and near the enemy, you don't necessarily need to have it because of the Tornado Slash, which hits harder, moves you forward like the Leaping Slash still and can be canceled out with the Recall Kinsect move (even if the bug is on your arm), so the lag time isn't there. Tornado Slash would normally be used anyway even if you have Leaping Slash because of its superior MV's (2 hits with MV's of 24 and 42).

While talking about other Switch Skills, Tornado Slash should generally be chosen over Tetraseal Slash. As sadly, while it is a high damaging move (4 hits, with MV's of 14, 5, 20 and 36), because it locks you in place for such a long time, it cannot be used as often or reliably to make sure all hits connect and that you're safe from being attacked back. It may see some uses if you have an Elemental Glaive and a Sever Assist Kinsect to get the most out of the multi hits….

And Diving Wyvern has no competition. There is no point in giving up an insane 80 MV move with a short recharge time that can be further buffed by your (now powerful in Rise) aerial abilities.

Of course, back on the ARS, it is not the be all end all skill. There are some monsters that it just may be better to use the Leaping Slash on. Leaping Slash is familiar. It's easy to use and still deals decent damage.

However if you can learn this new switch skill, you'll have a powerful new tool to use (those i-frames are nothing to joke at).


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