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I’m a MH newbie and i just “finished” the main game (beat xeno’jiiva), wanted to share my experience

Content of the article: "I’m a MH newbie and i just “finished” the main game (beat xeno’jiiva), wanted to share my experience"

As i said in the title, i never played a MH game before, i only played MH stories but that's a completely different game. I bought this game in christmas with the steam sales and already have 60 hours on it. I had tried some demos of MH games in the past on the ds but i tought those were way too hard, so i assumed this would be hard too, but instead i found it pretty standard in terms of difficulty, even easy at times (i know, i still have to do iceborne and fight tempered and arch tempered monsters so that will probably change). I played all the way through low and early hig rank using the flammenzhan, then started using the jagras hacker and crafted the nergal judicator as soon as i got to nergigante. In low rank i started fighting the same 3 monsters several times to try diffetent weapons and ended up liking the GS the most, after beating nergigante i stopped progressing with the story and played a good 15 or more hours online, and it was really fun! When i started playing the story again i defeated the three elder dragons and xeno'jiiva in ine day. As i said earlier i found the game to be pretty easy overall, the first quest i failed was low rank diablos and did it on my second try, the only other quest that i failed ( for three times before winning) was nergigante. The three elder dragons were pretty easy too, i only carted once with kushala daora. I found xeno'jiiva to be a bit weird compared to the rest of the game, it was way too big but still,pretty fun nontheless, i carted once because i forgot to bring honey to make more potions. Deviljho was easy too, i was so scared when i first met it but it wasn't so much of a threat. I really love this game already, and i already bought iceborne, it's the first game in years that i really find addicting, it feels like i'm a kid again. Sometimes i go to bed way later than usual just to play it (and i value a lot my sleep) and it's the only thing i think about the next day! I hope to be playing this for a long time and to eventually get MH rise when it releases. Sorry for eventual grammatical errors but english is not my first language.

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