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Im glad i bought this game

Content of the article: "Im glad i bought this game"

On special. Im glad my gut told me to not buy this great honking piece of shit at full price. It always amazes me nowadays with what developers are willing to pull. The stunts and bullshit theyre willing to try and get away with. Skyrim is the same price as MHRise. Skyrim, a game older than children that are learning to multiply times tables is being sold at a price that is probably higher than its initial release price.

But thats not what this post is about. No. We're here to celebrate Yasunori Ichinose. Yasunori Ichinose is a genius. The kind of talent that only appears once in a millenium. This man is the epitome of great video game design, only rivalled by the likes of Todd Howard. Infact, rival is used very generously here because he's just that far ahead of everyone else. Finding him competition is his greatest problem.

Not only did this man bring back bullfangos, buff genprey's paralysis and increase the respawn rate of iopreys, no! He added ledges to most maps. Not only did he nerf adept dual blades after Generations he refused to bring back charge blades original GP system despite the clearly dropped KO values making it the most lame piece of shit weapon since 4U longsword. Its Christmas at Ichinose Land so ofcourse we got back Shogun Cenataur. Whats that? Yea! The crab that embodies the essence of Samurai; bravery and honor. My brave guage is full, he's digging underground and will keep playing whack-a-mole until 2/3s of my brave meter are gone? Very brave. He keeps spamming the same quick swipe 4 times in a row, the honor is leaking from this erratic crab dontcha know? hE's LeAkInG hOnOr! HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR THIS BELOVED VETERAN OF THE SERIES YOU UNCULTURED SWINE! DONT YOU HAVE ANY SENSE OF NOSTALGIA?!? ISNT HE JUST nAtSuKaShIsA?!? WHATS THAT? I CANT HEAR YOU OVER THE SOUND OF 180° CLAW SWIPES RIPPING MY HEALTH BAR TO SHREDS.

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Im so glad i didnt buy this game at full price. Its a shit game. I got it at 70% off and i still have buyers remorse. Let me put that into perspective. If this game was 100 'credits' and i got it at 30 credits, I'd still feel let down by the product i'd recieved. Thats how shit it is. Why have Shogun Cenataur back? Who has fond memories of this cunt-on-legs? Who? Why nerf dual blades after the first Generations? Because they actually worked against your BS game design? Why nerf Charge Blade so fucking much? Why not just decrease the KO values and some of the motion values? Why nerf ALL the motion values, nerf the Guard Point system and even nerf the way the weapon feels. 4U Charge Blade felt so meaty, it was glorious. Even the shield thrusts had solid feedback. Now? Now even the heaviest of axe slams feels less substantial that the regular X swing of 4U sword mode.

Yasunori Ichinose? What do you have against Charge Blade? Was your family killed with a Charge Blade? Whats with your obsession with nerfing? Are you Monster Hunter's very own Dan Kibblesmith? Because i guarantee you, just one of him is enough. Hell, half of him is enough fucking soy for the multiverse 1000 times over. I played your Rise Demo and i dont know what your issue is because you took out Savage Axe mode. I know dataminers say it'll come back as a wirebug thing but that just sounds like a nerf to me.

Yasunori Ichinose. Please just bring back the feel of the 4U CB. We dont need the broken MVs. We really dont. We just wantnthe meatiness of the attacks back? Theres still time until the full game releases. I saw a side by side comparison of the Great Sword from World and the Great Sword you made…. i dont know what youve got against Chad Swords man. Are you a HH main? Is that what this is about? You wanna convert everyone so you can have more doot squads? Because news flash, some of us like the ability of blocking because your monsters love to combo wombo us when we're against the wall and Monster Hunter has a long standing rivalry againsy i-Frames.

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Just to make it clear as i know i was all over the shop on this rant. Fuck you Ichinose for bringing back Shogun Cenataur. Noone likes him. And treating Charge Blade like shit in Generations was an awful decision.


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