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Inventory limitations

Just something I have a problem with in MHW/MHWI is that I feel like the inventory is a bit small for how the game works.

Part of this is the power claw/charm and armor claw/charm that as far as I can tell stack and the requisite potions and mega potions thus taking up a fourth of your inventory space by default, which isn’t that bad alone.

Now for what people may respond with; ‘Oh just head back to camp and get them as needed’, no I don’t want to head back to camp and interrupt my hunt switching gears completely for a half second because I need an item and sit through several animations I’ve seen hundreds of times just because; the hunt went over 15 minutes, it’s time to bomb or catch the monster, my buff potions have worn off, or I’m out of specialized ammo/coatings. Thus meaning a slot for a farcaster, one for something like a ration, another for temp resistance potions, one to three slots for trappings and bombs, maybe even two more slots for life powder and dust of life, thus taking up 4 to 8 more slots, but that’s not everything. I also keep an ancient potion, demon drug and armor skin on me because I want to get back to the hunt instead of having to sit through the animations of going in and out of the tent first.

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Though now it’s becoming a problem with the animations taking up time, so I’ll continue with something else; gathering, the limits on how much you can gather until it forces you to abandon items is a bit of a nuisance and I think it would work better if instead having you choose for the new item or an existing item to be sent to the camp. If you need an explanation for such; there being a second pouch of items on your character that excess items are put into that can’t be accessed until returning to the camp, adding it to your item box. Adding such would allow players to gather without having to repeatedly return to a camp.

With the initial issue what would be nice in my opinion would be to make more of the short animations skippable, getting up after carting, and getting in and out of a tent, sitting down to and finishing eating. If such is unwanted to make the early mentioned talons and charms one-time-use items or to give them their own slots, similar to fixed items and special tools


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