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I’ve never played any MH game – questions from a newbie

Content of the article: "I’ve never played any MH game – questions from a newbie"

  1. Alright so I've been looking for a game that has a great sense of progression, and a LOT of people have recommended MH:W. I'm looking for an expansive journey with great progression that I can sink a ton of hours into, especially since I'm still mildly scared to go out too much while COVID continues to ravage the US. Is this the perfect game for the type of stuff I mentioned?
  2. On Amazon right now the base game is $17.36. Is that a good price? According to Amazon price history, the lowest it's every been is around $14 so I'd assume the current price is pretty solid? As for the expansion – seeing as how I've never played a MH game and have no idea if I'll even like the game, I can't imagine it would make sense for me to buy the master edition that includes Iceborne? The cost for that one is almost $40 on amazon so it's more than double the price of the base game. With that said, let's assume I love the game and eventually want the expansion, any idea how much it'll cost me if I'm to purchase it after the fact? You can buy the Iceborne content as DLC with just the base game physical copy, correct? (Price is $15 for digital but I prefer physical copies of games).
  3. The version(s) I'm looking at is for PS4. I know there is a PC edition, and I have a great 17" gaming laptop, but my TV is a 75" 4K TV and I would really prefer to play this pretty game on my glorious TV…and on my couch of course. It also seems like it would function better with a controller as opposed to M+KB, but obviously I'm in no place to determine that. Lastly, I have the old fat PS4, so I hope that's not an issue. Or at least, not a massive issue.
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Thanks for any help.


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