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Just a thought, but people complaining about Rise’s roster should probably consider a few things

Monster Hunter has a LOT of reused monsters. Like, a LOT a LOT. Deviants, Rare and Subspecies, Variants, Frontier and Online's party packs of Zeniths and Lone Species, etc. are all cool, but at the end of the day the ARE reused monsters. The Deviants, Zeniths, the Rare Species, and the others are cool, but most subspecies in the games are extremely similar to their base monsters. Looking at MHGen, it only had 9 truly unique monsters.

Again, the Deviants, Rare Species, and most Variants are all completely different monsters with a lot of personality to them. Some are simply unique for being the most difficult and powerful forms of a monster out there, like the legendary One-Horned Demon King. Others, like Raging Brachydios and Shrieking Legiana, enforce different playstles or amp up the original hunt more than any subspecies could hope to. Raging has always been a more chaotic take on an already fun monster, while Shrieking makes you focus on positioning and really capitalizing on weaknesses and weak points when you can. I love them for what they do, but I do have problems with their hunts.

But then there are the Green Plesioths, the Blue Kut-Kus, the Purple Gypceros, the Steel Uragaans, and the Azure Rathalos of the species. A more bearable version of the hunt? A reskinned G Rank monster being treated as its own thing? A boring fight with less opportunities to do anything and more waiting to do literally anything? Why do you exist, we all ask. Capcom answers us with the Scarred Yian Garuga and the Savage Deviljho. One's literally more of what we hate, the other's alright. Yeah, you get a pass I guess.

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Remember, everyone, it's a monster's personality and their hunt that makes them worthwhile in a roster. Let's take a dive back through time, and look at the newcomers to every game.

Note – I won't be including small monsters, as none of them have enough personality to be worth noting. Also using Western names for the games that were released here.

Okay, we gotta take a big, running leap back. Monster Hunter G brings us no original monsters. Monster Hunter Portable also has no original monsters.

Monster Hunter 2, the sequel to Monster Hunter, only added in 9 original monsters. From that we have Freedom 2 with 3 monsters, and Freedom Unite with 4 unique monsters.

On to 3, with 15 unique new monsters. P3rd brings in 8, and 3 Ultimate brings in just 2, Brachydios and Dire Miralis.

Now in the 4th generation just before Gen/XX, we have 4. Base 4 brought in 11 monsters, and 4 Ultimate brought in just 1 – Gogmazios.

Now then, at Generations I'll restate that we have 9 original monsters. Generations Ultimate brings in another 2 – Ahtal-Ka and Valstrax.

Now at what some may see as the pinnacle of Monster Hunter, we have World. Base World.

19 new monsters! And with World – Iceborne, following the trend of previous G Rank expansions, just 4 original monsters.

This wasn't meant to bash anyone who's disappointed with the lack of original monsters, or old monsters that need a spotlight once again. This was just for me to tell you to maybe reconsider your stance, and recognize that big changes may be coming to those monsters you despise so much for their lackluster, boring, teeth-grinding, or simply unchallenging hunts.

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