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just turned off MH3U in disgust after my first encounter with Glacial Agnaktor

I literally am playing this game in order to hunt some MH3U-specific subspecies and so far, I'm realizing that it may be a big waste of time. So far I've fought Jade Barroth and Steel Uragaan, neither of which are really different in any interesting way from their normal versions. Crimson Qurupeco is cool. And then we've got Baleful Gigginox and Glacial Agnaktor. Both of these monsters are, without a doubt, the worst designed, most tedious, frustrating, literally zero-fun fights in the series. Not a single iota of a redeeming quality in either of these fights. I already made a post on this sub last week about Baleful, now it's Glacier's turn. For those unfamiliar:

  • you literally bounce off of 95% of its body. The only part that you don't bounce off of is a small diamond on the underside of its chest between its front legs. Thats it.
  • it loses its armor after not burrowing for a while, but it burrows a lot, so have fun waiting minutes for those small windows
  • yes, thats right, its a burrowing monster, so get ready to wait for it while it swims around the map wasting your goddamn time
  • it has wide sweeping beam attacks that need Guard Up to block
  • beams inflict you with double elemental blights
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Now, the armor can be countered with a fire weapon, if you bounce your fire weapon on the body part it will melt the armor. I mean, I just can't even with this shit. Clearly, someone with a brain thought, "Hey, let's make a game mechanic where there are certain hard parts of a monster that we want the hunter to avoid" That guy was a good game developer. And then there was some fucking idiot making 3U who thought "Lets make the hunter bounce off of literally all of this monster, because people love bouncing! It's so fun!" So you bounce off of 80% of uragaan's body, you bounce off of barroths head which he is always turning towards you, brachy's head, and then regular agnaktor but only sometimes, and then with Glacial Agnaktor they just jump the fucking shark, and make something so goddamn stupid, that it makes me question why Im even playing this stupid fucking game.


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