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Kushala Daora Siege!

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After 10 hunts now, seems pretty fun still. About 10-14min hunt with randoms. But feels very fresh since it's a "new" arena to fight in. Fastest run with randoms has been 7'13"86 and slowest 18'23"46.

On average this is what I have gotten per run

Sealed Feystone 3. Best is 5, worst is 2

Ancient Feystone 2. Best is 5, worst is 1

Carved Feystone 2. Best is 3, worst is 1

Will keep this updated if I figure anything else here

Note 1. Still Kushala Daora so still flyes a lot so ranged is super good when doing with group. Every quest has been now 3 ranged and 1 melee weapon users.

Note 2. The Roaming Ballista is the most fun in this fight, it's the canon in North of the Arena and it's the one that has 100 ballistas. Hitting in the head (non-weakened) does 22 dmg so it's free 2,2k dmg if you can hit every shot. Goes to cooldown after using. 31 dmg if tenderized head. Kushala can destroy it very easily if fighting too long next to it.

Note 3. You can flinch shot Kushala to the Roaming Ballista which works but it destroyes the Ballista (thanks random for testing this out)

Note 4. Dragonrazer does 225 initial damage, 9×154 tick damage, 6×31 tick damage and 7709 big boom damage. So 9 506 damage total in one use. (Don't know how different body parts affect the damage)

Note 5. Super fast loading to the quest!

Note 6. Hunt 7 was with 4 faints with randoms (none of them was me before I get called out) so eating for Safeguard/insurance might be a good idea if doing with randoms.

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Note 7. Out of my 10 hunts on this only in one hunt has a person besides my tried to use Dragonrazer and Roaming ballista. So it should be pretty free to just go for those by yourself since it seems nobody cares about the mechanics in the arena.

Note 8. If you are the leader meaning you are in the quest first and fire a sos. Leave from the camps south exit to the arena and ready up dragonrazer, by the time you are done you should have a full team by then.


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