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Lavasioth is pain, Lavasioth is suffering.

Content of the article: "Lavasioth is pain, Lavasioth is suffering."


That’s 99% of the audio for that fight right there.

People rightfully talk shit about Juyratodus but I feel like I see way more hate for Juyra than Lavasioth. Which is fucking astounding.

Lavasioth is basically the worst possible design for a tanky monster, fucking Gravios and his bullshit still had a better armor mechanic than this asshole because at least the armor was easy to break and he wasn’t invincible for 70% of the fight. Lavasioth has the most god damned annoying armor in this game, instead of being a sharpness drain like Juyra or just limiting damage like Namielle and Velkhana, it straight up makes your weapon bounce, which is fucking infuriating. ALONG WITH THIS! He has the ability to dive and access inaccessible spots in the areas, so he can freely dick around in the magma pools where you cannot hit him and stay there minutes on end spamming ranged attacks, and in his home area which he stays in a good chunk of the fight, he can freely splash between pools and spray magma everywhere while being totally invincible to melee.

Oh, but he has a weakness! Torch pods heat his armor up! Wait… No… Nevermind… It only heats up for 10 seconds and nothing stops him from spamming slides and completely negating the armor melt. He also can heat up his armor after diving, GREAT! NOW ONLY IF HE FUCKING USED HIS DIVING ATTACKS MORE OFTEN! That’s the ONLY way Lavasioth’s armor softens if you don’t have torches or fire weapons, he HAS to dive, which he never will fucking do as he prefers spamming slides. Melee is absolutely fucked against him and his shitty armor mechanic that constantly peels away your sharpness and bounces your weapon.

What’s even worse is THIS is what replaced Agnaktor, a fucking fish with WORSE armor mechanics. Remember when Agnaktor actually frequently softened his armor and the armor was easy to break off? Not anymore!

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Fuck Lavasioth, I bet it doesn’t even taste good.


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