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LBG/HBG rise first impressions: Recoil may not exist anymore

Content of the article: "LBG/HBG rise first impressions: Recoil may not exist anymore"

So after playing through the rise demo with the LBG and HBG, I noticed a few things:

For Light Bowgun:

– LBG has access to Cluster ammo. (Lol)
– Rapid fire reverts back to older games style where each shot is 0.7* the original damage. Making all 3 shots equal to 2.1* damage.

For HBG:
– Charged shots are interesting. You can pretty much charge everything except for clusters.
– They double the damage of the shot, but takes some time to get there. In the time you would have charged the shot, you might have done 3 shots.
– However, for ammos that have low pools like sticky ammo, it may be a game changer.

The damage difference between both bowguns actually seems reasonable now. Of course, HBG has the edge.

In terms of ammo:
– Spread is nowhere near as broken as it is in world. (Thankfully) Though its still only tier 1 ammo and we haven't seen the rest.
– Pierce is really good against Mitzizune.
– Normal ammo is kinda competitive in terms of damage for raw.
– Elemental ammo is really good
– Sticky ammo still KO's and, with HBG's charged shot, becomes even more powerful.
– Gaijin Hunter pointed out that internal ammo may return. (Elemental piercing shots)
– In the menu, you can see that shrapenel shot is making a return as either internal or regular ammo.

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Recoil and Reload:
– Theres really only two reload settings in the demo: Non stationary and Stationary. Both actually feel very fast despite the difference.
– Testing every ammo type on the Bowguns, there really isn't any noticeable difference in fire rate between any of the ammo types. Even for LBG, it fires off the ammo like it has low recoil. It gets me to think that recoil may not exist anymore, or exist in another form. If thats the case, then the meta might shift to Bowguns that have the most capacity and Traw, or Bowguns that have really good internal ammo.

I might have gotten some things wrong, but this is what I can gather from the demo.
Bowgun's surely looking ever more interesting.


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