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Leitmotifs that I can find in Monster Hunter: World and Monster Hunter World:Iceborne

Content of the article: "Leitmotifs that I can find in Monster Hunter: World and Monster Hunter World:Iceborne"

Special thanks to CeraCymmetry on Youtube for pointing some of these out along with the hundreds of YouTube commenters which there are too many to name.

First Gen

Fatalis phase one- Has Kokoto village theme from 0:00-0:18 and 1:27-1:34 and 1:42-1:48. Plays Akantor theme at 1:51-1:57. Verdant Hills 0:20-1:22 (Literally the entire theme)

Fatalis Phase two- Has way to many yo count, but I will try my best to name the ones I can place. Verdant Hills 0:11-0:19. Stars at our backs 0:22-0:38 and 1:40-1:46. Something at 0:50-1:01.

Yian Garuga– Kokoto Village Theme 1:28-1:40

Second Gen

Kushala Daora- Shen Gaoren 1:20-1:26. Song of Beginning 1:27-1:33

Nargacuga– Pokke Village Theme 1:56-2:00 and 0:31

Tigrex– Freedom-2 Triumph! theme 1:12-133. Pokke Village Theme 0:42-0:50

Teostra- 0:53-0:56 Unable to place but I know it's something

Third Gen

Deviljho– To one with Life 1:06-1:10

Alatreon– To one with Life 1:08-1:13 and obviously 1:48-2:04

Brachydios– 0:21-0:26 Is maybe something. To one with Life 0:58-1:04

Zinogre– Yukomo Village Theme 1:14-1:20. Misty Peaks 1:20-1:26

Fourth Gen

Raging Brachydios– Apparently Dire Miralis at 1:25-1:34

Glavenus– Bherna Village Theme 1:37-1:42

Fifth Gen

Xeno'Jiiva Phase One– Stars at Our Backs 0:05-0:10, 0:15-0:20, 0:57-1:06, 1:18-1:25, and 1:39-1:45

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Xeno'Jiiva Phase Two– Stars at Our Backs 1:17-1:19, 0:29-0:32, and 0:40-0:45

Zorah Magdaros– Stars at Our Backs 0:22-0:48, 1:04-1:32, 1:39-1:50, 2:21-2:26. Lao Shan Lung 2:36-2:46

Arch Tempered Nergigante– Stars at Our Backs 1:51-2:03

Defense of Seliana– A mixture of Succession of Light and the Velkhana theme

Shara Ishvalda Phase One– Stars at Our Backs 1:41-1:46. Succession of Light is in here aswell, but I am unable to find it.

Shara Ishvalda Phase Two– Has Leitmotifs, but are too hidden for me to find.

Safi'Jiiva Phase One– Xeno'Jiiva theme 0:00-0:20.

Safi'Jiiva Phase Two – Proof of a Hero 0:43-0:48, 0:56-1:08, and 1:56-2:08

Arch Tempered Velkhana – Succession of Light 1:19-1:32

If there are any themes I missed, or any parts I got wrong, please paste in the comments below and the post shall be edited.


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