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I'm not the first to think of this, there is also this post by Imperial Gamer. But I would like to present this idea again and offer some more details on why I think it can be incorporated on discussions around the monsters it would apply to.

To start, how would I define a Lesser Dragon? They're the juvile form of an elder dragon, additionally, these monsters received the "???" in their first appearance in the games, due to the confusion of the characters to identify them as anything else. Examples of lesser dragon would be Gore Malaga and Estrellian.

At its principle, "Lesser Dragon" would just be substitute to "???" and "Unclassified", A fan term, similary "Pseudo-wyvern", to offer more clarification on discussions about the series. It would also be used to somewhat resolve the issue with these monsters and "elder dragon" status, that was what made me start to think about this to begin with.

Many think that Gore Magala should be reclassified as an elder dragon, due to it's relation to Shagaru and by the fact that it can't be classified as anything else. And others think that it shouldn't be reclassified, because it's not being powerful enough and way more vulnerable than it's adult counterpart, being able to trapped and even captured, like in this post by Glaverno Swaxe. So the term would be a middle ground, coalescing facts like the monsters relations to elder dragons, and they not exhibiting all the necessary attributes in some fan's eyes that makes a monster, truly an elder dragon.

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In conclusion, this is just a suggestion, if you want to use the term lesser dragon or not, its all up to you. Thanks for reading this post, have a nice day.

Obs.: While researching about this, I saw that Gore is classified as an elder dragon in Hunter's Encyclopedia 4. So yeah, if side material works enough for you, calling it an elder is also acceptable, as it would seem.


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