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Let’s make a list about the moveset changes

I haven't had much time yet to spend with the demo so I'd be happy if other people could add to this, but I think it'd be great to compile a list of changes to the moveset.

What I have noticed so far:

  • pressing A after an evade will now do a shelling attack instead of a full reload

  • you can still do the full reload by pressing ZR+A however

  • press back on the left stick+A after a charged shell for a fast wyrmstake

  • pressing X+A after the rising slash does a normal wyrmstake

  • you can do a charged shell right away instead of needing to combo into it

  • you can chain shells in the air and move upwards while doing so, and combo into an overhead slam by pressing X

  • WSB seems to be gone

  • aerial draw attacks after using wirebugs are either the forward stab or a shell

  • shelling types are in, there's a mention in the Hunter's Notes about Wide getting an added stun effect for the Wyrmstake Cannon


  • Aerial full burst can be done by pressing ZR+A after a mid-air shell

  • Lunging Upthrust (left analog stick+X) is much slower than before, F

  • not a change, but I still feel like it's worth mentioning, backhops still cover a greater distance than forward hops, so learn

    if you haven't already!

  • you can release charged shells early at full damage

  • Shelling damage decay starts at orange. yellow sharpness gives full shelling damage.

  • You can charge shells mid air and use a fast WS once landing

  • Aerial slam no longer recharges all shells

  • the shield strafe movement from World is gone

  • combo shell into poke seems slower. poke into shell seems the same or even faster

  • you can free aim WF without having to use the aim button

  • if you attack after doing an aerial burst you do a sweep instead of a wyrmstake like in World

  • you can still tilt the gunlance up and down while charging, but it doesn't reset the charge like in World

  • Guard Edge combos into slam, Wyrmstake and Wyvernfire

  • single shelling can be used more quickly after other actions like thrusts

  • Guard Thrust lets you guard more quickly than before

Thanks to /u/etzelA27M, /u/TheWrathOfGog, /u/Peanutchoc, /u/CaoSlayer and /u/KPNK for their contributions.


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