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Let’s Talk about Stories 2’s Monstie Roster

Listen, Stories 2 is an improvement over the original in nearly every way, and the new additions to the Monstie Roster are mostly fantastic and very welcome; however, I feel like there are a lot of exclusions from the roster that are just baffling.

Let's start with the Elephants in the room, those Monsters already in the game that cannot be obtained as Monsties. Tetsucabra, Duramboros, Seltas and Seltas queen, Plesioth (who was literally teased by the official MH Twitter), and Agnaktor and Daimyo Hermitaur still who'd already been cucked in the first game. If it is a large Monster that isn't a Black Dragon or the Final Boss, and it is fully implemented as a Monster in the game, it should be obtainable as a Monstie too, period. The whole point of a creature-catching game like the Stories games is to use your favorites, so if they're literally in the game, they should be useable (unless it's a small monster). I can already hear the rebuttals of "but where put saddle?!?" for Agnaktor and Hermitaur (and maybe Seltas Queen), so easy answers: Hermitaur can be on the back of the crab or just on the shell, Seltas Queen can be further back on her body to allow for in-battle Seltas combining (or Seltas could even be ignored outside of kinship like the one subquest Queen fight already in the game), and Agnaktor… I mean they let your rider ride Gravios through a field of lava for the Kinship, and there's also rideable Agnaktor in the shitty gacha rider game for mobile devices where they just slap a saddle on it and don't worry about the rest, so I really don't think it's that big of a deal.

Other super-obvious exclusions, the missing Flagships. Flagship monsters are generally the most popular Monsters and in a game like stories that allows you to use your favorites, a priority should be having all of them obtainable. And yet, for some fucking reason, Gore Magala and fucking Valstrax are not obtainable, and do not seem planned for future updates. No Valstrax? NO FUCKING VALSTRAX?!? CAPCOM ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME WHY THE ACTUAL FUCK IS MY GODDAMN ROCKET DRAGON ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR MONSTERS OF THE PAST FEW YEARS AND OF ALL TIME AND ONE OF THE FEW DRAGON ELEMENT MONSTIES YOU COULD HAVE HAD NOT IN THIS FUCKING GAME I DO NOT FUCKING UNDERSTAND YOU WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCKING FUCK DO YOU SMOKE OVER THERE!!!!! And I already hear the rebuttals for these two, Valstrax would be too dangerous to ride and/or wouldn't lay their eggs where we could find them, and Gore Magala Frenzy Virus. I get it, but I think the Stories games should prioritize allowing the player to use their favorites over sticking to MH Lore and biology. The whole point of the stories games is breaking a lot of that established lore to allow for rideable Monsters and over-the-top kinship attacks, and besides, the argument for not breaking lore/biology got thrown out the fucking window when they added the deviants. I can go out and hatch a Silverwind Nargacuga, a deviant that is an incredibly old Nargacuga. Old. I can Hatch it already a Silverwind. Also Bloodbath Diablos, who is literally born already coated in the blood of its countless victims. But I'm okay with them being Monsties, because they're awesome Monsters I want to use, so why can't this broken logic be applied to all the other popular monsters that have been excluded?

And here's a list of other Monsters I'm stunned aren't available:

Abyssal Lagiacrus and Lucent Nargacuga – We've got the other Rare species (on the way anyways returning from the first game), why not the last 2, they're awesome!

Chameleos – Poor guy gets cucked from everything despite a sizeable following, plus the opportunity for a monster with the stealth ability that isn't a Nargacuga

Najarala – The one fucking snake wyvern, and more representation for MH4 & 4U Monsties as those games are still sorely lacking in Monstie representation

Malfestio – C'mon, this is one of the coolest bird wyverns and the best representative for the generations games that isn't a flagship or deviant!

Odogaron – I get that Odogaron are cave dwellers, but not only have I already brought up established biology being bent or broken to allow for certain monsties, stories 2 does not give a fuck about if a location makes sense for a monster. Barroth is in the fucking tundra, as is regular Anjanath. Sand Barioth, a desert dweller, and Stygian Zinogre who prefers extreme temperatures, are both on fucking Hakolo Island. Just put Odogaron in the caves of the Tundra or Volcanic regions, it'd honestly make more sense than finding regular Barroth in an icy den. Odogaron is one of the most unique and popular monsters from World, it should absolutely be in Stories 2. The most baffling exclusion of the World roster.

Coral Pukei & Nightshade Paolumu – There are so many subspecies in the Stories games but you didn't include most of the really cool ones form Iceborne? Fulgur Anjanath is rightfully included, but not these two? Hell, I recall Coral Pukei being in the data for Stories 2 alongside Fulgur Anja, yet I'm pretty sure it's not even in the game as battle-only 🙁

Namielle – A Cool and popular new Elder Dragon that also could have given a boost to the useable water Monsties since Capcom decided to scrap element swapping.

TL;DR – The Stories games are about using our favorite monsters from the franchise, and have already shown they are willing to break established lore and biology of the main series to allow Monsties to be useable that may otherwise break the laws of the main series universe. For this reason, to exclude so many popular monsters I think is frankly inexcusable outside of development constraints, especially for incredibly popular flasghips and for monsters that you literally already put into the game. And I mean C'MON CAPCOM WHY THE FUCK CAN'T I HAVE A VALSTRAX IT'S FUCKING VALSTRAX HE'S SO COOL I DON'T GET WHY YOU WOULDN'T PUT HIM IN IT'S FU- IT'S FUCK-ING VALSTRAX!!!!!


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