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List of options for your 5th piece of armor when running fatalis 4 piece.

Content of the article: "List of options for your 5th piece of armor when running fatalis 4 piece."

Just to preface, this can change based on the decorations you have and assuming the beta fatalis set as default. Please suggest your own if you have ideas as well.

HELMET you give up 3 points of stun resist, which is either useless or a godsend depending on your skill.

Ruiner nerg b: has 2 max might with a 4-2-1 slot letting it reach five with a MM+ and MM deco. Max might secret allows fatalis weapons to maintain 100% affinity. Good for anything except DB, Dodge reload LBG, jump spam IG, and Bow. ———-

Frostfang b: has two crit eye and unlocks punishing draw. Has 4-2-1 slots. When paired with one lvl4 expert deco and alpha fatalis waist it reaches 7 crit eye. Punishing draw is better suited to frostcraft builds but even by itself turns longsword into a mini hammer. With easy access to slugger secret and tool specialist secret you can make some good KO builds using impact mantle LS or HBG clutch builds. ———-

Namielle y: same slots as nerg helm but gives max stamina surge and 1 tool specialist. This one is helpful for bow, DB, and max might builds. If using a max might build it really depends on your decorations but I'd argue that namielle is more efficient than nerg if you don't have a MM+ deco.———-

Stygian b: a 4-1 slot with 3 latent power and one tremor res. This is the max might equivalent for Bow and DB. Its also just not bad in general now due to being easy to get to lvl6 (7 gets 60% affinity while 6 gets 50%). For those who don't know latent power activates after 2(?) Minutes or after taking a certain amount of damage (180 up to lvl5, 130 for lvl 6-7) with a cooldown before it activates again.———-

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BODY trades a weakness exploit and evade window. Not the best but not awful if you don't have any WE decos.

Frostfang b: this is an alternative to the helmet if you need attack boost instead of crit eye with 4-2. 3 points of attack is nothing to sneeze at.———-

R. Brachy b: gets 2 agitator and 4-2-1 slots letting it get max agi with the charm or a minimum of 3 decorations. I don't think the usefulness of agitator needs to be explained here.———-

F. Rajang b: has 4-2 slots and 3 max might. Probably the best for getting max might on your builds. Alpha version has 2 earplugs but only a lvl 1 slot.———-

Silver rath b: a lvl 4 slot and 2 crit boost. Only use if you don't have any crit boost decorations.———-

Gold rath b: 4-2-1 slots for two divine blessing. Not bad.————

Kirin b: 4-2 slots and 2 crit eye and 1 divine blessing. Solid choice. ———–

GLOVES trade one weakness exploit to use a different set but the alpha version is the best armor piece in the game for handicraft so use that if you need more sharpness. ———-

USJ: 3 lvl 1 slots with 2 focus and a weakness exploit. Good option for greatsword, charge blade, or swax.———-

Alatreon a: 3-1 slots with 3 attack boost, and max power prolonger. Amazing for comfort sets with CB, IG, or swax. If you don't want power prolonger use the beta for the 3 attack boost.———-

Frostfang b: alternative to the helmet 2 lvl 4 slots with 2 crit eye. Alpha has 2 slugger and 2 lvl 2 slots.———-

R. Brachy b: alternative to the chest with 2 lvl 4 slots and 2 agitator. Use alpha for 3 artillery.———-

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WAIST is probably the best piece of fatalis armor with 2 crit eye and the alpha gets 3 crit eye with and 1 weakness exploit with 4-3-3 slots. I don't recommend swapping this one but here's some choices.

R. Brachy b: 4-1 slots with 3 agitator. Best piece to get 7 without the charm. ———-

Stygian b: 4-1-1 slots with 3 latent power and 1 earplugs. ———-

Furious rajang b: 4-2-1 slots and 2 max might. Although you're trading effectively 30% affinity for 20% with this, the slots can make up for it in some cases.———-

BOOTS are the one you'll most likely trade depending on your decorations.

Kulve a: 2-1-1 slots with 2 crit boost and one peak performance. It's incredibly efficient because it gets max crit boost with just a lvl 2 and the two lvl 1 slots + a lvl 4 gets an easy attack boost 4 for the affinity. Peak performance is great as well. ———-

Alatreon a: If you're going for dragon elemental the alatreon alpha has 3 lvl 2 slots and dragon attack 4. It's also got 3 defense boost but it's bad and you shouldn't use it.———–

Garuga b: 4-2-2 slots and 2 crit eye keeps this piece relevant even now.———-

I hope this helped people who are looking for some building tips with the new armor.


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