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Long Post Why I Love Monster Hunter’s Setting

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I've been in love with Monster Hunter for years now, and I finally found the words to explain what exactly I love about the world these games take place in.

Now we all know the Monster Hunter world is pretty actively hostile. Monsters are huge and terrifying and everywhere. Unless you happen to have an absolutely gifted hunter around, you really just have to get out of the way when something elder dragon level wanders through your town and hope your house is still there when you come back from your impromptu visit to your cousin's place.

And yet, despite living in a world where they're the bottom of the food chain, people in Monster Hunter are just. Good to each other.

Sure, its not as obvious in the Commission, because of course these people are all working together. They were sent here on a job. But the Monster Hunter world is absolutely dotted with small communities. Sure the Guild is something of a central government but they don't exactly seem super hands-on. Monster Hunter is pretty much always concerned, first and foremost, with the small town level of the danger, at least until you reach a level of monster difficulty where that's no longer reasonable.

No human (or humanoid) character is ever a straight up villain. The closest we get are the people who approached the Third Fleet Master when she reported Alatreon to the Guild and the Ace Commander who pretty much tells you point blank he doesn't think you're up to the task.

But even they aren't actively malicious. The people who talked to the Third Fleet Master could easily have been genuinely warning her about Fatalis rather than delivering some sort of threat (and also barely if at all qualify as characters). And the next time you see the Ace Commander after he tells you off he rams his boat at full speed into Gore Magala to save you.

Monster Hunter is a world where people genuinely just act selflessly. It's never questioned what characters' motives are in supporting you against elder dragons and other monsters, they have a vested interest in saving the village because they, their friends, and their family live there.

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This general assumption of goodness applies, to a degree, to the monsters too. None of the monsters are actively malicious. They're instinct-driven animals doing their own thing. None of them are EVIL, even if the smartest ones can hold a grudge.

Even Alatreon and Dire Miralis aren't necessarily evil. Sure, they're smart enough to be, but Dire Miralis's harm to the surrounding environment is just a passive effect of his existence in the Tainted Sea. Its selfish for sure, but he's just another living thing trying to live his life. Alatreon, meanwhile, hates living things but in the way an arachnophobe "hates" spiders. You don't actively go out looking for spiders to kill, you avoid them (or I assume that's how it works I collect tarantulas I am so far from being arachnophobic). Alatreon seeks out hostile environments nothing else can or wants to live in just for some privacy.

No, there's only one EVIL thing in the Monster Hunter world.


Fatalis, as smart as a human if not smarter. Fatalis, who despises all living things. Fatalis, who all creatures flee instinct.

Sure, Fatalis is the most powerful elder dragon. Hottest fire, among the best fliers, able to crush lesser monsters into paste.

But the most terrifying thing about Fatalis, if you ask me, is that he actually IS malicious. He doesn't need to be motivated by food, or a threat to his territory, or whatever else to try to kill you. His motivation to kill you is that he just wants to kill you.

Monster Hunter is a world almost completely devoid of true villains. A place you can trust your neighbors to be decent people. A place where its not naive to assume whoever is in charge has your best interests at heart. A place where a town-wide party is a place you can go and just enjoy yourself without having to check for your wallet.

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And honestly? Elder Dragons be damned. That's the kind of world I want to live in


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