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LS Trip Memes

I don't get it. Why is this a thing? What's there worth complaining about?

Rise and World have the flinch free jewel. Just get it and shut up. Why make it so complicated? Why go on a huge ass rant to complain about something you can just negate with a single deco?

LS is one of the least disruptive weapons. There I said it.

None of the moves launch other players. Not a single one.

All its moves get blocked by flinch free. All of them.

Most weapons have some kind of super armor to completely ignore LS moves even if you aren't running flinch free.

Spirit combo is not a necessary move to deal damage. The basic combo is mostly vertical and doesn't disrupt people.

You know what pisses me off way more than the occasional LS player who spams spirit combo?

Swax users using the uppercut despite being a wide reaching, launching piece of shit move that does no damage.

GS users using ground combos that launch and reach twice as wide as spirit slash and require flinch free 3 instead of 1 and does no damage.

SnS users shield bashing the entire team away and in GU using round force 3 every 2 seconds that has the radius of half the map and launches everyone.

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Hammer users super pounding everyone near the head or uppercutting despite the monster being down. Bad golf swing positioning.

Lance charges from out of nowhere.

Wide GL shells launching everyone away every 2 seconds because that thing somehow launches before World and has a huge ass hitbox.

CB users using ultras on other players and having a ground combo that both launches and trips three times as wide as spirit slash.

Like, everytime someone complains about tripping, these are the things I think of first. It's never the LS player that's particularly bothering me even if we go for the same zone. It really makes me wonder if people are actually playing the same game because that's just such a bad meme at this point. Every weapon can disrupt others but of the things that are really annoying it's the launching moves, not the trip moves.


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