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Making a Monster Hunter-styled game, and I need opinions

Content of the article: "Making a Monster Hunter-styled game, and I need opinions"

So, I'm working on a project for a Monster Hunter-styled game echoing the design philosophy and aesthetic of Gen 1 and 2, along with the 6th Generation consoles in general. It's designed to be an homage to both vintage Monster Hunter and the PS2 and Dreamcast. There are a lot of elements I have planned out, but I have conflicting ideas as to how I should carry out things. I would make a survey, but the character limit is really low, so I'm going to post a series of questions here, with you guys answering in the comments.

1.) People in the Monster Hunter community often stick only to what they know, and always use the meta when there's a clear one. Because of this, I wanted my game to be randomly-generated. This would force people to experiment with different styles, along with encouraging multiple playthroughs. As to how I want to randomize it, I have two ideas.

a.) Randomize the whole save file at one time, a la Diablo. The maps, quests, story elements, and monster spawns are all the same every time you boot the save, but changes when making a new save.

b.) Randomize the game's features every time you enter a map, like the Everwood.

2.) There are obviously multiple weapon types, but I kinda wanted to have Classes too as a way to make the weapon feel different each time you play. Would you ratther…

a.) Have each class able to wield every weapon, but each class handles the weapons differently. A Shaman using a sword plays very different to a Rogue using a sword. Some classes can't equip certain weapons.

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b.) Have weapons be exclusive to each class. IE: Knights are the only class to use a Greatshield and Heavy Weapon, Rogues are the only ones to use Daggers and Bombs, etc.

3.) There is something similar to Armor Skills and Hunter Arts, though you can't have all of these whenever you want. Because the game is randomly-generated, you need to improvise, and you can only get these skills and arts through certain means. Would you rather…

a.) Hunter arts are tied to the weapon. In order to use different arts on your weapon, you have to have another weapon with said art and transfer that art to the weapon of your choice.

b.) Hunter Arts and Armor Skills can only be obtained through the game's AI Companions. These randomly spawn, much like Palicoes in 4U, and each one has a different set of skills and arts. You would get these skills by having the Companion teach them to you. You can then equip them on your weapons and equipment of choice.

I have a lot more questions for the future, but these are the really important ones right now.


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