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Many feel MHR nerfed Gunlance mobility, but personally, I feel it is a buff in a weird way (warning, ALLOT of text)

So, here's my personal understanding of Gunlance.

I have mained GL for multiple hundreds of hours in Generations Ultimate. I have tried to play it in World, but personally I just hate it. I hate how the movement feels. I can never get the position I want or need on a monster, I can never maintain it, it's just extremely messy or frustrating, combined with the faster more aggressive monsters behavior of World.

Gunlance was never meant to allow you to chase monsters, it's tradeoff for it's high offensive power with Shelling was that you are the most immobile weapon in the game. That's how I see it at least. You have to let the monster come to you when unsheathed, so you can then duck into their blindspots and maintain the position you need with intelligent sidehops and backhops and short lunges, never letting up with a bombardment of pressuring stabs and Shells, falling back on your Shield as a last resort. That's how I play the weapon personally, and I have found it to be extremely efficient, effective, and enjoyable. Is it the MOST efficient? I'm not sure and there could be a chance not, but for me it works very well and I firmly believe this is how the weapon was designed and intended to be played. An immobile Wall of efficient brute force.

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So let's go back to World GL movement. You can move some crazy distances with this weapon if you know what you're doing, especially if you pack Evade Distance. But what good is that? So you can chase monsters better, that's something, but what about your positioning? It's gonna be much harder to maintain those blindspots and that position if you have less control over the distance you wanna travel. You can very easily go too far leaving you vulnerable. And if you move a significant distance away, the AI of the monster may react in a way you weren't hoping for. I find the increased movement of World GL to make the weapon unfun to use and to work against itself, though the new monster AI is another issue that the weapon design just didn't accommodate for as well.

So let's go to MHRise then. you're movement is worsened yes, but is it so bad you can't avoid attacks? Hell no! The distance is clear enough to put you just entirely out of where you were previously standing, you can avoid attacks just like that. And if you feel you can't avoid a wider range attack, then you have Guard Edge (bless) to fall back on, so your weapon design has accommodated for the more aggressive monster AI. I have found it so much easier and much funner to play like The Wall as GL is meant to be played in Rise demo, getting consistent near flawless hunts against Mizutsune, while in World I struggle severely with GL against monsters you'd first meet back in the Ancient Forest due to just how the movement is set up.

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Idk how many people here did get good at World GL, ik CaoSlayer did, though I don't think he really understands GenU GL as well as he thinks he does from my experience (not meant to be an insult, but watching some of his GenU runs it's kinda clear he doesn't entirely get it's mechanics, 40 minute Bear EX was honestly just silly). I just can't stand World GL, it frustrates me too much to bother getting good with, and it looks like Rise has removed the elements I dislike of World GL while retaining/bringing back the elements I love from GenU GL, mixing both into what I believe will be the best iteration we have ever seen from the weapon.


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