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Masters Touch Dual Blades

i originally featured some of my builds during my stream but I made a dedicated YouTube post on them. I'll briefly explain the builds here but I do recommend watching the videos as well for more details.


I think Master's touch is the most important skill in our arsenal now especially for Dual Blades which is the king of eating sharpness. It will indirectly raise your DPS by letting you stay in your max sharpness longer. It is even arguably better than Protective Polish, since it still requires you to sharpen often. I'm not a speed runner and I don't fully crunch the numbers, but I did do tests in different situations and there's a significant improvement in hunts. I have a demo in the full video, so check it out.

(I'll update this post soon where I will be discussing more on masters touch)


Some of these will require you to use consumable sharpening items; Whetfish (Which is 2 sharpening animation) or Great Whetfish (Which is 1 sharpening animation). But really, you should be able to hunt without sharpening much.


I would prefer that you watch the whole video, but here are the breakdowns for the builds.

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Build 1: General Full Elemental Build

This build is practically the all rounder build and could work with ALL the elemental dual blades. It's also very comfy that if you have better talismans, you can make it even better. In my case, I got a perfect one for my taste which is Latent Power which I also originally highlighted in my first version of my builds.

Build 2: Fire Emperor/Empress Build

This build is basically for the Rathalos Dual Blades but it could work with any of the dual blades or, in fact, any fire weapon for other weapons. This one highlights mainly the new compound skill Teostra's Blessing. It's also quite flexible, if you want to improve this particular build, you just need ANY talisman with one level 3, one level 2, and one level 1 talisman, to raise your critical boost a little bit more.

Build 3: Master Craft Build

This build is mainly for the Elemental Dual Blades that have hidden white sharpness. From checking, these are Fortis Gran aka the Guild Dragon Elemental Dual Blades, Mizutsune Dual Blades, and the upgraded Zinogre Dual Blades. Raising your Handicraft level increases the longevity at white sharpness. The Sharpness modifier compensates for not having both Critical Element and Critical Boost. Again, having a better talisman would improve this build further by raising your Critical Boost or further raising your affinity with Critical Eye.

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(Video Coming soon)


(Video Coming soon)


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