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Meta-adjacent jank: SnS set based around OG, Heroics, and Latent power that’s somehow competitive with meta raw builds

Hey folks. So while we wait here for the content expansion towards the end of the month and are looking for something interesting to do that isn't just narga full crit builds with the same pieces, I thought I'd do some experimenting around a charm I got recently: Attack Boost 2, Latent Power 1, 3-0-0. It's a clearly rare charm that not everyone is going to have access to, but it raises the question: With something like this, will the build freedom afforded by not having to go into WEX, could you build something competitive with it by combining a bunch of multipliers? It's an open question, and I'm absolutely not saying this pile of jank is the new meta, but I figured it'd be a cool experiment.


Disclaimer out of the way, let's talk about multiplicative values.

Attack boost got buffed massively in rise because of its multiplier – +10% raw at the highest level, and it's a major difference. Given that it's not hard to get into the 200s of attack currently, this represents about 20 raw, which is hard to get elsewhere.

There are two other powerful multipliers out there that are somewhat harder to use, but are importantly multiplicative with each other: OG and Heroics.

Let's talk OG. Offensive Guard 3 gives you up to a 15% buff to attack power for around 10-15 seconds (not well tested yet) after you block something just in time. In my pretty extensive experience playing with OG, the window is quite generous – I haven't timed it, but it feels like the window is about a second or so, which is plenty. Also crucially, this does trigger off of counter moves/guard points. So for example, with SnS, your Metsu actually does trigger OG, which is massively important, since in my opinion good SnS play pretty much involves using that ability on cooldown.

That said, Metsu takes two wirebugs, and you probably will need to guard somewhere in the middle to keep permanent uptime. That's okay – it's easy to do, and even with the relatively weak shield that SnS has, you can pretty much guard everything. The only downside in many cases is a bit of knockback (fair), but also chip damage. I've found, playing pretty guard-heavy in hunts, by the end of it, I'm pretty low on health, since I'm taking a reasonable amount of chip throughout.

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So why not benefit from that?

Heroics is tricky to maintain, but if you stay below 35% health, you can increase your attack by another 10%, and defense by 100 at level 4. If you go to level 5, it's a 30% bonus to attack and no bonus to defense – the definition of living dangerously.

This is a whole lot of multipliers so far. To be exact, we're talking about 1.1 * 1.15 * 1.1 = 1.3915, or a bigger buff than white sharpness gives you, and given that it's also multiplicative with sharpness to my understanding, that would be 1.83 with white sharpness, or almost double your raw before crits. That's ridiculous. Especially if you didn't have to forego crits. This is where Latent power comes in. No, it's not 100% uptime – it's about 50% uptime – but it's also pretty close to free with the build, and allows you to fit in a bunch around it. Level 4 (which we can fit in this build) gives 40% affinity every ~2 minutes for 2 minutes, which is effectively 20% affinity. Using the narga weapon, that means you're going to have 50% affinity + crit boost 2 (you'll be using the pants), which sure, isn't 100% crit, but it's not nothing, and with the crazy amount of raw multiplier we have, actually turns out to be pretty solid.

Last note on the build: I've worked in defensive boost 7. Why? Well, it has a defense multiplier, and when you're in heroics mode at level 4, it means you're going to be running at +100 Defense. This, combined with the rest of your defenses, should make it much easier to stay alive while at sub 35% HP. This is technically 100% optional if you like living dangerously, though. That said, if you don't, this should make staying alive actually pretty easy while low health, making heroics more possible to maintain.

I'll say again for the comments I know are coming: Even though these numbers are going to appear better than 'standard raw' – they probably aren't, because of the difficulty in stacking all the modifiers at once. Keep that in mind when looking at the math.


The Set:

Flash in the Night

Barroth Helm S

Golden Haori

Golden Kote

Anjanath Coil S


Golden Hakama

AB 2 LP 1 3-0-0 charm

With appropriate jewels, this results in the following:

Attack Boost 7

Defense Boost 7

Heroics 4

Latent Power 4

Offensive Guard 3

Critical Boost 2

Maximum Might 1

Technically you will probably be at max stamina often, making Maximum might pay off, but I'm going to not include that into my math below because blocking and running and rolling all take stamina, and maintaining 3 seconds of not doing that in a fight will be hard to proc consistently, I think. If you don't agree, add 10% affinity to all the below math! It's a nice bonus.


The math:

Quick disclaimer: I think I'm doing this math right – apologies if I'm not. There may be a subtlety I'm missing, but I'm sure you'll let me know in the comments if so. It will at least be internally consistent, so the comparisons should hold.

Let's start with effective raw on a standard set, which I'll assume is AB 7 WEX 3 CB 3 Narga weapon (30% affinity and 188 raw in this case, because SnS). Add to that powercharm/talon for an extra 15 raw, and with AB that's going to result in a total of 188 + 15 + 10 = 213 raw. The formula I'll use for math here is: Raw * * sharpness * (1 + crit chance + crit value) = EFR. Also, to make things simpler, I'm going to assume we're playing SnS in hard basher combo mode, meaning that your sharpness basically doesn't go down very fast. In my experience, it stays in the white most of the hunt, if not all (assuming sharpening between location transitions) – so I'm not going to take into account non-white sharpness values. Given that:

213 * 1.1 * 1.32 * (1+(0.8*0.4) = 408.24 EFR.

Given that as a benchmark, let's calculate a few values. Starting with 'everything is stacking and all is well with the world' – everything is active and going:

213 * 1.1 * 1.15 * 1.1 * 1.32 * (1+(0.7*0.35)) = 487.09 EFR. Holy shit, that's a lot better.

Let's contrast: Let's assume OG is up, since you control that, but nothing else is. How bad is it?

213 * 1.1 * 1.15 * 1.32 * (1+(0.3*0.35)) = 393.01 EFR … which is actually not that much worse.

More math: Let's assume that LP is up, but you're not in heroics territory:

213 * 1.1 * 1.15 * 1.32 * (1+(0.7*0.35)) = 442.8 EFR. If you average this with the previous result, since it's about 50-50 that LP will be up, you're sitting at 417.9 EFR – better than the 'meta', technically speaking.

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Last math: Let's say LP is down, but you're real consistent about keeping HP low:

213 * 1.1 * 1.15 * 1.1 * 1.32 * (1 + (0.3*0.35)) = 432.31 EFR. That's technically 100% in your control, difficult as it may be to maintain, and that's a pretty solid boost over `standard meta`.


So given this, I feel like this build is much harder to keep track of stuff with – you need to be maintaining OG (which isn't so bad if you're using Metsu), and you need to ideally be redlining HP, and tracking your LP windows. But if you do all of that, you can actually beat `standard` raw by a pretty aggressive amount in some windows, and even with nothing up, you lose a very small amount to standard.

Thanks for reading this far – hopefully this is a good discussion piece for some lesser-used skills!


One last bonus for you gosu-gamers out there. What if there was no defense at all, and level 5 heroics, because you like danger? It's possible to do with the following set, and the math if everything stacks is hilarious.

Golden Headress

Golden Haori

Golden Kote

Zinogre Coil S

Hunter's Greaves S

AB 2 LP 1 3-0-0 charm

213 * 1.1 * 1.15 * 1.3 * 1.32 * (1 + (0.7 * 0.25)) = friggin' 543.28 EFR, or about a 33% increase over standard. Stacking multipliers are terrifying, y'all. I'm not ballsy enough to be running this regularly, but for those people who are, I'm excited to see the speedruns. 😀


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