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META hunter: how to be an effective random 3

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Use the g-d clutch claw, please

Eat strategically


  • Be selective in your meals
  • Eat before attempting to join (except for the GLs)
  • Buff regularly
  • Re-eat for Safeguard/Insurance if anyone faints
  • Consume cure to proc Coalescence actively

When hunting with randoms, we may need to forgo some of our habits to cater the group for a better overall result. This includes eating.

Many habitually choose Chef’s Choice Platter for convenience. This brings along negligence which can be detrimental because of the random skills provided. For example, you’re going to be a healer but the dish grants you Provoker. You may end up healing yourself instead. Also, you cannot to get a particular skill consistently many of which are essential to certain playstyles.

Moreover, elemental resistance boost varies from meal to meal. You may or may not inflict blights in the ensuing hunt, leading to inconsistent gameplay (e.g. sometimes you have to roll away fire but sometimes you don’t). This can be problematic for builds relying on Coalescence because the boost may nullify it.

Buffing is another aspect that’s often overlooked; only few apply buffs regularly (perhaps because it’s tedious or forgettable). While the effect of Armorskin (and the likes) is insignificant, that of Mega Demondrug, Might Seed and Demon Powder is substantial (27 true raw in total) which I think are more reliable than Peak Performance or even Agitator (when you beat a monster after a wall bang, it’s not enraged so the skill is not active). For those who embrace META sets, it’s only logically to expect them to use buffs (coz more is more). And for those who opt for some comfiness, buffing is necessary to compensate dps loss.

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Having covered what to eat, when to eat also involves intricacies. You should eat before attempting to join a hunt. A short reason is you may be dropped directly into a fight. A more important reason is, as mentioned, you should choose what to eat and choosing takes time so eating on the field will definitely stall a hunt (even If you use a voucher).

This is especially crucial for quests with a short time limit or involving dangerous encounters. For example, MR KT’s 1st area timer is notoriously short. Will you be pissed if someone eats at the campsite instead of joining the fight asap? Also, you’d want other hunters to help distract the monster (which is the whole point of mp). The sooner you join a fight, the sooner the threat is dispersed, generally speaking.

There’s one exception though; eating during a quest can be strategic. Ideally, players who faint should re-eat for Safeguard/Insurance to redeem themselves but in reality, I don’t know how many would do that. I’d do that and I suggest you do so (especially during important quests) even if your teammates cart instead because if the quest is failed, you’ll be part of it.

A note on Coalescence
Coalescence can be activated by consuming items to cure some ailments/blights. You should take the cure to actively proc the skill rather than passively waiting for it to end so that you can have more control over the skill’s uptime.

The GLs
The above may not be applicable to the GLs. You may join a group before knowing their target so you may not want to eat before arrival. Shinnies stay only shortly so after carting, it’s understandable to rush back to collect them instead of re-preparing for the fight (by eating or buffing).

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(to be continued)

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