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META hunter: how to be an effective random 5


Use the g-d clutch claw, please

Eat strategically

Favor capture over slay

Take some care of others’ hp

When anyone faints, it’s a huge dps loss (efficiency) and may lead to quest failure (effectiveness). Even if you can stand alone at last, you may suffer from either aspect. To prevent this, treat others' health as part of yours.

What to use?
Dust of Life and materials to craft when need. I wouldn’t prioritize Life Powder because it heals too little. As we’ll discuss soon, you help only in urgent situations so measures should provide immediate effects. Due to the small amount, you may at times expend all you can carry and craft. It means you’ve done your fair share; it’s their turn. And it may not be ideal to restock just this item (coz it takes extra time). Note that you can roll to cancel using practically all items so when someone is splashing the dust, employ this trick to conserve yours. Bear in mind that ultimately, a hunter owns the responsibility to look after him/herself.

You may also consider using a health booster. It occupies a tool slot and may be visually obstructive so I think at most 2 in a group is sufficient (more mantles) and 1 is active at a time (clearer view).

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When to help?
A general rule of thumb is when anyone’s hp is below 50%. They may be one-shot at that low hp. You can obtain a more precise threshold by keeping track of the Health Boost levels equipped (rather difficult in a random group). 1 subtlety involves players in Safi set whose hp appears low. They may or may not self-heal soon enough. In this case, use your own judgement (by considering the current phase of the fight, faint count, etc.) to decide whether to heal them or not. (Better safe than sorry tho.)

1 specific situation is when a big attack is imminent and you’re not being targeted. Arguably in most cases, you can’t really do much so there’s room for helping. A prime example is Safi’s pin attack: you can hardly hit it and must heal the target at the right time. 1 further tip is time your healing right after a big attack ends so that you can resume your routine swiftly.

Who should help?
Everyone but users wielding weapons with relatively fast sheathing should step up. It’s faster and more importantly safer: sheathing animations don’t grant invulnerability so slow sheathing means more susceptible to attack. If the group consists of say 4 lancers, then everyone is equal. (That’s why relatively).

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What about other conditions?
Just health, not even stun (/sleep/paralysis). Knocking a player out of the condition requires special maneuvers and you have to focus on the player. This distracts you from the monster who may attack either of you with a chance of 2/4=50%, not to mention the dps drop. Simply put, it’s counterproductive. On the other hand, splashing Dust of Life is quick and involves little effort. Therefore, as long as their hp is sufficient, it’s fine; otherwise, use Dust of Life.

For other ailments/blights, some may use Resuscitate to gain benefits so you shouldn’t cure them. For pin attacks, most can be self-saved but it’s good to lend a hand.

(to be continued)


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