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MH: Rise Hunting Horn Damage Calculator and Build Comparator [MAJOR OVERHAUL]


A few days ago I made a post to share my "Animal Hunting Flute Math" spreadsheet. This spreadsheet was very quickly made better thanks to the advice and feedback of a few people here on this subreddit.

What I have for you all today is a majorly updated version. The updates were major enough that I thought it better to make a new post.

Most of the updates affect the background logic and calculations, pretty much all of which have been greatly untangled and spread out over more cells. What is important about this is that these changes made it easier for me to add more features.

Speaking of more features, I have of course immediately set to adding some important new features to the spreadsheet: Brutal Strike, Dulling Strike and Elemental Exploit are now all supported for calculations!

A complete list of features

  • Damage calculations,
    • Gives damage numbers for Normal hits, Dull hits, Critical hits, Feeble hits, Brutal hits and the averages thereof based on affinity and applicable Rampage skills.
    • Compares the damage of average hits between two builds.
    • Can quickly switch between the highest three levels of sharpness for damage numbers.
  • Supports a wide variety of armour skills,
    • Attack Boost, Agitator, Peak Performance, Resentment, Resuscitate, Element Attack, Critical Eye, Weakness Exploit, Latent Power, Maximum Might, Critical Boost, Critical Element, Bludgeoner & Horn Maestro are all supported.
    • Conditional skills can be quickly turned on or off using a checkbox.
    • Automatically determines whether Weakness Exploit and/or Bludgeoner should take effect.
  • Some Rampage skill support,
    • Brutal Strike, Dulling Strike & Elemental Exploit are all supported.
  • Item / Song buff support,
    • Attack Up song, Elemental Attack Boost song, Affinity Up song, Song of Raging Flame, Demon Petalace III with maxed Red Spiribirds, Powercharm, Powertalon, Demondrug, Mega Demondrug, Demonpowder & Might Seed are all supported.
  • EfR and EfE calculations,
    • Can be corrected for sharpness fluctuation during the hunt,
      • To do this an estimated percentage of time spent in the highest three levels of sharpness can be set per build.
    • 'Absolute' EfR and 'Shockwave' EfR are both calculated and a line graph allows for quick determination how much of your damage must be shockwaves for the builds to average out to the same EfR (if at all).
      • This graph is also corrected for relative time spent at specific sharpness levels.
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The spreadsheet

A link to the spreadsheet can be found here:

Important Notes

There are a couple of assumptions that I've made based on an admittedly small amount of test data and posts made by others reporting their findings. If any of these are known to be incorrect, let me know so I can fix any errors.

The following assumptions were made:

  • Brutal Strike is assumed to have a 25% proc chance on Hunting Horn,
    • On proc, Brutal Strike doubles the normal 75% feeble hit modifier to a 150% modifier.
  • Dulling Strike is assumed to have a 10% proc chance on Hunting Horn,
    • On proc, a 120% damage modifier is added to the damage calculation.
  • It is assumed that Dulling Strike and a critical hit cannot happen at the same time.
  • It is assumed that Dulling Strike can affect Shockwave damage.
  • Elemental Exploit is assumed to add a 130% modifier to elemental damage when hitting elemental HZV's of 25 or higher.

Again, if any of these assumptions are known to be incorrect, let me know so I can correct them!

For future versions I would love to add support for Anti-Aquatic Species, Anti-Aerial Species and Dragon Exploit. Which I will get around to the next time I have the motivation.

Any feedback and error reports are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!

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