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MH Rise Personal Feelings/Review (Finished the game – Pre-post release content)

(This whole thing is long so Wall Of Text alert!!!)

So I'm gonna start by saying, I probably shouldn't have bought this game, yet. That doesn't mean I'm going to endlessly shit on it. There are good things, but I broke my promise when I saw that it LOOKED like they were addressing some of my previous critiques of Iceborne (which they did a few), but they didn't with most things in reality. And some things got a bit worse. I am a solo GS user primarily, like my dude MrJackFruit, who frequents these parts. So my perspective coming at this is going to obviously be from that lens. So some of the things I find as problems may be only minor to you or not be problems at all depending on where you're coming from when analyzing these points and the game yourself. Also I just want to address the obvious arguments against criticisms up front. I know they had a cyber attack and I know they had covid outbreaks (as did every other business just about — that's an economic and governmental response issue as well, which I'm not going into here, obviously). But all that aside, given what they knew happened internally, as a company… the executives should've delayed the game then. This is what Nintendo did with their games (it didn't always help, but at least they tried) and what some other studios did as well.

Maybe I'm just old-school, but when I was growing up, if a development team had complications, the team had enough power to tell executives you need to wait 6 months for us to get this shit fixed or else it's gonna be a problem for both the game and it's players. And that's not the same power dynamic anymore, but regardless executives should be smarter than this and should be considerate enough (regardless of how naive it sounds to demand decency from the mega rich) to give their studios proper time to adjust and adapt around complications like this by extending deadlines. So notice, I'm not blaming individual developers here for most of this… I blame CAPCOM, as a company, and it's heads. But regardless we need to be allowed to criticize a game, based on what it is CURRENTLY (not what it might be later), because we can all come up with 100 excuses as to why THIS time it should be different, but that just stifles critique as a whole and I'm not comfortable with that, and I don't think anyone else should be… lest we want to justify even worse practices in future. I just thought I'd put that on the table first. So now to the review itself:

So I'll start with the story… what story? I mean, it's there, but I think we're back to MHFU levels of story telling. Now keep in mind that I went into this game mostly blind (outside of some game mechanics and things I read up) like I did with MH4U and a couple of other MH games. So I'm giving this perspective from the lens that I didn't already know whether Magnamalo was or wasn't significant. To give an example, I assumed Anjanath was gonna be the big deal based on early marketing material for World, but he was just a minor nuisance in 3 star or something. But back to Rise, really most of the monsters you fight are purely because… well you just need to, okay. Which, I'm not knocking too hard against it since that's something that most people don't care about in this game. Although I did find it to add something when they put some effort into story in some previous games.

MH4U, despite not being top-tier story did a really good job of creating a real villian dynamic with Gore and Shagaru Magala. There was some tension there and you were fighting other monsters to actually solve real, technical, in-world problems as well. For example, Tetsucabra was blocking mining operations for the village, so we need to beat or capture him so he's gone. Then they needed the lava to keep pouring, so we had to beat Nerscylla since she apparently blocked off (with a boulder I think it was) the pool of flowing lava in the Sunken Valley. Then later, you get into the legend about some great calamity (which wasn't introduced at first so Gore Magala didn't seem to big of a deal), but then it turns out that Gore IS the cause of the calamity. And the presentation, and pacing ramped up and monsters started turning crazy… and the whole thing made this reveal work really well. All of this is happening as well amongst a storyline about you, a hunter, looking for recognition and traveling the lands with a hearty group in a caravan. And that storyline continues with varying levels of success/failure with village High Rank in Dundorma as well. And this was all in the game at release (in the West at least).

Now, World and Iceborne were probably even better in this regard with creating meaning/value behind why you're hunting and what not. But I'm not gonna go all the way through that one as well. Now, I'm not saying these stories are always perfect either, nor are they bangers in every sense of the word… but they aren't nothing. They DO add something towards immersion and give more incentive and meaning behind fights and progression. And sadly Rise just doesn't have almost any of it. I'm not necessarily asking all effort to be pooled into story, but it doesn't feel nice having a huge regression like this.

The story feels rushed and the main villian is pushed aside as soon as he's introduced. I'm glad that he's not ridiculously broken or anything (Gore in 4U wasn't either), but it's the presentation and the fact that he's pushed aside two whole stars before the end and given no real proper staying power beyond this. It's akin to how Lagiacrus was treated in Tri… even though I do think Lagiacrus was slightly better presented. So, obviously I'm not a storywriter, so I'm not going to pretend like I can make a better story nor go into possible solutions other than to say that Magnamalo needed a more serious presence and Apex needed to be explained (much like how it was justified in MH4U, at least story-wise, not mechanically necessarily).

I actually don't think most of the gameplay in Rise is bad. I genuinely enjoy the Wirebugs, at least for exploration, once you get used to them. And playing in some of the 3rd gen maps, redesigned with extra areas and extra connecting points was pretty nostalgic for me. It also helps that I'm a sucker for Volcano maps and they finally made a REALLY nice volcano map that I love AND is fully explorable with secrets and everything. I felt that 4th gen's new volcano, Sunken Valley + Lava, was shit and lazy with horrible terrain given the game's mechanics, and found World's kind-of-volcano, kind-of-crystal caves to be subpar and the "volcano" aspect was severely shunted as compared to the crystal cave and rocky terrain parts. But having a cool part-water, part-lava volcano with FINALLY another explorable mantle/volanic peak section? Awesome.

Enough about that map… The actual monster fights are, despite a lot of my complaining, not that bad. In fact, some are the most fair, genuine, and interesting versions of those fights I've seen (either in a long time or ever in some cases). I genuinely, as a GS user, find Rajang's fight to be the best version of it ever. No more, is there any BS hyper tracking or unavoidable attacks. He'll fuck you up if you don't know the range on some attacks or if you don't know when/where to dodge. But after a few fights, and once you get the hang of the moveset… the back n' forth is VERY nice and the fight is extremely reliable and masterable in a consistent fashion. Love it. Some other monsters are… less consistent but still great. Tigrex with his fixed hitboxes feels like what Iceborne Tigrex SHOULD have felt like. Obviously a couple of moves are toned down for High Rank, but the fact you can set up charges on several of his attacks where it just wasn't reliable before is nice. The windows are tight sometimes, but EVEN WITHOUT FOCUS (that's a big deal to me, actually) you can set up Lv 3 charges… which is just MWAAAAH, perfect. Hasn't felt that good since MHFU. And finally there are some monsters that don't rely on fucking FOCUS just to get good damage in.

Also, one new monster, Rakhna-Kadaki, is pretty great. Also has interesting mechanics and good set ups that reward not just positioning for charges, but knowing where to stand during certain attacks to avoid blow out damage. And an interesting mechanic where if you cut the webs while he's traveling you can make him slip and fall over. She's just a cool ass, pretty well designed spider boss that puts to shame (imo) shit like Nerscylla. Nerscylla was nice, but it was obvious that it was designed around fast weapons and had no good reliable openings for slower weapons. This spider has reliable openings for everybody. There are a few flaws with some attacks being unfair to avoid at times, but even those can be fairly reliably avoided with practice but aren't as good because no decent openings can be pulled out from them.

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So long as they keep these kinds of rules down in future, I can see them making these fights harder in Master Rank without relying on bullshit (we all know they probably will though). Rajang could easily get back his triple blanka ball as long as he has to take a break afterwards, still. And he could have extended combos on his single blanka ball cancel attack so long as he has a consistent direction and distance on finishing it, or consistently has to turn around afterwards so you can set up consistent positions for charges (keep in mind, unlike other weapons you can't move while charging with GS… so being able to predict where a monster will be AND having enough to time to charge is paramount in the design of moves). Also, for Tigrex, his slide into spin could be made faster as long as the distance isn't increased too much and he is forced to turn back around to face you afterwards OR has to mini-roar or have some small recovery so you have time to space him out and wait with a charge ready to blow up his arm or face.

And these are just some basic ideas for the future, but the point is that some monsters have an EXCELLENT core to work from here. And it proves that the problem with Iceborne was the bad hitboxes and the WAY these attacks recovered or fluctuated or tracked that made them less reliable and less consistent… not that they are strong, can be hard to evade. They certainly still require learning and on some the frustration can get high, but once learned… MOST of these fights become fairly consistent and reliable, which again, is a very good core to work from for Master Rank.

However, there are some bad ones, imo. Some monsters hardly ever take any breaks, almost never create consistent openings for heavy hits and thus make slow weapons like GS feel like a total pain in the ass and feel more like you're just doing chip damage until they fall over. Namely, I'm thinking of some of World's rejects… sadly. So… here we go:

Anjanath has almost the same problems as he did in World/Iceborne with either his mouth hitbox or just his whole body magically becoming a hitbox. And seemingly no work was put in to fix it. Tobi Kadachi just never stops fucking attacking. He has a COUPLE of animations that leave him semi-open for something… but most of the time it's just too risky so you end up going for pot-shots on him… which is really boring for a weapon like GS. I want to learn the moves and time out big hits. Being forced to eat damage (especially since you can be stunned during super armor now… for some dumbass reason) or just swing and retreat feels really uninspired and a step back from things like Viper Tobi Kadachi, who was more reliable on this front.

And of course… Jyuratodus. To be fair, I've not fought him as much as the rest… but it's largely because he's a spastic asshole and it's a lot more irritating to be rid of his mud this time around, at least with raw weapons (the only ones that deal any decent damage). So you constantly get cheap shotted by underground hipchecks (yeah, because that somehow makes sense), or else you're watching him literally instant cancel out of some other animation to jump into another one, whether it be a hipcheck or a mud ball. The mud ball isn't terribly hard to avoid but it's annoying because that's like a 3 combo attack where he runs, shoots, runs, shoot, runs, shoots. And by the time you know it's coming you pretty much know you're not gonna be doing any damage and have to wait around for that combo PLUS the next combo, whatever that may be, because there is — get this — NO FUCKING BREAK after this long combo string… YAAAAY!!! As for the hipcheck, it's slow, which WOULD make it fair, but the reach and size of his body sometimes makes it so that GS users literally cannot get out of the way fast enough with a roll and the hitbox is too large to I-frame without evade window, and if you aren't already in a charge attack, no super armor for you. I think largely if I were in charge of his design, he'd be somewhere between what he is now and what he was in World. World probably made beating on him too easy, but this version makes beating on him a battle of attrition and trying to be smart doesn't get you anywhere 80% of the time, it seems.

There are two last monsters that I think are complete and total ass cancer and aren't from World exclusively. One is really old, and one is really new. Rathalos and Almudron. I don't know what the flying fuck they were smoking when they made these two shit heads… but FUCK! Okay, here we fucking go…


I mean… he's a royal, flying cunt. That's all there is to it. But to be more descriptive, he has several attacks that he just either obsessively tracks with or his whole body becomes a massive hitbox (with nothing to compensate for that, such as a cooldown period or whatever… we'll talk about it) OR where they just don't have any fucking warning they're coming. So basically they said… hey you remember how shitty and infuriating 3rd and 4th gen Rathalos is? Well, let's just go back to that again. For GS users, Rathalos was a fucking amazing fight in World/Iceborne. They could be maddening at times… but nearly every aerial attack made Rathalos have to mini-roar or do some combo that ended with a mini-roar to the point that when you learned the timings, you could AT LEAST consistently down the fucker. And if you were smart, once he's downed you learned about how much damage to deal on his head so that next time he decided to get cute and fly around alot, he'd go down again really easily…

But no. Not in fucking Rise. In Rise, his talon swoop is fast as shit (like the version from World but without the start up), tracks like fucking crazy, AND even if you evade it he doesn't take a break… or if he does it doesn't fucking matter because he flies 20 feet beyond you so you can't catch up or position properly to set up a charge on his face. Not only this, but he has an aerial swoop where he literally fucking Dark Souls locks on to you and fly strafes with his head turned to heat seek you with fire balls… This attack leaves ZERO openings, and any attempt to do anything but dodge or super man dive will result in you getting nuked for half damage by a fire ball. AND, this attack has zero cooldown period. He just flies away and goes into whatever the fuck else he wants to do. And on top of this, even when he's on the ground none of his attacks ever have anything resembling adequate or sane recovery periods except the talon jump slam still does. I mean… what in the ever loving fuck were they thinking with this design? Holy fuck.


Ummm… first of all, what the fuck is this thing? Is it a catfish? A snake? A salamander? And that's an important question because it might explain why the fuck half of my attacks WHIFF just because a weird part of his body wiggled the wrong way. That fucking head wiggle problem that some old monsters have when they fall over? Imagine that fucking problem… but ALL THE TIME in this fight. Also, why are half of his goddamn attacks gigantic AOE, entire body-is-a-hitbox attacks? And the few that aren't don't usually leave any reliable openings. I feel like I'm flailing hopelessly just begging for an opportunity to pummel this fucking piece of shit. And god forbid you fall in some of his mud drops. Because you'd think you fell into Mount St. Helen's while it was active spewing lava straight up your ass. The damage is fucking insane. So he does at least go down fairly quickly half the time… but by god if it's not one of the most irritating fights I've ever had to deal with.

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I'm probably gonna be heavily biased here… but what the fuck happened to armor skills in this game? The devs said it was gonna be a combination of old MH and new MH with skills. I don't know about that… it ACTUALLY looks like purely new MH, but nerfed to hell and back for no good reason. I could've understood nerfing shit like Critical Boost (or even removing it) and readjusting some values… but no. Instead they BUFFED some offensive skills, didn't touch Critical Boost, and NERFED necessary, build specific utility skills instead? WHY!?!?!? Who the fuck does this?

-> Guard Up seems to be nerfed for two reasons. It doesn't negate all chip damage despite splitting the effects of Guard and Guard Up between each other now so you HAVE to use both always. It also doesn't protect you against "unblockable" attacks either. And Guard Up is now a 3 point skill… but still requires Lv2 decos! Keep in mind, I don't use these Guard skills much but even looking from the outside I can tell this is just ridiculous and stupid.

-> Critical Draw, my baby, is fucking dead to me. +40% instead of +100% critical chance on and after draw attacks… but GS cannot even use the after part because it's too slow so the effect disappears. So now LS and fucking DBs somehow get more mileage out of this skill than I do. And this skill is now a fucking lv 3 DECO!!! After this fucking nerf, Capcom… seriously?!?!

-> Punishing Draw is SOMEWHAT buffed, but really it's kind of nerfed too, because it requires 3 lv.2 decos to get, unless you sacrifice armor pieces just for it. Which is a hard nerf from Iceborne. To be fair, I know that was just one set, but still. For how few times you get stuns with it, even with it at max level, they should've just made it 2 points for the full effect or even just made it use lv. 1 decos for extra build variety.

-> Attack Boost is hard buffed. It's a percentage now so the damage increase can be astronomical, and likely will be in Master Rank as well, and has been debated to be better than Critical Boost now. In reality some mixture of the two would be optimal if you can get high enough affinity, but for weapons with no hopes, Attack Boost is your man, easily.

-> Also… for what reason are set bonuses gone? Why is there just a "general" set bonus that slightly buffs all elemental resists by +1, +2, +3? Does Capcom not know how completely fucking inconsequential that is in the grand scheme of everything else? That's completely and utterly pointless, and of course a hard nerf to some sets which did have at least decent set bonuses. And no, I don't want traditional armor skills going back to be set bonuses (Punish Draw, Bludgeoner, Crit Status, etc.). What I would've preferred is actually come up with some interesting and unique set bonuses that aren't the typical skills but supplement them or supplement something akin to what that monster does, but appropriated for each weapon class. I obviously preferred IMPROVEMENT on this front, not regression. Set bonuses were a good way (if they were made stronger as you wear more pieces) to incentivize not having to clown suit all of the time just to have decent skills, and for me personally (regardless of whether we have transmog or not) adds intrinsic value to sets that makes them stand out and feel unique. But not if they all just give some measely pointless bonus that no one cares about. Set bonuses were a good thing… so improve on that.

But now just talking generally. The skill spread makes no fucking sense in this game. Too many skills are Lv. 2 decos this time around and there aren't enough slots for it to go around. This would be fine if it was always pure DPS skills that were lv. 2… but its not… not at all. Core utility skills remained or BECAME lv. 2. Quick Sheath, Focus, Stun Boost (for ease of clarification), fucking Recovery Up (which you don't even NEED), and Speed Eating… I mean, the list goes on. Peak Performance remained lv. 2, despite there being no way to consistently keep health at full like health augments on weapons or anything. Artillery is now Lv. 2… because somehow it was overpowered to just deal basic damage with blasts??? Bludgeoner is better, but still not good enough for most usage, unless they wanna buff level 3 when Master Rank comes out so that it deals like +20% or +25% on green. All this, and for what? So we'd enjoy using our weapons less? I could understand this if the weapons were buffed to be faster, charge faster, sheath faster, etc. So it would just feel like these were unnecessary buffs that maybe could be fun to use to see how many extra openings you might create (even if that's not necessarily direction I would go in every instance). But as it stands, these are still essential skills to some weapons and they are IMPOSSIBLE (to my knowledge) to bake into a build AND still get solid DPS.

And if this isn't bad enough, there's plenty of evidence (and my own personal experience over 70 hours) that the Hub/HR monsters have far more health than they did in World… which is fine, if it was as easy to get your build as it was at the end-game of World (although I still would prefer the set building of mid-game from Rise as compared to World). They are fucking tanks, hence why I've been saying in posts most fights take me around 12 – 15 minutes and seemingly NEVER get shorter. And it's because a bunch of necessary DPS and utility skills are just BARRED for me on GS. So I lose openings I should have because it's hard to fit Focus… but if I fit Focus, I lose vital DPS skills. So either way, I lose damage as compared to before… and on top of that the monsters' health is nearly doubled? Why? I mean, I get that some people complained about World "being too easy"… but no. No, it was about where it needed to be for what it was. The problem with World was Lunastra, Kulve Taroth and Behemoth post-release. That's when shit went overboard, both for monsters and for sets being ridiculous. It was almost perfectly fine before that (I say "almost" because mid-game was a drag without good set options for me). The monsters could've possibly had slightly more health, in some specific cases (not Uragaan and Lavasioth for god's sake), but in general, ending with Deviljho, World was fairly well balanced for what it was.

Rise is continuing the worrying trend of just artificially dialing up the numbers on monsters for no good reason, and in fact, it's actually getting worse. Now we're starting with ridiculous boosts in HR, instead of just MR, AND now set variety is in the shitter because of pointless nerfs to basic build options that existed and were fine before. Ugh…

Although the previous topic kind of leads into this, I actually don't have a whole hell of a lot to say about it. The progression just isn't there, honestly. The sets do start off pretty solid in each rank, but they don't get any better later on in that same rank. And before anyone says, "well, I thought you always wanted the sets to be balanced with each other"… yes, I do. But not balanced around the fucking beginning of a rank. I'm perfectly fine with sets building up and getting better slowly across the rank as they always have… but what I "wanted" was for them to create extra quests or means to fight all the monsters again (the guiding lands was a possible example of this, as was tempered/frenzied/apex) and earn upgraded versions of their sets post-game (most of them, maybe only leaving out the final sets from the story or something) that are better balanced for late-game and offer real set options. As it is now, the classic progression is still there, but it's neutered to shit and never gets any better. The curve isn't linear anymore (it's at best logarithmic) and there is no end game farming for comparable gear still… so it's a net WORSE experience on this front.

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This is gonna be another small section because there's not much to say here. They're back and THANK GOD. I would be appreciative (and am to some degree), but it didn't need to be said that it was stupid idea to ever do what World did in the first place. This was basic shit, and shouldn't have needed to "come back". So, that being said, thankfully they are back… except on World monsters… which is fucking stupid still… but at least 90% of the weapons have their unique skins again (or new ones if never before seen). No more bullshit knock off "a few black feathers on an iron sword" Narga GS. Got the real deal back, with the unique hilt, unique back cast on the blade and the Narga spikes coming out. But for some reason Tigrex's GS saw a regression. It used to be (in every game he was in) that the teeth came out of the blade as you were charging or when you pulled out the blade. But now they are just always out and don't do any animations… for some reason. I'm not getting too bothered over it, but it's a pointless regression when they have every game in the series to pull this from but it's just not here for some reason. But yeah, I can't speak on other weapons that much because I mostly play GS, but all is "mostly" right with the world of MH again on this front.

This section is just for the fact that there are some weird side things that are problematic, imo, as well as some other notable things. On the positive end, I DO like that starting a quest is a quick button away now (as opposed to being two buttons in World) and you can FINALLY enter any rooms you want while you have a quest loaded. Oh, and even though I don't play multiplayer that much, the fact that players can go all over the village, pretty much, now while playing together is a nice touch and honestly SHOULD have existed in Astera and Seliana in World and Iceborne, respectively. But the way menus and selling works in general is fucking ridiculous. I've heard that you can sell with shops (which I didn't test, despite all my time because I guess I missed it and assumed you always had to go into the box), but even still, the box version is fucking ridiculous. It's a 4 step process just to sell ONE item type. Click the item -> click it again because it's in "move item" mode first -> then a context menu pops up and you must go two options down -> finally pick a quantity and sell. Why is this shit so convoluted in the box? If I select sell items… you know what I probably want to do? Sell some fucking items. I don't need to move shit around, or sort or what-the-fuck-ever. You can have those options, but tie them to a different input instead of the general select button. And just hurry up and give me the quantity select so I can JUST SELL. This is a two step process in literally EVERY other MH game, but is a damn nightmare from the box in Rise for NO GOOD REASON.

On a good note though, the game DOES finally tell you exactly what you want to know in the Hunter's Notes. I've never felt compelled to open that book up more than in this game because it actually gives you real info so you don't need Kiranico, or MH Database or what-the-hell-ever app just to find basic info. It's not perfect as there is not a quest version where you can find (for example) how to get Elder Dragon Bones. Seems obvious, but I wasn't getting any from any Elder Dragons so I thought I'd check their pages and it never said you could get them from the dragons by any means. So I thought… well are they just not in the fucking game yet? And turns out they are, they're quest specific drops and I just wasn't getting them, but the game doesn't have that listed in the drops. But back to positive, the drop rates and other randomized data gives FULL percentages and everything. Including part damage tables. Fucking NICE! Finally, got that feature after 18 years! Sweet. But yeah, wrapping this up now…

So all in all, I'm sort of 50-50 — possibly even 40-60 — with this game. The monsters are mostly good, some are great, and just a few are bizarro bad. The weapon designs are fixed (for the most part), and the combat system "seems" clean and good, at least on GS. And really, the problems I have with combat appear to do a whole hell of a lot more to do with the armor skills than the actual movesets this time around. Although I haven't played much of the other weapons, so I could be wrong about that.

The game also regularly fixes some things while breaking others for no good reason. Notice I didn't mention the Rampages anywhere in here? It's because I don't fucking care about them. They're nonsense and add nothing of value to the game. If I gave scores at all they'd be a detriment and would reduce the score because nothing good comes from them. They are worse than a regular tower defense game because you can't just quickly set up new turrets… you have to MANUALLY walk over to things and set them up. You don't even get the flexibility of setting turrets anywhere you want on a flat piece of ground like in most Tower Defense games, either because the game decides for you what are viable locations to place turrets, and you can't place them anywhere else or because some monster perma-destroyed something so you can't use that spot anymore. Also, some spots monsters literally NEVER go to, so laying bombs there are pointless despite the fact that those spots are on the fucking ground (the only place you can place bombs).

And the manuevering to change turrets (despite wirebugs) during a lot of chaos (especially in solo) is beyond frustrating. The Rampages are just a more shit version of Tower Defense and even the unique aspects like Apex and Elder Dragons don't make them fun, in fact they ruin any potential value one could extract from them, since they immediately force destroy everything you've worked hard to save, just so they can force you into the final area for some contrived extra urgency/difficulty. It is literally the definition of artificially inflating a situation at the expense of any feelings of mastery or sense of self-accomplishment for doing so well up to that point. So I guess there is your mini-rant on Rampages, tacked onto the end.

Otherwise, again, decent game, unfinished as fuck though. The story is seemingly meaningless and (for lack of a better term) cucks you out of an actual ending, saving it for post-release DLC. Yeah, sure it's not paid content, but I mean… I did pay for the game. Can I have the ending when I bought the fucking game at least, Capcom? Maybe? So yeah… like I said, long ass wall of text post, because it's my genuine thoughts of the game, for what parts I care about at least. Thanks for your time if you bothered to read this heap of text.


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