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MHGU Prowler build calculator/damage comparison Spreadsheet

Content of the article: "MHGU Prowler build calculator/damage comparison Spreadsheet"

Due to the extreme lack of resources on Prowler/Palico damage (and how annoyingly wrong bassy-mh and other Japanese resources sites/damage calculators can be) I took it upon myself to build a practical tool to supply all* such data in one place – and correct it to the best of my ability.

Fast forward a year and two days I totally didn't just check the sheet's creation date: I can finally consider the tool "ready" enough to make public – though it's not what I'd call finished. Through thorough personal testing (and verifying/reverse engineering/expanding on some woefully under-explained work posted to AminoApps by LoppyLai) I'm now certain of the accuracy of the of the Bomb Damage Calculator within 5% (which is far better than working with the horribly inaccurate bassy-mh and few Gajinhunter formulas from early MHXX that are the 'best' that can be found). I've also allowed for the damage formula being used to update itself with the values currently being used in calculation to further help players understand what's going on under the hood of the game.

Other tools provided include:

  1. Proper descriptions on every Support Action and Skill (plus recommendations/personal usage notes on each)

  2. A Motion Value data sheet (any remaining errors can be noted via comment here or on the sheet itself)

  3. An Effective Raw calculator (similar to that of the HoneyHunter set builders) that will let you not only plan builds, but also help identify what weapon works best for your build (accounts for all Raw, status, element, affinity, and sharpness modifying skills and prowler bias buffs)

  4. Listings of some of my favorite builds for those who want/need some ideas. Many of them adapt pure DPS builds to a preferred bias or are 'optimized' meme builds (apologies in advance, as I tend to theme many of my cats based on what they're intended to do)

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I will likely add more notes/resources in the future as I write them up. Requests/suggestions are also welcome, though I can't make any promises as to what my willpower/schedule will allow.


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