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[MHR] Sticky lbg build for 2.0 update

A fun sticky lbg build that makes it quite easy to get off several stuns per hunt while still dealing a good amount of dmg.


  • Furios Flammenkanone with a long barrel
  • Vail Helm S
  • Barroth Mail S
  • Anjanath Vambraces S
  • Anjanath Coil S
  • Bazelgeuse Greaves
  • Talisman has 2 Spare shot and a level 1 slot (as well as a for this build useless fire attack lvl 1)


  • 3 Quickload jewels
  • 3 Absorber jewels
  • 1 KO Jewel
  • 1 Thrift Jewel
  • 1 Artillery Jewel
  • 1 Capacity Jewel
  • 1 Attack Jewel

The talisman could be replaced with anything that gives either one spare shot, one ko, one ammo up or one artillery in combination with atleast one level 1 slot. The missing skillpoint could be inserted via a jewel instead of the attack jewel so it should be somewhat easy to recreate or possible with a better talisman even improve.

Overall skills at the end are:

Attack Boost lvl 6, Spare Shot lvl 3, Slugger lvl 3, Artillery lvl 3, Ammo up lvl 3, Reload Speed lvl 3, Recoil Down lvl 3, Defense Boost lvl 2 (and the for this build useless fire attack lvl 1 and guard lvl 1)

Additional Info:

With Ammo up lvl 3, Reload Speed lvl 3 and Recoil Down lvl 3 the Sticky Ammo 3 will have low recoil, fast reload speed and a two bullet magazine.

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One Sticky 3 will deal 95 dmg against the training dummy or 103 dmg with the damage buff from the Fanning Maneuver Switch skill.

The only Ramp up skill that is even somewhat useable for this build is the Cluster Effect I allowing you to use Cluster Ammo and well lets face it that can make you very unpopular with your fellow hunters very fast.

You will Stun a Monster with your first 1-3 shots depending on the Monster and generally speaking stunning a Monster somewhere between 5-7 times per hunt is very possible depening on the monster and how often you manage to hit the head (or even just near it since the explosion radius is not to be underestimated)

I personally like to use the switch skill Fanning Maneuver since it gives you a 10% dmg buff but I have seen some discussion whether it is worth it in terms of overall dps since it has a somewhat long animation even if you cancel it fast with a sidestep in which you can't shoot. But I like it because my caveman brain prefers bigger number so I want that 10% more dmg per shot. Also on a side note, the damage of the explosion is depending on your damage at the time it explodes so you can shoot the stickys use the switch skill to relocate/reload and the already shot stickys will benefit from the dmg buff.

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Some tips for first time sticky lbg users:

Sticky Ammo is not affected by crit so the negativ affinity of the weapon is of no concern the only things that will impact your damage are: Raw dmg of your weapon, the artillery skill and the Dango Bombardier food skill.

Since you can only take 9 sticky 3 ammo with you, you will have to craft more during the hunt, which is quite easy with the radial menu. To craft sticky Ammo 3 you need to combine Sticky Ammo 1 with Gunpowder lvl 3 (of which you can carry 80 of) and to craft 1x Sticky Ammo 1 you will need 1x Blastnuts (of which you can carry 30 of). That means without going back to camp to refill ammo you can have 39 Sticky Ammo 1 and with that you can craft up to 78 additional Sticky Ammo 3. But be carefull since 1x Sticky Ammo 1 and 1x Gunpowder lvl 3 creates 2x Sticky Ammo 3 at once you will waste 1x Sticky Ammo if you craft over the maximum of 9. I personally use the craft all option for the radial menu and only craft if I have a uneven number of shots left.


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