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[MHRise] List of Notable Armor Pieces

MHRise is a High Rank game, and with that comes the issue of having armor sets that won't be particularly efficient when trying to build damage. This is made even worse by the fact that some key damage skills like Attack Boost or Critical Eye went from lv1 to lv2 decos (albeit they are now craftable), and other important skills such as Crit Boost or Weakness Exploit strictly don't have any decos that can be slotted in, meaning they can only be acquired through armor or charms.

With how heavily charm dependent the endgame meta will be, I thought it would be a good idea to have a list of particularly efficient armor pieces that give you multiple points of a specific damage skill you're looking for, so that you can quickly put the god charms you can find to good use.

I will only list damage related skills with decos that are lv2 or higher, since lv1 slots are ubiquitous and there are very few skills to fit in them. The slots available after slotting in the relevant skill are listed within brackets next to each piece (S = lv1 slot, M = lv2 slot, L = lv3 slot). If a key skill without craftable decos only have few pieces available I will list the lv1 pieces as well.

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You can get a full view of the pieces and the slottage on this site.

Weakness Exploit

  • WEX 2: Spio/Skalda S waist (-)
  • WEX 1: Zinogre S helm (S), Zinogre S chest (S), Remobra S legs (S-S)

Crit Boost

  • CB 2: Golden legs (S-S)
  • CB 1: Golden waist (S), Remobra S chest (S-S)

Critical Eye

  • CE 3: Kamura S gloves (-), Lagombi S gloves (S), Kadachi S legs (S)
  • CE 2: Alloy S gloves (S), Ingot S legs (S), Aelucanth/Rhopessa legs (-), Aelucanth/Rhopessa S chest (S), Aelucanth/Rhopessa S legs (S-S), Izuchi S chest (S), Izuchi S waist (S-S), Nargacuga S chest (S-S), Nargacuga S waist (-), Barioth S gloves (-), Barioth S waist (S), Kulu S legs (S), Kadachi S chest (-), Lagombi S helm (-)

Attack Boost

  • AB 3: Hunter S legs (-), Dober waist (-), Rathalos S gloves (-), Rathalos S waist (-), Anja S waist (S-S)
  • AB 2: Ingot S legs (S), Jaggi S gloves (S-S), Baggi S waist (S), Baggi S legs (S), Barroth S helm (S), Barroth S chest (-), Barroth S gloves (S-S), Anja waist (-), Anja S gloves (S)


  • Agi 3: Goss Harag S legs (S)
  • Agi 2: Channeler/Utsushi (H) S Waist (S)
  • Agi 1: Channeler/Utsushi (H) waist (-), Channeler/Utsushi (H) legs (-), Channeler/Utsushi (H) S chest (S), Channeler/Utsushi (H) S legs (S-S), Goss Harag helm (-), Goss Harag legs (-), Goss Harag S helm (S-S)


  • Handi 2: Sinister S gloves (M)
  • Handi 1: Hunter S chest (S), Sinister S helm (M)

Ammo Up

  • AUp 2: Vaik S helm (S-M), Vaik S legs (S), Wroggi S gloves (-)
  • AUp 1: Vaik helm (-), Vaik legs (-), Wroggi gloves (-), Wroggi S waist (S), Wroggi S legs (S-S)
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Razor Sharp

  • RS 2: Channeler/Utsushi (H) S helm (S), Almudron S chest (S)
  • RS 1: Channeler/Utsushi (H) helm (-), Channeler/Utsushi (H) chest (-), Channeler/Utsushi (H) S chest (S), Almudron chest (-), Almudron S legs (S-L)

Spare Shot

  • SS 2: Channeler/Utsushi (H) S helm (S)
  • SS 1: Channeler/Utsushi (H) helm (-), Channeler/Utsushi (H) chest (-), Channeler/Utsushi (H) S chest (S), Pukei gloves (-), Pukei S helm (M), Pukei S gloves (M), Pukei S waist (S-M)

Critical Element

  • Crit Ele 2: Aelucanth/Rhopessa S helm (S), Remobra S gloves (-), Remobra S waist (S-S)

Protective Polish

  • PP 1: Alloy S helm (S), Death Stench S helm (M), Death Stench S waist (S-S), Death Stench S legs (S-S)

Bow Charge Plus

  • There's only one piece, the Mighty Bow Feather (helm), with no slots whatsoever.


  • Focus 2: Dober legs (-), Anja S helm (-), Anja S chest (S-S), Bone S waist (S), Bone S legs (-)

Rapid Morph

  • RM 2: Death Stench S chest (-), Almudron S helm (M-M), Volvidon S chest (-)

Quick Sheath

  • QS 2: Hunter S gloves (-), Aknosom S helm (-), Aknosom S waist (S), Barioth S chest (S-S), Barioth S gloves (-), Barioth S legs (S)


  • Art 3: Rhenoplos S gloves (S)
  • Art 2: Rhenoplos S chest (S)
  • Art 1: Rhenoplos chest (-), Rhenoplos gloves (-), Narwa waist (-)

Load Shells

  • LS 2: Basarios S helm (S), Basarios S legs (S)


(Note: many of these pieces come paired with Offensive Guard 1)

  • Guard 2: Barroth S waist (S), Barroth S legs (S), Diablos S helm (-), Diablos S chest (S), Diablos S legs (-), Basarios S gloves (S-S)
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Please tell me in the comments anything you think I missed. Happy hunting, etc.


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