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MHST2 Aptonoth has the most powerful kinship attack in the game. 100% knockdown chance.

This is the script of the following video, you can watch it for seeing it into action and the demostration:

This is not a joke,

I repeat what it says in the title. Aptonoth is the strongest monstie in Monster hunter stories 2.

And the reason is simple:

This monster food just has the strongest kinship in the whole game.

It is not about the damage it deals but still unironically it is.

Every kinship attack in the game has a modifier that changes monstie to monstie.

For example, Nergigante has a modifier of x1.6 damage…

And aptonoth has a x2 modifier, so, yes, the kinship is stronger.

This of course is no way the reason why is stronger because that modifier does little more than compensate for the terrible stats of aptonoth.

So, why is overpowered without an ounce of doubt?

The special effect.

This ridiculous funny attack has the single best status effect in the whole game: it knocks down almost, if not every monster in the game to the ground.

With a 100% accuracy without fail.

So, while its damage is ok at best, this means that every following character is going to get critical hits this turn and then you are going to have a full round of critical hits.

Bring with you our favorite Buddy Reverto and watch him do humongous damage to the grounded monster.

I’m level 54 and it already can do over 3000 damage with a double charge and 2400 with a single one.

And that is without counting your own damage.

You may swap to your own greatsword or whatever.

In fact, this is a full free turn for whatever you need.

Imagine an unstoppable area attack and your buddie was about to die.

You can use this and take a whole round to heal the party.

Or whatever.

With gunlance, this means that between the kinship attack and this you are gaining 3 shells for free.

Add to the kinship damage the damage of the free round and you got it, the strongest move of the game… and is not all, it is even better.

Knocking down a monster cancels their rage.

This is priceless when fighting monsters like tigrex than when enraged take double actions every round.

You reset it and can rebuild your kinship for the time it rages again.

There are monsters like kirin or Zinogre that power up when they are enraged and you can keep them for that phase.

Even for a timebomb monster then after X rounds they use an attack meant to wipe the hearts of the whole party, you may delay it with this attack to prepare.

Now, you should be asking “well, and how long does it take to get full kinship?”

Using gunlance with two shells and a head to head, a gunlance can completely fill any monstie kinship in a single round.

It takes a couple of skills and all the resources are available as soon as you step in high rank.

The key are the head to head master skill and kinship skills.

I am going to link the build video below if you want to see the complete build and how to get it:

You may also be able to use this tactic in low rank before the end boss. The difference is that it will take either a wyrmstake or two shell attacks to fill the gauge.

What makes this really nuts is that you can fill the kinship of multiple monsties and unleash them when it is advantageous for you.

I’m even tempted to use 3-4 of these guys for endless knockdown loops.

I have tested this attack against uniquely named monsters and it works. Against royal monsters like gammoth and also works. In particular this move is godlike there since gammoth when covered by snow will only target you can you can fill multiple monsties delaying the area attack several rounds.

And even elder dragons and also works!

As an additional test I have fought the online version of kirin and can knock him down like any other monster.

Seriously doesn’t matter the stats of aptonoth when it enables 3000 damage critical hits, no other kinship or attack comes close.

For building the monster, I recommend a distribution of full non elemental power with the kinship soul skill for helping to fill it even more.

It gives you x1.5 non elemental damage and x1.4 power movements.

I gave him attacks like savage roar or status like poison so can be helpful against several monsters at once.

The monsters I haven't tried yet are the red eyed bosses and the forbidden zone bosses,I will do the test shortly.

But at the moment, for regular monsters, royal monsters, elder dragons and special monsters, this is no doubt.

The best monstie in the game!


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