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MHW: Sword and Shield is the most underrated and broken weapon in the entire game

Posted this on MHW reddit but thought I'd do it here too.

Hear me out…

I played a tiny bit of it when I first started and I thought it's alright. Seemed too simple. Then I mained bow for about 250 hours until I reached endgame. Decided to try out SnS again and really look at it in depth and how to get better…That's when I realized how underrated and broken this weapon is.

FIRST, You can literally do greatsword damage numbers but with the speed of dual blades!

Case in point, He goes up to 1200damage PER HIT at some points.

And then in addition to that,

SECOND, SnS has the most versatile possible build and playstyle.

You can build many different things and it works well. DPS; Raw damage builds work. Element damage builds work. Frostcraft is great b/c of how quick SnS sheathes… Play as a support, with being able to use items without sheathing. And even when you sheath it's so fast it's barely noticable… Play as a tank. Max out perfect guard and offensive guard and still do damage…Mix and match… Play offtank/support..Play DPS/support..offtank/DPS or whatever meme/crazy idea builds you think of…

And crazy thing is they all work well.

THIRD, SnS also has insane mobility and utility.

Attacks hit fast and have no animation lock. With level 3 quick sheath, you can basically always be running between hits and the sheath/animation is so fast, you don't even feel like you're sheathing. In addition, you have a backhop with huge I-frames that can be activated at any point in a combo, or even without a combo.

You have a slash that allows you to change direction AT ANY POINT in ANY combo. You can micro-adjust and change direction of almost any attack/move/combo.

There are no animation locks…even in perfect rush, you can still roll out at any 3 points in the combo.

Also, since you can use any items without sheathing, your moveset INCLUDES your WHOLE INVENTORY. Quick access to flash pods, screamer pods, shock traps, pitfall traps, smoke bombs, etc etc etc…All of these at the click of a button, (especially if you have everything on radial menu).

This already seems way too broken…But no Capcom didn't stop there.

FOURTH, SnS can do what any other weapon can, and sometimes even do it better.


SnS can mount as well as Insect Glaive (in fact even better IMO). Many different ways to land aerial attacks and do mount damage. You have a move that is accessible at any point that lets you jump into the air and do aerial damage. You can do aerial damage easily if you are near a ledge, wall, run up wall. Especially Helmbreaker (which IMO if you line it up is broken. does TONS of damage AND it's all mount damage).

And if that's not enough, to put a cherry on top (and why I consider SnS a better mounting weapon). You can loop the triple strike mounting animation (which you can't do with other weapons) giving your team WAAY more time to attack the monster, while it just stands there still.


SnS, as mentioned before, can do heavy hitting damage DPS. Greatsword numbers but with speed of dual blades.


SnS can do prety good supporting, possibly rivaling hunting horn, especially being able to use items without sheathing. Having the full arsenal of inventory available at an instant is a huge +. Also since it has such quick attack speed (2nd fastest in the game) it can apply status effects quite easily, such as paralysis, poison, sleep etc etc.


Why did Capcom give this weapon set a shield? It's already broken enough…Although not good as a charge blade or lance shield, with the right jewels SnS can perform pretty well with a tank build.

Even without Jewels, it can take a decent hit or two.

damage types

SnS can do sever/cut damage and focus on breaking tails. But it can also do blunt damage and focus on Stun/KOing. In this way it has great utility and can compensate for what the team is lacking or what they are facing, aiming to break.

Honestly, the fact SnS has all these things and can do most of them really well, even outperforming other weapons in it's forte. I think it's really underrated and broken tbh…But I guess it balances out, because, although it is simple to use, it's very hard to master? Regardless I'm surprised Capcom didn't give this weapon a big nerfo


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