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Monster Hunter Rise: Buddy Skills and Moves Overview

I have seen several websites talk about buddy skills but I've yet to find a complete list of all skills in the game. Here I've compiled what I hope to be a fully comprehensive list of all buddy skills and moves in Monster Hunter Rise. If I'm missing something or have something mislabeled please let me know and I'll try to correct it.

Palico Moves Overview

First of all palicos get their own set of extra moves based on their support type. While the level 1 and level 20 moves are predetermined by the palicos support type, the other 3 moves are randomized when the buddy is scouted, and can come from any support type including their own. Once your palico reaches the required level, they will automatically learn and equip the move that they come with. Each of the three moves is slotted based on level, so you cannot have two skills you learn at level 5 and one skill you learn at level 15. They also cannot learn the level 1 or level 20 skills of another support type.

For example an Assist type palico will come with Felyne Silkbind (Lv. 1) and Posion Purr-ison (Lv. 20) but has three other randomized skills such as Healing Bubble (Lv. 5) Summeown Endemic Life (Lv. 10) and Flash Bombay (Lv. 15).

These Moves are automatically assigned once the palico is scouted or when you first start the game in the case of your starting palico. They cannot be changed and if you want different moves you will have to search for a new palico.

Below is a list of all the moves based on the support type they originate from for organizational purposes.

Healer Palico Moves

Move Level Learned Description
Herbaceous Healing 1 Places a plant with restorative powers that continuously heals any nearby allies.
Healing Bubble 5 Creates bubbles that pop and provide healing when touched. Bigger bubbles heal more.
Vase of Vitality 10 Places a vase that heals various status ailments. Stand in the smoke to receive its effects.
Furbidden Acorn 15 Heals a Buddy and temporarily prevents loss of its health.
Health Horn 20 Greatly recovers Buddy and player health.

Assist Palico Moves

Move Level Learned Description
Felyne Silkbind 1 Fires movement-hindering Ironsilk at large monsters, using a Palico-sized ballista.
Go, Fight, Win 5 Reduces hunters' stamina loss while your Palico is dancing.
Summeown Endemic Life 10 Places a fragrant pouch that entices nearby endemic life to approach.
Shock Purr-ison 15 Sets up a shock trap that stops large monsters from moving.
Poison Purr-ison 20 Sets a trap that immobilizes large monsters and inflicts them with poison.

Fighter Palico Moves

Move Level Learned Description
Rousing Roar 1 Lets loose a fearsome roar, empowering Buddies and hunters.
Whirlwind Assault 5 Spins around using their weapon to create a whirlwind, then rams into monsters.
Power Drum 10 Sounds a drum that raises attack and defense for both hunters and Buddies.
Fleet-foot Feat 15 Draws a monster's attention, skillfully evades their attack, then mounts a counterattack.
Furr-ious 20 Your Palico becomes fur-ious. In this state, their attack power increases drastically.

Bombardier Palico Moves

Move Level Learned Description
Felyne Wyvernblast 1 Fires Palico-sized Wyvernblast shells at monsters, triggering explosions when they strike.
Zap Blast Spinner 5 Unleashes a horde of top-shaped bombs that track monsters.
Anti-Monster Mine 10 Places a mine that explodes when tripped by a large monster, sometimes also staggering them
Flash Bombay 15 Sets a bomb that flies into the air and emits a bright flash.
Giga Barrel Bombay 20 Rushes at a foe with a Giga Barrel Bomb.

Gathering Palico Moves

Move Level Learned Description
Endemic Life Barrage 1 Fires endemic life at monsters from a ballista. Results vary according to launched creatures.
Mega Boomerang 5 Hurls a gargantuan boomerang based on weapon attack type at foes.
Camouflage 10 Your Palico conceals themselves temporarily, preventing them from being targeted by monsters.
Shock Tripper 15 Drops a lingering electric field that inflicts thunderblight on monsters within it.
Pilfer 20 A boomerang attack that steals materials from monsters.



Buddy Skills Overview

Beyond the Palico moves, all buddies also have a set of skills that they come with and will learn automatically as they level up. This pool of skills appears to be shared between both palicos and palamutes. Each skill is automatically learned once the buddy reaches the required level, but will need to be manually equipped at the Buddy Board.

Each buddy starts with 4 skill memory slots, but will gain more slots as that buddy levels up starting at level 25. At present I do not know the maximum number of memory slots a buddy can have. Each skill uses up a specific number of memory slots when equipped, and is only active while that skill is equipped.

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Skills can freely be swapped out in between quests and while in your tent at camp by going to the Buddy Board and selecting Buddy Skills, then selecting the desired buddy to change the skills for.

Each skill is also color coded, red for offensive based skills and blue for defensive based skills. At this time I do not know if there is any significance to the color coding other than for the sake of helping players differentiate between offensive and defensive skills.

Buddies are randomly allotted 8 different skills when they are scouted or when you first create your starter buddies. These cannot be changed at a later time and you will have to recruit a new buddy if you want a different set of skills.

Below is a (hopefully) comprehensive list of all the skills each buddy can have. Please let me know if you find any skills I am missing and I will add them.

Buddy Skills List

Skill Name Level Learned Description Number of slots Red Skill or Blue Skill
Attack Up (S) 5 Increases attack. (Will stack) 1 Red
Critical Up (S) 5 Increases affinity. (Will stack) 1 Red
Health Up (S) 5 Increases maximum health. (Will stack) 1 Blue
Defense Up 5 Greatly increases defense. Also negates the effects of Defense Down. 1 Blue
Negate Poison 5 Weakens the effects of poison. Also prevents poison and lethal poison 1 Blue
Negate Paralysis 5 Prevents paralysis 1 Blue
Knockout King 10 Increases the likelihood of stunning and tiring monsters. 1 Red
Negate Tremor 10 Prevents staggering from tremors created by large monsters. 1 Blue
Negate Sleep 10 Prevents sleep. 1 Blue
Webproof 10 Prevents webbed status. 1 Blue
Omniresistance 10 Boosts all resistances. Also negates the effects of Resistance Down. 1 Blue
Health Up (L) 10 Greatly increases maximum health. (Will stack) 2 Blue
Negate Wind Pressure 10 Negates wind pressure from almost all monsters. 2 Blue
Negate Stun 10 Prevents stun. 2 Blue
Earplugs 10 Prevents flinching from most monster roars. 2 Blue
Artful Dodge 10 Increases the likelihood of blocking and deflecting attacks. 2 Blue
Attack Up (L) 15 Greatly increases attack. (Will stack) 2 Red
Critical Up (L) 15 Greatly increases affinity. (Will stack) 2 Red
Element Attack Up 15 Increases the power of elemental attacks. 2 Red
Deflagration Relief 15 Prevents blast and hellfire. 1 Blue
Ranged Attack Up 20 Increases ranged attack. 2 Red
Status Attack Up 20 Increases the potency of abnormal status attacks. 3 Red
Medic's Touch 20 Increases the amount of health recovered when healing. 3 Blue



The topics going forward are somewhat subjective, and as I write this Monster Hunter Rise hasn't even been out for a week yet, so please bear in mind that some of what I talk about may change, either as people find and discover new things about the game or as Capcom releases patches and updates. In addition most of what I discuss is based off the description of the skill as I have yet to actually have them used by my buddy in combat. If you have any additional input on any of these skills please feel free to let me know and I change my recommendations accordingly.

What Palico Support Type Should I Pick?

While each palico support type has its own strength and weaknesses, Some are better than others. Based off feedback from other players, Palico damage seems to drop off somewhat later in the game, and because of this you're going to want to build your palico to more support oriented rather than an offensive power house. For these reason I can't really suggest going with the fighter support type, nor the bombardier as they tend to focus on the palico dealing damage; though the bombardier can still be somewhat useful if you trying to go for staggers and part breaks.

With those out of the way, what we have left is the healer, the assist, and the gathering support types. All three are excellent choices, with each filling a somewhat different role.

The healer support type would be a good pick if you are new to monster hunter, or if you are taking a lot of damage in a fight and could use more healing. While it is a solid choice I personally find sometimes that I will start consuming a potion to heal myself and my palico buddy will start using their heal skill immediately afterwords, causing a sort of cross-over waste. Still it can come in handy during certain points when you forget to heal or find yourself stunned and can't heal yourself, assuming the AI decides to heal you.

The Assist support type is probably the best overall support type. It has the Felyne Silkbind shot which will tie down a monster to a small range so it cannot move beyond a certain point. Watch out as it can still move around within this radius and still attack. In addition it also has the Poison Purr-ison skill which is essentially a poison pitfall trap. This is excellent most of the time as it will almost always poison the monster and traps it allowing you to go for a bit of extra damage. The one real downside is the palico does not seem to use this skill very often, only tending to use it towards the end of a hunt when a monster is close to being captured.

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The gathering support type has a good argument for being the best support type, but it is also somewhat selfish. The level 20 move basically steals extra materials from a monster during a fight, which is great for one of the core functions of monster hunter, which is gathering materials. While this skill benefits you greatly, it does nothing to support slaying or capturing the monster and does not benefit your team if you're playing multiplayer.

What Palico Moves Should I Aim For?

With this decision, you want to find the "best in slot" move overall and use that if you can. Ultimately which moves you get on your buddy are RNG, but with enough patience you should be able to find a palico with all the right moves if you really want. Here I'll discuss why each skill is probably a good or bad choice.

Level 5 Slot

Healing Bubble: This is a good overall skill for a healing palico. These bubbles seem to last for a little while so they're a good option to grab when you take some damage, similar to a vigor wasp.

Go, Fight, Win: This is probably the best move in this slot. It provides you with the same effects as a dash juice which is almost always beneficial, and is even more so for certain weapons such as the bow and dual blades.

Whirlwind Assault: Based on the skill description, this skill essentially does damage to the monster with no additional effect. Since damaged based palicos are probably not optimal I would recommend avoiding this one if you can.

Zap Blast Spinner: Like Whirlwind Assault, this one only seems to deal damage based off the description. For this reason I would pass on this.

Mega Boomerang: Along with the previous two moves, this one also seems to only deal damage based off the description.

Level 10 Slot

Vase of Vitality: This is a pretty solid choice for this slot as it acts as an AOE condition cleans. A solid choice if you want a healer palico.

Summeown Endemic Life: A very useful skill that summons nearby endemic life that can be picked up for buffs, most noticeably an extra wirebug. A solid overall choice.

Power Drum: This is probably the best move in slot. It provides a straight attack and defense buff for your party, and any buff to your hunter will usually result in the most damage increase.

Anti-Monster Mine: This skill seems like an OK choice. It mostly seems to deal damage but has a chance of staggering the monster which is good for getting an extra hit or two in.

Camouflage: While this isn't necessarily a bad choice since it will give your palico some breathing room, they probably won't need it since they are AI controlled and may not take full advantage of it.

Level 15 Slot

Furbidden Acorn: This is the only healer skill I can't really recommend, even if you want a healer palico. While making sure you're buddy survives longer is nice, It's not really necessary since they just automatically heal themselves once their HP reaches 0. On it's own it's not a bad skill, but there are better choices for this slot.

Shock Purr-ison: This is definitely one of the better choices, and probably the best overall. It is essentially your palico placing down an extra shock trap for the monster to run into, which allows you to wail on it for a short time. The only real downside is you have no control over where or when your palico uses this.

Fleet-foot Feat: This seems like it may be a good choice. I have yet to actually have a palico with this skill but having the monster aggro taken off you sometimes can be quite advantageous… unless you're using Lance. Overall seems to be a solid choice.

Flash Bombay: While this is still a good choice, it can still be somewhat lacking due to the fact that flash bombs have been heavily nerfed since iceborne. They're still good and can give you a leg up on the monster, but it is a little more situational and can easily miss if the monster is not facing the bomb. Also it doesn't work on blind monsters like Khezu.

Shock Tripper: This move is a pretty solid choice, since inflicts thunderblight on a monster which allows you to get an extra KO or two in if you're skilled enough. That being said you still need to be able to whack the monster on the head to be able to take advantage of it so it might not be for everyone.

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What Buddy Skills Should I Look For?

This one is a bit trickier, and is also reliant on whether you want them for a palico or a palamute. Also because we only really have the description to go by for most of these skills, further testing will be required to determine how effective some skills are.

With that said, here's my thoughts on most of the skills:

Knockout King: Until we know exactly how effective this skill is it's impossible to tell if it's worth taking over other skills, but being able to stun or tire out a monster is always a good thing.

Status Attack Up: While I don't know if this skill affects palico moves such as Shock Tripper, even if it doesn't it's still an excellent move if you give your buddy a status inflicting weapon.

Health Up (S) AND Health Up (L): More health is always nice. This skill is good to fill in as an extra if you have 1 or 2 extra memory slot(s) and nothing else to fill it with since their usually aren't better options, particularly on the palico. Provides 20 HP and 40 HP boost respectively.

Defense Up: This is good for the same reason as health up, but depending on how much defense you already have it may not be as useful as defense has diminishing returns. Provides 20 (or 21? Increase may be percentage based) points of defense.

Omniresistance: A good choice overall as a defensive option. Because it provides 10 points in each resistance it essentially cuts all elemental damage by 10%.

Earplugs This is a solid choice to prevent your buddy from being stunned when a monster roars, since almost every later game monster has a roar that will stun you.

Artful Dodge: At this point it's hard to say if this skill will be good or not, since we don't know how effective it is. That being said it seems like it would most likely be useful.

Negate Stun: Useful but very infrequently, due to how often your buddy is unlikely to get stunned.

Negate Poison, Negate Paralysis, Negate Tremor, Negate Sleep, Negate Wind Pressure, Webproof, Deflagration Relief: All of these skills are highly situational. While each is quite strong I can't recommend them too much unless you want a different buddy for each occasion.

Attack Up (S), Attack Up (L), Critical Up (S), Critical Up (L): Generally you only want these skills for your palamute since your palico should be more support focused. All Four of these skills are great for dealing damage which should be what you want out of a palamute. Which one(s) you specifically choose should be based on how exactly you want to build your palamute.

Elemental Attack Up: Best used on palamutes for offense. Situationally useful depending on what weapon your palamute will be using. Elemental power increase will require more testing if it's a flat points increase or a percentage. Seems to be either 3 points or roughly 35% increase.

Ranged Attack Up: This skill is also generally palamute only. It increases ranged damage by 40 points which is quite substantial. It's hard to say how useful it is since we need more information on how often your palamute will use ranged attacks and under what circumstances.

Medic's Touch: Whether or not you should take this skill depends on if it increases the amount of healing the palico provides to the hunter, which I don't know yet. If it does increase the healing done to the hunter then it can be very powerful for a healer palico, otherwise I would not recommend it since there are other better choices.



And with that hopefully I've clarified some of the skill system for people, and helped them in choosing what to look out for when recruiting new buddies. Once gain please let me know if you find any errors or anything I've missed and I'll look into adding or fixing it.

I'll be going to bed a few hours after posting this so if you don't see me update it right away, don't panic. I'll get to it in the morning.


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