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Monster Hunter Rise Dual Blade Motion Value, Moveset, and Changes Compilation

Monster Hunter Rise Dual Blade Motion Value, Moveset, and Changes Compilation

I put this together because when I was starting MHGU, the compilations available for all the weapons were extremely helpful, and I dislike watching videos for this type of information. This data is as much for myself as it is for everyone else, and I hope someone can put together something this concise (or verbose) for other weapons.

I will continue to update this post with any comments for new info. Let me know of any suggestions as well. The reddit table only includes the total values. I did not bother to differentiate which hit is left or right in the full table.

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  • Tested and data mined Motion Values. Data mined values are from a google spreadsheet by dtlnor.

  • Moveset breakdown

  • Moveset changes


  • Frame data

  • Weapons, Skills, Equipment, etc.

Test Data was obtained on the Toadversary in the Training Area.

  • Toadversary Head hitzone is 100%.

  • PLEASE NOTE if you are doing your own testing, there is a damage penalty for yellow sharpness where attacking too early or hitting at a certain point with a weapon deals 60% damage instead of 100%. I did not notice this happening for Dual Blade, but it may have.

  • Used a 90 Attack Yellow Sharpness Dual Blade with +10 ATK Petalace (Petalace has full stats active in Training Area)

  • Sharpness modifier is 1.00x for Yellow

Monster Hunter Rise Dual Blade Motion Values

Image (last updated April 5, 2021):

Totals only (last updated April 5, 2021):

Reddit Table:

Monster Hunter Rise Dual Blade Motion Values

MV Ele Hits
Double Slash (Total) 18 2.00 2
Double Slash Return Stroke (Total) 19 2.00 2
Circle Slash (Total) 40 4.00 3
Turn Slash (Total) 10 2.00 2
Lunging Strike (Total) 16 2.80 4
Left Roundslash (Total) 27 3.00 3
Right Roundslash (Total) 27 3.00 3
Turning Lunging Strike (Total) 16 2.00 2
Demon Fangs 11 1.00 1
Twofold Demon Slash (Total) 21 2.00 2
Sixfold Demon Slash (Total) 60 5.40 6
Demon Flurry Rush (Total) 28 4.20 6
Demon Flight (Total) 40 3.00 2
Aerial Demon Flurry (Total) 44 5.00 4
Rising Slash 9 1.00 1
Left Double Roundslash (Total) 37 3.00 3
Right Double Roundslash (Total) 37 3.00 3
Blade Dance (Total) 135 15.40 16
Demon Mode Cancel (Total) 20 1.40 2
Feral Demon Mode (Total) 26 4.00 4
Midair Feral Demon Mode (Total) 30 2.00 2
Feral Demon Slash Dodge (Total) 8 2.00 2
Demon Flurry (Total) 57 4.80 6
Demon Flurry II (Total) 51 4.80 6
Demon Flurry III (Total) 60 5.00 6
Jumping Doubleslash (Total) 16 2.00 2
Midair Round Slash (Total) 50 2.80 4
Midair Spinning Blade Dance (Total) 86 4.20 6
Spinning Blade Dance Finisher (Total) 104 4.20 6
Heavenly Blade Dance (Total) 22 4.00 4
Heavenly Blade Dance Finisher (Total) 32 3.00 2
Shrouded Vault (Total) 68 6.00 6
Demon Mode Shrouded Vault (Total) 68 4.00 4
Piercing Bind 10 0.00 1
Piercing Bind Explosion 75 0.00 1
Piercing Bind Explosion Bonus 5 0.00 1
Piercing Bind Bonus 4 0.00 1

Spinning Blade Dance Finisher elemental damage is an assumption of 0.7x per hit, like almost every other aerial hit. I can't seem to match up tests with the MVs from datamined information.

Very basic moveset introduction for beginners, or a refresher. Search for or if you know the rest, or scroll down to changes:

Dual Blade has 3 "modes". Normal, Demon Mode, and Archdemon Mode * Normal should almost never be active. * Demon Mode is when you're consuming stamina for a better moveset * Archdemon Mode is active when you've filled your Demon Gauge while in Demon Mode, and gives you benefits without the stamina cost

Normal Mode:

  • Double Slash: X
    • Slash with each of your blades
  • Double Slash Return Stroke: X2
    • Slash back with each of your blades
  • Circle Slash: X3
    • Slash with both your blades while rotating
  • Turn Slash: back and X during the X combo
    • Turn around with a backflip and slash in your new direction
  • Turning Lunging Strike: direction + A during the X combo
    • Turn and lunge forward, stabbing with both blades.
    • Training Area calls this Lunging Strike still, but it is different than the below attack.
  • Lunging Strike: A, X draw attack
    • Lunge forward, stabbing with both blades
    • Hits 4 times instead of 2 that Turning Lunging Strike does
  • Roundslash: Left or Right + A2, or Left or Right X after any X attack
    • Spin with your blades upwards to the left or right depending on your joystick input
  • Rising Slash: X after Lunging Strike
    • A fast slash upwards
    • Can combo into Double Slash
  • Jumping Doubleslash: X in the air
    • Slash with each of your blades in the air
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Demon Mode: R

Continuously consume stamina for a better moveset and increased mobility. Deactivates by pressing R again or being interrupted.

Feral Demon Mode

Attack when transforming, and continuously consume stamina for a better moveset and increased attack. Deactivates by pressing R again or being interrupted.

  • Demon Dash: B
    • Dash instead of a roll
  • Feral Demon Dash: B
    • Available with Feral Demon Mode
    • Slash with both blades when dashing
  • Demon Fangs: X
    • A strong slash
  • Twofold Demon Slash: X2
    • A strong double slash
  • Sixfold Demon Slash: X3
    • Six slashes in a row
    • Final hit increases the Demon Gauge significantly
  • Bladed Dance: X + A
    • A long combo of 16 slashes that deals high damage but locks you in place
  • Demon Mode Cancel: R
    • Exiting Demon Mode after an attack will cause you to slash with both your blades
  • Demon Flurry Rush: A
    • Spin forward with your blades out
    • A fast attack that can close the distance to a monster
    • Can lead into a Left or Right Roundslash by pressing A again
  • Double Roundslash: A3
    • A stronger Roundslash available after a regular Roundslash while in Demon Mode
  • Demon Flight: A
    • Leap forward, jumping off a monster with both your blades
  • Aerial Demon Flurry: automatic after successful Demon Flight
    • A flurry of hits in the air
  • Midair Round Slash: X in the air
    • Spin your blades vertically in the air
  • Midair Spinning Blade Dance: Demon Dodge off a ledge, forward + X in the air, A in the air
    • Spin forward with a Blade Dance
    • If you connect at the correct angle to go down the back of a monster, this will lead into Heavenly Blade Dance
    • If you press X before landing, it will lead into a Spinning Blade Dance Finisher
  • Spinning Blade Dance Finisher: X after Midair Spinning Blade Dance
    • A combination of hits while landing
  • Heavenly Blade Dance: connecting Midair Spinning Blade Dance down the back of a monster
    • Spin down the back of a monster with your blades
    • Continues across the length of the monster; longer monster leads to more hits
    • Can stop if they are angled wrong, they move too suddenly, or you get hit
    • Training area still calls this Midair Spinning Blade Dance.
  • Heavenly Blade Dance Finisher: automatic at the end of the monster
    • A finishing hit at the end of a successful Heavenly Blade Dance

Archdemon Mode: Completely fill the Demon Gauge while in Demon Mode

Gain some of the Demon Mode moveset. Attacks decrease the Demon Gauge. Becomes unavailable when the Demon Gauge reaches 0.

  • Does not gain the Demon Mode movement speed boost, or the Feral Demon Mode attack boost
  • Does not have access to Blade Dance, Demon Fangs, Twofold Demon Slash, or Sixfold Demon Slash
  • Keeps Demon Dash
  • Keeps Demon Flurry Rush or Demon Flight
  • Keeps Midair Round Slash, Midair Spinning Blade Dance, and Heavenly Blade Dance
  • Demon Flurry I, II, III: X + A

    • A strong flurry of slashes
    • Can lead into Demon Flurry II and Demon Flurry III
    • You can cancel earlier by not doing the next part of the combo
    • More total raw damage than Blade Dance but also a tiny bit slower
  • Piercing Bind

    • Stab a kunai into your target
    • When you hit the monster, the kunai will also deal damage
    • The kunai will explode after 6 seconds, dealing increased damage based on the number of hits you've landed
    • 30 second cooldown (Slow)
  • Tower Vault

    • Wirebug into the air with your weapon drawn
    • ? second cooldow (Fast)
  • Shrouded Vault

    • Dodge forward with a wirebug, ignoring all damage and counterattacking
    • 15 second cooldown (Medium)

Moveset changes from Monster Hunter World, basically in order as they appear in the above MV compilation:

  • Demon Mode now cancels when you are knocked back or interrupted, like pre-World
  • Demon Mode now grants a significant movespeed increase
  • Canceling Demon Mode after an attack deals two 10 MV hits
  • Feral Demon Mode
    • Gives +20% ATK when active instead of movement speed
    • Stacks additively with Attack Boost %, does not affect Petalace, Might Seed, etc.
    • Transformation includes an attack animation, making it slower than Demon Mode
    • The attack animation gains the attack bonus
    • Demon Mode Cancel attack does not gain the attack bonus
    • Midair transformation is a faster alternative
    • Gains Feral Demon Slash Dodge, which deals two hits on Demon Dash
  • Archdemon Mode now has Demon Dash
    • Costs Demon Gauge
  • Basically, all elemental values appear to be buffed significantly (almost all are at 1.00x instead of 0.50x or 0.7x etc)
  • All ailments appear to be buffed even more, with values matching element (previously they were all around 0.10x less than element)
  • Lunging Strike looks more like a spin now, but deals the same damage as MHW
  • Circle Slash (X3) was buffed
  • There is a new animation for Turn Slash during the basic X combo by pressing X and back
    • Turn with a flip in that direction and pivot forward
    • It looks similar to a Left/Right Roundslash, but only hits twice
    • The attack hitbox appears to be behind your character after the turn, but because of the step forward, it will miss if you're moving away from the enemy
    • It seems to be fairly fast, so it could be a good option for repositioning your attack angle
  • There is a different Turning Lunging Strike during the basic X combo by pressing a direction that's not forward and A
    • It is called Lunging Strike in the training area, but only hits twice, and has different MVs
    • Appears to be faster than the MHW version, but I never used it so I can't really tell
  • Six Fold Demon Slash is weaker in MV but stronger in element. (Demon Mode X3)
  • Demon Flurry Rush (i.e. spin to win, Demon/Archdemon Mode A) is weaker in MV but stronger in element
  • Demon Flight is basically Generations' aerial style
    • If you connect with a monster, you will vault off it and the initial Demon Flight hit deals two hits for 20 MV and 1.5 element each
    • These two hits are guaranteed
  • Aerial Demon Flurry is an automatic follow up to Demon Flight
    • These hits are not guaranteed
    • Against Toadversary, it is very common to only get 3 of the 4 hits
    • You can follow up with a Jumping Doubleslash or Midair Roundslash into a Midair Spinning Blade Dance
  • Rising Slash is stronger by 1 MV (pressing X after Demon Flurry Rush, Lunging Strike)
  • Blade Dance is quite a bit weaker for MV, but also stronger for element (-40 MV but + 3.6 element)
    • The loss in MV is also made up for during Piercing Bind
  • Demon Flurry is a bit weaker as well due to losing one hit and some MV on two, but
    • There is now a Demon Flurry II and Demon Flurry III
    • It's a bit slower than Demon Dance since you can barely not fit all hits into a Piercing Bind
    • With 3 inputs, it's much less commitment than a full Demon Dance
  • Jumping Double Slash is slightly weaker in MV
    • Much stronger with element
    • Apparently has 3rd hit at landing that I can't reproduce
    • Also each hit does 2x mounting for some reason?
  • Midair Roundslash doesn't have a corresponding name in the data set I'm looking at, but the same values exist for a Midair Spinning Blade Dance
    • Activated by pressing X in the air without a direction, so you don't dive forward
    • The same attack was still called Midair Spinning Blade Dance in MHW, where you spin in place instead of diving
  • This Midair Spinning Blade Dance, were you dive forward doesn't seem to have data that directly correlates to what I'm seeing in training area
    • The names in the datamine may be incorrect
    • You can perform this on the Toadversary by either Wirebug into Demon Mode in the air and then forward + X or A and not connecting into a Heavenly Blade Dance
    • Or you can rotate the Toadversary to face right, jump off the ledge there, Demon Mode in the air, and then foward + X or A into the side of its head
  • Midair Spinning Blade Dance Finisher appears to be identical to World
    • This attack is not always available, it appears you have to cancel Midair Spinning Blade Dance early by pressing X to execute it correctly
  • Heavenly Blade Dance is still called Midair Spinning Blade Dance in the training area
    • Much weaker than MHW, but way more element
    • The damage correlates to the datamined values, but it is very difficult to tell because of the low HZV shell
    • You can land two hits on the neck, and two on the head to see the damage correctly
    • My small experience in actual combat makes me think it actually hits fewer times compared to World, either because the monsters are smaller, or there's a limitation in place. Would like to see some comments on this one
  • Heavenly Blade Dance Finisher can easily land on the Toadversary head
    • A bit weaker than MHW but again more element
  • The Left/Right Fade Slashes (Left/Right + X during Twofold Demon Slash), and by extension the follow up Rising Slash were removed
    • Left/Right + X during any combo leads to a Roundslash if it doesn't need a Rising Slash first
  • Shrouded Vault can hit up to 6 times if you're close enough
    • Hits 4 times in Demon Mode for the same MV but less element
    • Saves on sharpness I guess?
    • Wirebug cooldown is 15s
  • Piercing Bind's initial hit with the kunai deals 10 MV
    • The explosion does 75 MV
    • The explosion damage increases by 5 MV for every hit dealt
    • Each hit also gains a 4 MV bonus before the explosion
    • Basically +9 MV per hit while active
    • Last approximately 6 seconds with 1 second spent placing the kunai
    • Placing the kunai makes you step backwards, making Blade Dance, Demon Flurry, etc miss without dashing forward.
    • Counteract this by positioning so your backstep goes into the monster, or using a Demon Flurry Rush to close the gap.
    • One of the strongest aspects of this skill is you get to lock on damage on a certain part, even if you're attacking elsewhere
    • For example, you can Piercing Bind a head that you normally wouldn't be able to hit, and Blade Dance the legs to still deal 154 MV to it.
    • Some reproducable combos:
    • Blade Dance: 364 MV
    • (Feral) Demon Dash + Blade Dance: 346~372 MV (dashing makes you miss 2 hits of Piercing Bind, but closes the gap if you didn't position right)
    • Demon Flurry I + II + III: 397 MV (needs strong positioning, last two hits miss Piercing Bind)
    • Demon Flurry Rush + Blade Dance: 401~428 MV (last 2 to 5 hits of Blade Dance don't trigger Piercing Bind)
    • Demon Flurry Rush + Rising Slash + Sixfold Demon Slash: 358 MV
    • Demon Flurry Rush + Demon Flurry I + II: 383 MV
    • Demon Flurry Rush x3 + Feral Demon Dash x2: 365 MV (last 4 hits of the last Demon Flurry Rush don't Piercing Bind)
    • Demon Flight + Midair Roundslash + Rising Slash + Roundslash + Double Round Slash: 415(427)~445 MV (You might miss one hit of Aerial Demon Flurry, the last two hit of Double Round Slash might not trigger Piercing Bind depending on height and hitlag)
    • Demon Flight + Midair Roundslash + Midair Spinning Blade Dance: 449 MV (Not triggering Heavenly Blade Dance)
    • The aerial combos may have high MV but they are very difficult to aim and not always effective
    • Wirebug cooldown is 30s
  • Tower Vault
    • I don't have a lot of information on this right now, but it basically allows you to use your sheathed zL + X in combat
    • The fast wirebug cooldown lets you use this much more often
    • Alternative way to get in the air if you dislike Demon Flight or want to keep Demon Flurry Rush
    • Might be a better choice if you want to focus super heavily on element since Piercing Bind does no elemental damage


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