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Monster Hunter Rise Lance Motion Value, Moveset, and Changes Compilation

Monster Hunter Rise Lance Motion Value, Moveset, and Changes Compilation

I put this together because when I was starting MHGU, the compilations available for all the weapons were extremely helpful, and I dislike watching videos for this type of information. This data is as much for myself as it is for everyone else, and I hope someone can put together something this concise (or verbose) for other weapons.

I will continue to update this post with any comments for new info. Let me know of any suggestions as well.

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  • Tested and data mined Motion Values. Data mined values are from a google spreadsheet by dtlnor.

  • Moveset breakdown

  • Moveset changes


  • Frame data (there's some small frame data for theory that may not be accurate)

  • Weapons, Skills, Equipment, etc.

Test Data was obtained on the Toadversary in the Training Area.

  • Toadversary Head hitzone is 100%.

  • PLEASE NOTE if you are doing your own testing, there is a damage penalty for yellow sharpness where attacking too early or hitting at a certain point with a weapon deals 60% damage instead of 100%. I did not notice this happening for Lance

  • Used a 90 Attack Yellow Sharpness Lance with +10 ATK Petalace (Petalace has full stats active in Training Area)

  • Sharpness modifier is 1.00x for Yellow

Monster Hunter Rise Lance Motion Values


Reddit Table:

Monster Hunter Rise Lance Motion Values

vz HZ of 100 Test MV Data MV Old MV % % Diff MV Diff Data Ele Old Ele % Diff Ele Diff
Mid Thrust I 20 20 20 100% 0% 1.00 0.70 43% 0.30
Mid Thrust II 20 20 20 100% 0% 1.00 0.70 43% 0.30
Mid Thrust III 27 27 27 100% 0% 1.00 0.70 43% 0.30
High Thrust I 22 22 22 100% 0% 1.00 0.70 43% 0.30
High Thrust II 22 22 22 100% 0% 1.00 0.70 43% 0.30
High Thrust III 27 27 27 100% 0% 1.00 0.70 43% 0.30
Wide Sweep 23 23 20 115% 15% 3 1.00 0.70 43% 0.30
Charged Wide Sweep 70 70 1.20 0.70 71% 0.50
Guard Thrust 15 15 20 75% -25% -5 1.00 0.70 43% 0.30
Leaping Thrust (1) 11 11 8 138% 38% 3 0.40 0.30 33% 0.10
Leaping Thrust (2) x2 9 9 8 113% 13% 1 0.40 0.30 33% 0.10
Cancel Thrust 22 22 22 100% 0% 1.00 0.70 43% 0.30
Counter thrust 50 50 40 125% 25% 10 1.00 0.70 43% 0.30
Dash Attack 11 11 11 100% 0% 0.20 0.20 0% 0.00
Midair Dash Attack 11 11 11 100% 0% 0.20 0.20 0% 0.00
Advancing Jump Thrust 40 40 25 160% 60% 15 1.00 0.70 43% 0.30
Finishing Thrust 50 50 50 100% 0% 1.00 0.80 25% 0.20
Finishing Twin Thrust (1) 35 35 25 140% 40% 10 1.00 0.70 43% 0.30
Finishing Twin Thrust (2) 60 60 50 120% 20% 10 1.00 0.80 25% 0.20
Reverse Attack 50 50 50 100% 0% 1.00 0.80 25% 0.20
Jumping Thrust 30 30 30 100% 0% 1.00 0.70 43% 0.30
Shield Attack 15 15 14 107% 7% 1 0.00 0.00
Shield Charge 25 25 0.00
Shield Charge Attack 40 40 0.00
Midair Shield Charge 25 25 0.00
Twin Vine 10 10 0.00
Cross Sweep (1) 25 25 1.00
Cross Sweep (2) 40 40 1.00
Anchor Rage 70 70 1.00
Spiral Thrust (1) 50 50 1.00
Spiral Thrust (2) 80 80 1.00
Spiral Thrust Finish 90 90 1.00

Fast Dash gives +10% ATK Anchor Rage gives +5%/10%/15% ATK based on the knockback you would have taken Spiral Thrust gives +10% ATK on a successful guard

Very basic moveset introduction for beginners, or a refresher. Search for or if you know the rest, or scroll down to changes:

  • Guard: zR (and the actions where you block)
    • Hold your shield up to block attacks
    • Consumes stamina, takes knockback, and chip damage depending on the strength of the attack and your Guard level
    • If you do not have enough stamina, your guard will be broken and you will take regular damage instead of blocking
    • Some of your actions that have guards can be interrupted or slowed down considerably, or even broken, if you do not have enough Guard level or stamina
    • Some attacks are considered unblockable (typically beams) and require the skill Guard Up
    • Grabs and pins are unblockable no matter what
  • Insta-Block : zR
    • Gain a Perfect Guard at the start of your regular block animation when you press zR
    • Does not add a Perfect Guard anywhere else
    • Commits to a 1.5s long guard animation at the start
    • Perfect Guard can block any blockable attack without consuming stamina, taking knockback, or chip damage
    • Can lead into a Cross Sweep (X or A), Dash Attack (zR + X + A), Hop (B), Guard Dash (Direction + zR + X) or another Insta-Block (zR)
    • Consecutive Insta-Blocks will be difficult because the timing has to be very exact, and there appears to be a delay before you can do another one
  • Cross Sweep: X or A after a successful Insta-Block
    • Swing vertically and then horizontally with your lance after an Insta-Block
  • Mid Thrust I/II/III: X, X2, X3
    • Poke forward with your lance
    • Can combo up to 3 times before needing a different action
    • Can mix with High Thrust
    • I and II are marginally weaker than High Thrust
  • High Thrust I/II/III: A, A2, A3
    • Poke at an upwards angle with your lance
    • Can combo up to 3 times before needing a different action
    • Can mix with Mid Thrust
    • I and II are marginally stronger than Mid Thrust
  • Wide Sweep: X + A
    • Sweep with your lance
    • Slow, and not very strong or useful
  • Charged Wide Sweep: hold X + A
    • A powerful sweep with your lance
    • A longer commitment for a much stronger attack
    • Can be combo'd with Thrusts
    • Sweep/Thrust/Sweep or Thrust/Sweep/Thrust
  • Counter Thrust/Cancel Thrust: zR + A
    • Go into a counter stance where blocking an attack allows you to counter with a Mid Thrust or High Thrust
    • Cancel Thrust is fast and occurs if you let go of zR immediately or block an attack right away
    • You can use this after a Thrust or a Sweep to restart your combo and go into a Thrust II
    • Thrust I > Thrust II > Thrust III > Cancel Thrust > Thrust II > Thrust III …
    • Cancel Thrust is always a high thrust if you do not block an attack
    • You can only perform a Cancel Mid Thrust if your counter blocks an attack first and you hold forward
    • Counter Thrust is much slower, but strong, and occurs if you hold zR to stay in guard
    • You will be stuck in guard for about 2 seconds before Counter Thrusting
  • Power Guard: B while in the Counter Thrust animation
    • Enter a powerful blocking stance that continually consumes stamina when not getting hit, but can block almost anything
    • When you do block an attack, you will stop consuming stamina
    • Power Guard takes more chip damage than regular guard
    • Can follow up with a Lunging Thrust (X), a Counter Thrust (A), or a Dash Attack (zR + X + A)
    • Follow up with a Lunging Thrust to close the gap if you're too far, or a Counter Thrust for more damage
  • Guard Thrust: zR + X with no direction
    • A weak thrust from a guarding position
    • Not particularly useful
  • Guard Dash: Direction + zR + X
    • Leap in a direction with your shield up
    • Can guard oncoming attacks while moving
    • You can choose the direction you advance in
    • If you perform this from a Guard, you will advance with your character and shield facing the direction you choose, i.e. turning
    • If you perform this from from any other action, you will advance in that direction with your character and shield facing foward, i.e. strafing
    • Can lead into a Leaping Thrust (A), Shield Attack (X), or Dash Attack (zR + X + A)
  • Leaping Thrust: A after a Guard Dash or X after a Power Guard
    • Leap forward and thrust a long distance
    • Useful for covering distances and closing gaps together with Guard Dash
    • Can lead into the Thrust combo (Thrust II), or a Dash Attack, but not back into a Guard Dash or a Counter
  • Shield Attack: X after a Guard Dash
    • Step forward and swing your shield
    • Can do KO damage but not particularly strong
  • Dash Attack: zR + X + A or zR in the air
    • Sprint forward with your lance up, consuming stamina to move quickly while stabbing with your lance
    • Continues to sprint until you cancel it manually, get interrupted, or run out of stamina
    • Pick up more speed after 3 seconds and deal more damage
    • You will bounce if you hit a wall
    • B to stop
    • B and Forward to jump
    • B and Left or Right to step to the side
    • B and back to reverse direction
    • zR to stop and guard
    • X or A for a Finishing Thrust
    • Back and X for a Reverse Attack
  • Advancing Jump Thrust: X in the air during a Dash Attack
    • Thrust after jumping during a dash attack
    • Ends your dash
  • Finishing Thrust: X or A during Dash Attack, or A during a Shield Dash
    • A strong finishing attack during a dash
  • Finishing Twin Thrust: X or A during Dash Attack with a speed boost
    • An even stronger finishing attack during a fast dash
  • Reverse Attack: Back + X during Dash Attack or Shield Dash
    • Spin around and sweep with your lance
    • Useful if you dash past your target, but a slower attack than Finishing Thrust
  • Shield Dash: zR + X + A or zR in the air
    • Replaces Dash Attack
    • Sprint forward with your shield up, consuming stamina to move quickly while pushing with your shield
    • Sprints a set distance
    • Deals KO damage
    • Can only hit once during the dash
  • Shield Attack: X during a Shield Dash
    • A stronger Shield Attack out of a Shield Dash
  • Twin Vine: zL + X
    • Stab a kunai into your target to tether a wire to them
    • Press zL + B while tethered to leap to your target with your shield up
    • 60 second duration
    • 26 second cooldown (Long)
  • Anchor Rage: zL + X
    • A Perfect Guard that empowers your lance based on the knockback you would have taken
    • Gives +5%/10%/15% ATK for 10 seconds based on the knockback of the attack blocked
    • Guards for 2 seconds
    • 13 second cooldown (Medium)
  • Spiral Thrust: zL + X
    • A strong guard followed by multiple powerful thrusts that send you forward long distances
    • Two silkbug thrusts that send you foward very far
    • You can turn after the first thrust
    • Gives +10% ATK for 10 seconds on a successful guard that doesn't get cancelled
    • 13 second cooldown (Medium)

Moveset changes from Monster Hunter World, basically in order as they appear in the above MV compilation:

  • You cannot shield strafe in guard anymore because of the loss of clutch claw aiming
    • Your character will always turn to the direction you push when walking in guard
    • In MHW, if you held the clutch claw button while guarding to aim, you could always face the direction you were aiming while walking in guard
  • You cannot buffer a Guard out of a get-up
    • In MHW, if you held down the Guard button during a get-up, you would go into guard as fast as possible
  • Insta-Block
    • Very similar to MH Generations' Adept Guard
    • Raises the shield and sways it in a circle
    • Small window at the start with a Perfect Guard with the rest being a normal guard
    • Commits to a ~1.5s animation where you cannot do anything else if you miss the block
    • Goes into a normal Guard if you continue to hold the guard button
    • Can only be performed from Neutral (i.e. you're not doing anything at all)
    • The Perfect Guard can block any blockable attack with 0 Guard level
    • Does not consume stamina or cause chip damage
    • Stamina stops regenerating during the animation
    • Can follow up with a Cross Sweep (X or A), Dash Attack (X + A + zR), Hop (B), or another Insta-Block (zR)
    • The follow up with another Insta-Block seems to be much slower than Adept guard?
  • Almost all attacks have had their elemental modifiers buffed (reverted) from 0.7x to 1.0x
  • Wide Sweep can now be charged
    • In technicality, there are two levels of charge. Level 1 is red. Level 2 is yellow
    • If you do not charge to Level 2, it is a level 1
    • Level 0 would just be a Wide Sweep with no charge
    • Level 0 and level 1 do the same damage
    • The maximum charged time is approximately 1.9s, recorded at 30fps, is around 58 frames total before any the next action
    • The frame perfect charge is probably at around 1.4s, recorded at 30fps, at around 42 frames total before the next action
    • Has about +4 frames of hitlag, though this might vary
    • The difference Focus 3 provides appears imperceptible, if it even exists (please comment if you notice otherwise)
    • This is likely because the active time for charging is actually very small and the rest of the time is the attack animation itself
    • My personal attempts at Wide Sweep + Forward Hop speed over 30 seconds gave me 12 at full charge and 14 at my fastest charge, and the theoretical frame perfect is 16 over 30 seconds
    • Elemental modifier is only 1.2x
    • Consider Thrusting only if you want element for whatever reason
  • Wide Sweep follows the same rules as MHW. You can do Wide Sweep > Mid/High Thrust II > Wide Sweep, or Mid/High Thrust I > Wide Sweep > Mid/High Thrust III
    • In MHW and MHR, the training room, the attacks would be labeled as Wide Sweep I, II, or III depending on where in the attack combo they were placed. All three are identical
  • Cancel Thrust still takes the place of Mid/High Thrust I in the combo
    • Cancel Thrust > Wide Sweep > Thrust III, or Cancel Thrust > Thrust II > Wide Sweep
    • The stronger combo is Cancel Thrust > Charged Wide Sweep > High Thrust III, since Thrust III is stronger than Thrust II
    • Keep in mind that using Charged Wide Sweep may make it too long to fit a Cancel Thrust to block the next attack
  • Counter Thrust is now much stronger
    • The practical application is to attack out of a Power Guard
  • Guard Dash does not appear to have had any changes but to reiterate
    • If you perform this from a Guard, you will advance with your character and shield facing the direction you choose, i.e. turning
    • If you perform this from from any other action, you will advance in that direction with your character and shield facing foward, i.e. strafing
  • Leaping Thrust has had all 3 hits buffed
    • The first hit is stronger than the other two hits
    • The next two hits have half sharpness reduction
    • Element modifier was also buffed from 0.3×3 to 0.4×3
  • Dash Attack now speeds up after 3s instead of 5s
    • You gain a +10% ATK boost during fast dash
    • You can Dash Attack out of a wirefall, and probably any other air-while-sheathed situation by pressing Guard
    • There appears to no longer be any scalable walls you can Dash Attack up and reverse on or jump off of
    • Element remains the same as MHW at 0.2x
  • Shield Dash dashes forward with the shield
    • Guard is up while dashing
    • Appears to be a higher level guard than just Guarding (same as Guard Dash?)
    • Can only hit once on the dash
    • Dashes a limited distance
    • Can be stopped early to attack by pressing X
    • Shield Attack performed at the end is stronger than a standard Shield Attack out of a Guard Dash
    • Unlike Dash Attack, Shield Dash will not bounce if you dash into a wall
  • Advancing Jump Thrust, where you press B to jump while dashing and then X to attack in the air has been buffed
    • Previously used the same MV as a Jumping Thrust
  • Finishing Twin Thrust has been buffed
    • Both hits now deal more damage
    • Both hits deal 1.0x element instead of 0.7x + 0.8x
  • Shield Attack is marginally stronger
    • Stun is actually weaker from 27 down to 20
  • Cross Sweep can only be activated off of a perfect Insta-block
    • Both hits must be performed
    • You can choose not to Cross Sweep by hopping or dashing or Insta-blocking again
    • Can lead into a Thrust I
  • Twin Vine deals 10 MV stabbing the kunai into the target and attaching a wire
    • Very small range
    • Takes about 2s to complete
    • Pressing zL and B will launch you to your target, very fast, with your block up
    • Can activate Offensive Guard at the right timing
    • Pressing X during this launch will perform an Advancing Jump Thrust
    • Pressing Guard during this launch will perform a Dash Attack/Shield Dash
    • While in the air, you have your shield up in front of you
    • Blocking in the air consumes stamina
    • You will get knocked down if you don't have enough stamina
    • 60 second duration
    • 26 second wirebug cooldown
    • 13 second for each wirebug, consecutively
  • Anchor Rage is a Perfect Guard
    • Base MV of 70 and deals mounting damage
    • Each charge level gives an additional +5% base ATK (+5%/+10%/+15%)
    • Level depends on the knockback an attack would have given you based on a regular guard
    • This means higher levels of Guard reduce the chance to get higher attack buffs
    • 10 second duration
    • Not affected by Power Prolonger
    • You can input a direction during the counter to change where you thrust, like a Power Guard Counter Thrust
    • Blocks for about 2 seconds
    • Blocking at the start will activate Offensive Guard
    • Offensive Guard stacks additively with the ATK bonus
    • 13 second wirebug cooldown (Medium)
  • Spiral Thrust is stupid strong
    • Guard timing at start of attack, where the shield is slapped forward
    • Not a Perfect Guard
    • Gives +10% ATK on successful guard for 10 seconds
    • Not affected by Power Prolonger
    • Entire guard timing seems to activate Offensive Guard
    • Offensive Guard stacks additively with the ATK bonus
    • During the input, you can choose a direction to wirebug towards without turning your character but the timing is very tight
    • Perform the second Spiral Thrust by holding a direction, or cancel by not pressing a direction
    • The second wirebug direction can be chosen freely
    • Going forward and then backwards leaves you one roll or two hops forward from where you started
    • You can cancel the second attack after starting it by pressing B and you will only wirebug a very short distance before hopping
    • You really shouldn't cancel or not perform the second attack
    • Perform the Spiral Thrust Finish by pressing X (90 MV), which then can then lead into a Thrust II or any other action
    • Training Area calls the Spiral Thrust Finish a Leaping Thrust, and it behaves the same way as far as I can tell
    • Holding Back and pressing X will perform a normal Reverse Attack which is weak (50 MV)
    • Pressing A will perform a High Thrust II instead which is weak
    • Takes about 4s to activate completely
    • 13 second wirebug cooldown (Medium)
  • More testing is required but
    • Fast Dash, Offensive Guard, Attack Boost, and Anchor Rage/Spiral Thrust are multiplicative, inline with Iceborne's formula
    • I'm seeing my attack go from 130 to 183 with Spiral Thrust (1.1x), Offensive Guard 1 (1.05x), Attack Boost 5 (+6%, +8) and Dash Attack (1.1x)
    • 130 * 1.1 * 1.05 * 1.06 * 1.1 + 8 = 183
    • Additive would be
    • 130 * (1 + 0.1 + 0.05 + 0.06 + 0.1) + 8 = 178
  • In THEORY, the following frame data may not be completely accurate as it is based on frame counted footage, but
    • Forward Hop = 14f
    • Back Hop = 18f
    • Thrust I/II = 17f, 19f on hit
    • Thrust III = 16f, 18f on hit
    • Cancel Thrust = 38f on hit
    • Full Charged Wide Sweep = 58f, 62f on hit
    • Fastest Charged Wide Sweep = 42f, 44f on hit
    • Dash Attack = 60f on hit with one dash hit
    • Shield Dash = 48f on hit
    • 3x Thrust + FHop = 30.4 MV/s
    • Full Sweep/Thrust/Sweep/FHop = 30.9 MV/s
    • Fast Sweep instead = 38.88 MV/s
    • Cancel Thrust = 28.4 MV/s
    • 3x Thrust + Dash Attack = 34.1 MV/s
    • 3x Thrust + Shield Dash = 40.7 MV/s
    • Fast Sweep + Thrust + Fast Sweep + Shield Dash = 43.8 MV/s
  • In practice, the best option depends on what you can fit, but it's usually going to be Spiral Thrust
    • Wide Sweep timing is incredibly difficult to get perfect
    • You shouldn't be worse off in terms of DPS if you use it, but it doesn't fit every opening possible, and raw theoretical DPS isn't a great metric here
    • A better metric would be to measure the opening you have and then see what you can physically fit
    • Since Sweep takes so much time, you lose a lot of opportunity to guard
    • The reach and hitbox of Wide Sweep is also very different
    • Because it deals so much damage in one hit, you could fit a Charged Wide Sweep instead of three Thrusts to deal more damage in many situations
    • Conversly, you could fit one or two Thrusts in small openings where you can't charge sweep at all and do damage
    • Downed monsters stay down around 7~10s? so you can do Fast Sweep + Thrust + Fast Sweep + Shield Dash + Fast Sweep + (Thrust + Fast Sweep + Shield Dash) depending on how fast you are
    • That being said, you should probably be using Spiral Thrust on cooldown to deal damage instead


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