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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new to Monster Hunter. What are some beginner tips?

  • Eat at the canteen before every hunt
  • Manage your item loadouts between each hunt
  • Do optional quests that have a speech bubble next to their listing. These will unlock useful things like canteen ingredients, tools or botanical research upgrades.
  • Complete delivery requests at the research center
  • Upgrade your equipment when possible

I just bought Monster Hunter World, should I buy Iceborne right away?

If you are new to MHW, then you should know that Iceborne is entirely post-base-game content. I would recommend you finish the base game first and if you are enjoying the game, then purchase Iceborne. On the other hand, sometimes a sale bundle is too good to pass up so it’s ultimately up to you.

Should I play solo or multiplayer?

It’s entirely up to you, the game plays well in whatever way you want to play. You can play entirely solo. You can fire SOS’s for every quest. You can SOS only for quests you are having difficulty with.

What’s with the Defender weapons/Guardian armor?

These were included for players that want to breeze through the base game and reach Iceborne’s content as fast as possible. It is recommended that new players do NOT use this gear so that they learn many key mechanics and strategies of the game instead of relying on overpowered equipment.

Can I play through the story with a friend?

Absolutely! There is a bit of an odd requirement that each player must view a story cutscene individually before playing Assigned quests together. If you are both at the same point in the campaign, you should both start your quests and view the cutscene separately. At some point, the game will tell you that you can “now send an SoS flare”. One of you can exit the quest and join the other now.

Should I farm anything before moving onto Iceborne?

Ehhh… No. Your weapons and armor will almost immediately become obsolete. The only thing worth farming is probably decorations but these are obtainable in Iceborne anyway.

What is affinity?

It’s the chance for a weapon to deal a critical hit. A critical hit deals an extra 25% damage (or more with the Critical Boost skill). If you are using a weapon with negative affinity, there is a chance that it will deal 25% LESS damage.

How do I mount/What do I do while mounting a monster?

You can mount a monster while striking it with an aerial attack. Most weapons can perform this mounting strike while jumping off a wall or cliff, or while sliding down a steep slope. Some weapons can perform a mounting strike without environmental assistance (Insect Glaive, Sword and Shield, Lance)

While mounted, you will play a mini-game of sorts. You should focus on the top right of the screen and match the highlighted command. Brace yourself when the monster attempts to shake you off and move when the monster tries to slam you against the wall. Attack the monster until you are given an opportunity to strike with your weapon and the monster will be knocked down.

What’s the best way to farm decorations?

There are three high decoration drop event quests.

  • “The Greatest Jagras” will give you a large quantity of low quality base-game decorations.
  • “The Name’s Lavasioth!” will give you a smaller quantity of high quality base-game decorations.
  • “The Wrath of Thunder Descends” gives you a moderate amount of high quality Iceborne decorations
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I’ve been farming and I still can’t get ____ material/decoration to drop! Am I doing something wrong?

Nope. MHW drops are heavily RNG based. People spend days and weeks grinding to get their desired drops. It sucks but it’s part of the game.

What weapon should I use/What is the best weapon?

Every weapon in viable in MHW. It is recommended that you try most/all of the weapons in the training grounds to get a feel of how they work. Then choose one or a few of your favorites to play throughout the game.

What are some tips for playing ?

There are YouTube guides by Arekkz and Gaijin Hunter that are quite helpful, you should start there (links in the sidebar). There is also a crap guide by JoCat. It’s not super helpful but you should watch it anyway.

What’s with elemental damage? Is it worth getting one of each element for a weapon?

Fast hitting weapons benefit a lot from elemental damage (Dual Blades, bows, Sword and Shield, Insect Glaive). Slower, hard hitting weapons should focus on RAW damage. While it is ideal to have a weapon for each element to deal with lots of different monster weaknesses, it is pretty tough to build five different weapons for each element. Most often, it is much easier to use a weapon with a status ailment or no element at all (especially while still progressing through the story)

Why is the elemental/status damage number grayed out on my weapon?

The weapon has what is called a "hidden element". You must equip an armor or decoration with the "Free Element" skill. You will be able to use 33/66/100% of the element value at 1/2/3 skill points respectively. Without Free Element, the weapon is effectively elementless.

How do I obtain layered armor?

Most layered armor is offered through festivals, event quests or the guiding lands. Master Rank layered armor is not currently available

Why can’t I do the Safi’jiva/Kulve Taroth siege/quest?

These monsters are part of events that alternate availability every two weeks or so. If you cannot do one, it is likely because the other is currently running. The sieges are available in the gathering hubs

What’s the deal with the siege?

Refer to this guide for Safi'Jiiva and this guide for Kulve Taroth.

There is also a Master Rank Kulve Taroth event quest that is NOT a siege quest but is more akin to a standard slaying quests but with some hidden timers. You can use the master rank Kulve Taroth materials to forge the armor, meld HR Kulve Taroth weapons or to upgrade HR KT weapons into MR weapons. You can play this quest with SoS's like normal event quests.

What weapons or armor should I be building?

For end game, take a look at the meta builds Some of these guides have progression tips as well. Generally during the course of the game, you’ll want to steadily be upgrading your armor. Try to prioritize useful skills but don’t worry too much about it until endgame.

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What skills should I prioritize?

Depends a LOT on the weapon. In general, some of the best offensive skills include:

  • Critical Eye
  • Weakness Exploit
  • Critical Boost
  • Attack Boost
  • Agitator
  • Artillery (for some weapons)
  • Attack (if applicable)

Good defensive skills include:

  • Health Boost (high priority!)
  • Divine Blessing
  • Evade Window
  • Evade Extender
  • Guard & Guard Up (for weapons with a shield)

But weapons have several different priorities such as Focus, Constitution, Ammo Up, etc… the list goes on. Refer to meta builds and other guides to know what skills are needed for your weapon of choice.

How can I get more armor spheres?

Farm for dragonvein coal in the guiding lands to use as fuel for the steamworks in Seliana. Be sure to always be completing research center bounties as you play.

What are augments (Iceborne)?

In Iceborne, you can augment weapons with extra attributes. Each augment takes a different amount of “slots”. Weapons will have a different amount of slots and need different materials for augmenting based on rarity. You can also increase a weapon’s augment slots with certain materials as well. Augment materials are found entirely in the Guiding Lands

Guiding Lands?

  • After the main story in Iceborne, you’ll gain access to the Guiding Lands. The Guiding Lands is a single area which consists of different “regions” that correspond to the different locales in the game. Volcanic and Tundra regions are not available at first, but are unlocked by completing Special Assignments.
  • After hunting and researching in a specific region, you’ll increase that region’s level. A higher leveled region will have access to harder monsters and eventually to Tempered versions of monsters. Typically to get access to specific augment materials, you’ll have to level up a region and then hunt the specific monster you’re looking for. The Guiding Lands levels are capped at Level 4 to start. The cap is raised after reaching MR 49, 69 and 99 to levels 5, 6 and 7 respectively. The regions in the Guiding Lands also share a pool of resources for leveling. Leveling up one region will slowly delevel another region. You can typically maintain three regions at Level 7.
  • The Guiding Lands also have special bonepile and mineral gathering points in each region. These are all maintained independently of each other. By gathering a certain type of resource in a region, you will increase its level. Continuing to level that resource will give you access to higher quality resources until it reaches the max. At max level, a giant gathering resource will appear and the resource’s level will reset.
  • It is highly recommended to use 1 “Geologist” skill while hunting in the Guiding Lands. Whether it is intended or a bug, the skill will allow you to pick up monster parts twice from the ground. This effectively reduces the number of monsters you need to hunt by half.

How do I use the clutch claw effectively?

When the monster is not enraged (yellow eye on the minimap), you should grapple onto their head, claw attack the monster so that it faces a wall or cliff, and then flinch shot (requires slinger ammo) the monster to ram them into the wall. This will create an opening for attack and also drop some monster materials.

Heavy weapons can use a weapon attack to tenderize the monster. Light weapons attacks will drop slinger ammo on the first attack and then tenderize on the second. You will deal more damage to a tenderized part and have higher affinity if you are using the “Weakness Exploit” skill

Does anyone else hate the Clutch Claw????

Sure, lots of people do. And a lot of people don’t. I would highly recommend using it to its fullest potential while playing multiplayer since all four hunters gain the benefits of tenderization and flinch shot openings. If you play solo, no one is forcing you to use it.

I keep getting one-shot! What should I do?

You should look into upgrading your armor. Either forge new armor with higher defense or use armor spheres to upgrade the defense stat.

In addition to that, each monster has their own attack patterns to learn. In general, a super useful technique is to “superman dive”. Sheathe your weapon, sprint away from the monster and evade. Your hunter will do a jumping dive and will be invincible during the duration of this move. Use this to dodge attacks like Nergigante’s dive bomb.

How do I hunt for gold crowns?

Absolutely prioritize hunting monsters in the musical themed event quests first (both high or master rank). They have a massively increased chance of gold crowns. Be sure to do some of the events that have guaranteed gold crowns. After that, you should prioritize investigations with at least 1 gold and 1 silver rewards or at least 3 purple rewards. Optional quests will NOT give you gold crowns.

Will I get banned for using mods?

Nope. Capcom has taken no stance against mods. It is quite common to use mods to change the way your hunter looks and for helpful UI additions. You can also use mods to cheat but if you are playing multiplayer, it definitely ruins the experience for legitimate players. Cheating is generally discouraged in MHW (also in real life)

Defense Boost 7?

Just a PSA: Defense Boost is not a particularly useful skill. Health Boost 3 and Divine Blessing 3 or 5 require fewer skill slots and will provide much more survivability if you need it.

How do I beat _____?

Upgrade your equipment and practice.

Should I play Monster Hunter World?


Please feel free to ask any additional questions or add additional information


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