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My Alatreon Story

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Hey all, just wanted to share my journey with you guys, though I know the sub's getting a lot of Alatreon kill celebration posts and this is kind of a wall of text.

I'm no speedrunner. I've been maining bow all throughout MHW, used to use DBs on the PSP. I'm confident enough to be able to solo the tutorial campaigns and every title update monster so far. Base game Nergi was a wall for maybe a day or two and made me go back to the basics and learn how to dance with my bow. Furious Rajang took me almost a week of fine tuning. I personally like to be able to solo a monster before I go SOS . Well our boy Alatreon took me the better part of August.

Along comes Alatreon with his elemental dps check and buttload of life. At this time I'm running a pretty standard SilverLos with Garuga Greaves, CritEyE 7, IceAttack 6, CritBoost3 and an assortment of QOL stamina management. My go to ice bow atm is a decked out Mist Glacia. This just doesnt seem to work. The raw seems cute. Im not yet hitting the right hitboxes. I'm still learning the moves. I cart and cart and cart. I can hit the elemental threshold but I cant time my jerkies right (no health booster). I can't break the horns outright. I need a wallbang. I get shocked when I clutch to the head. I dont dodge away from the double head slam. The fight seems impossible. Breathe. I'll come back later.

Safi event comes up and I farm up all the Safi bows and awaken them all full element. Try Alatreon again, my damage actually looks passable now. I'm not really comfortable wearing 5 set safi because the life drain bugs me and I dont know if I can dodge everything so I stick to my SilverLos guns. The SilverLos has a special place in my heart at this point. But Im still carting and carting. My health drains from his Ice DOTs, I get fried by his sweeping fire atatcks. I eat a dragon explosion. This is the part when its git gud, learn the moveset, be able to read and dodge. But I'm doing my best to learn and find out what the problem is.

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Now I'm switching around armor parts. Lets try 4 SilverLos with Kirin Jacket for a pip in Protection. SilverLos with Rajang Arms for Stamina Surge. SilverLos with Namielle Boots for Stamina Surge. Lets try Safi 3 Velkhana 2 for CritElement and DragonVein. Committing to bringing a health booster instead of another utility mantle. All with varying amounts of success. The good part is I learned and I got a lot of these cool Escaton death screens. I shit you not, I did maybe almost a hundred runs just trying to git gud. Number based on the Gourmet vouchers I ended up devouring for this fight.

I end up running this janky SilverLos set with Shara greaves that runs Partbreaker 3 and Defense 7. This build helped get to about 30 minutes, two hornbreaks and maybe 4 or 5 escatons. It was pretty janky, It had me dropping a lot of my affinity so Im sure my damage suffered.

One thing that remained constant though was that I would be able to topple him and weaken the Escaton. It's just not that hard solo. It's the rest of the fight that ends up carting me. So I had to start building raw. Enter Edelescha, the frostfang Barioth bow, coming in with a raise in affinity and a bit more raw compared to the Safi Frostbow. Lets deck it out, lets not build element, give it another ten affinity, try out some lifesteal. The lifesteal was laughable but it was kind of comforting to have it there. Now were all in on the deeps. Back to an above 50% affinity, maxed crit boost, just enough element to get one sure topple per phase, two if were doing well, con3/ss1 split, and a point of protection from the Kirin Jacket. We don't need partbreaker, we just need a wallbang.

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Right now I'm just trying to UNLOAD all my deeps on this big ass dragon without dying.

Escaton weaken, check,

Wallbang the horn, check, if you cant, just focus on doing more deeps, try to weaken the Dragon Form and adjust after a likely escaton death.

Eat for moxie and safeguard, pray for insurance.

I was even switching Palico tools on the fly. Start the fight with paralysis and the meowcano. I forgot to double check but I assume it helped with the raw damage. Switch to the Vigorwasp midfight, so I get a free life between Escatons. Tried out the shieldspire when I wanted to just get windows to unload.

This is when it all starts coming together. But there were still some heartbreaks here. You read about Alatreon having that beefy 50k hp solo and you just dont know where you are after 2 hornbreaks and three or more escatons. Do I keep pushing? Am I probably going to cart? How many lives do I have left? Shit I hope I dont get cheap shotted down. Well shit his EKG is slowing down while hes not enraged. This is progress. Im going to kill this guy. Proceeds to use up the last cart 30 seconds after dropping in. These ones were the worst. You knew you were right there. I told myself that I wasn't looking at that EKG in the middle of the hunt anymore. Just check the eyeball if hes pissed or not.

That's the thing about the first time, you have no idea how close you are. I swear the first time I actually killed this guy, I just fucking roared. I almost forgot to carve. By this time I had a crapload of mantles and riptalons. I even ended up with 3-4 azure dragonshpires for my trouble. The only thing I need to come back for are diretails and felwings.

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If you're reading this far, I just wanted to share with you how much I respect the hell out of this fight and its mechanics. Elemental check didnt bother me as a bow user. HP pool dps check challenged me to be aggressive, to balance an ELE/RAW build and his moveset made me careful and forced me to REALLY learn him and adapt.

TL;DR Wanted to beat Alatreon solo, ate a lot of Escatons, got a lot of cool death screens. Tried a lot of builds, just tried to git gud. Me and my Kitty finally killed him. I roared and almost forgot to carve.


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