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My Fatalis head break tips/script

Content of the article: "My Fatalis head break tips/script"

I know this is a bit late, but i do a lot of Fatalis and wanted to share my 'script' for the fight. Works in coordinated groups and with …less coordinated groups. This guide assumes you know the mechanics of the fight. The point of this guide is mainly to show you my way of dealing with horn breaks as fast as possible and before phase 3 starts.

Many of you may skip cannon start, which is perfectly fine if you are killing him before 2nd roaming anyways (as you'd only get one cannon down), but i think if you are farming horns you wanna be using cannon start as you'll see below.

Build 1: Rajang Destroyer HBG built for wyvernheart, using crit booster. Don't forget that if you want to use fatalis 4pc armor for health, you need this set to have fatalis 4pc to retain the bonus. THE SET — Agitator won't work as not enraged…maybe a better set with max might exists, but i wanted bombardier. Why wyvernheart? you can unload the whole clip into Fatalis' face after a cannon down and wyvernheart will do the most partbreak damage in that time as it has a 1.5x partbreak multiplier.

Phase-1 cannon start: place bombs on floor in front and just to the left (facing fatalis on ledge) right cannon, climb up and pop cannons in. Right cannon 1 tick right, left cannon 2(3?) ticks right. I start with loading left cannon, placing the crit booster before i head to the right cannon. Fire right cannon, fire left cannon…pop might pill…and proceed to unload a whole clip of wyvernheart into the head. Multi: Sheathe and farcaster to base, asking others to wallbang. Solo: Wallbang, maybe place more bombs (this is why stonethrower in build 1), farcaster.

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Build 2: Dragon ammo LBG (BUILD). Dragon ammo, and LBG mines are your best bet for partbreak damage while having access to sleep and para. LBG mines have a bit of innate part damage. Safi would be more damage, but i like fatalis bonus. Dragon ammo has a MV of 2 for raw and i think its better to have para/sleep boosts instead.

Phase-1/2 pt.2: After you switch to build 2, fly back down, equip glider mantle and then proceed to sleep, place mines/bombs and then wallbang. Follow up with para and then dragon ammo to face and then farcaster back.

Phase-1/2 pt.3: Just swap to a normal build and fight it out. I like mounting first (IG), then using the two binders. I set my palico (and kinsect) for blast. Can be helpful to bait out some fire cones.

Head damage=

  • wallbang x2 = 2% hp (1320 solo) x2 = 2640

  • Wyvernheart = 50 x ((58+78)/2) = ~5100

  • bombs x5 (essentially, as one set has bombardier) — and possibly more? — also effected by partbreaker = ~1500dmg

  • LBG mines = ?

  • Dragon ammo = ?

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Basically guarantees a P1 head break.

You may ask why not a sleep/para palico? They can inflict the status….the problem is timing, often enough a palico will trigger a status during a down or at an inopportune time. This strat also works in groups where you might not have palicoes.

I think a lot of people underestimate how much damage you need to do to horns…the answer is 40% of his HP before any partbreaker bonuses. With 30% partbreaker you still need to do like 28% of Fatalis' total hp to his dome.

Hope this helps some of you carry yourself or your friends to getting some eyes!


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