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Need advice about what to do….

Content of the article: "Need advice about what to do…."

So first let me tell you I'm not a new to this game, 3 years ago I got this game a week after launch, I finished it. Completely.

I had every arch tempered armor, every deco and every kulve weapons. I played with every weapons of this game and had all deco for them.

At this point I played only to kill the monster faster than my previous run and fun battle (without needed to farm anything because I alread have everything), and wait every new event with impatiance to play it the first day. I wanted iceborne to come sooner than later….but then I didn't manage to play it : my brother sold his ps4 and I lost my game files

Now I got my own ps5, and buy iceborne even before to finish the story.

I finished the main story, and 2 quests in Iceborne and I realised I need deco.

So I come to the great jagras (a monster I didn't even kill more than 2/3 time years ago) to farm it for 2 days, I got some good ones but mostly useless thing and I become tired of fighting him again and again.

What should I do ? Farming the great jagras or going straigh to iceborne ? How easy is farming deco in Iceborne ? And farming it is avaible early in Iceborne ?

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I also realised is much more difficulte now to find a good random party (I give up Behemoth when it become clear that people didn't even know to use flash pod against him), didn't even try kulve (but it seems that its weapons are not meta anymore) and I'm more than a little afraid to ask if the new meta come form monster needing a party.

I'm generally a solo player, using party only for Kulve and Behemoth…but years after it seems you cannot find a good party with random player anymore so I hope the meta don't need a good party to get the best weapons.


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