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No, no please no (dear diary of new GL main)

(Long post incoming!)

Hello boom-burst-blasting connoisseurs. I just wanted to share my recent journey and transition to GL becoming my favorite weapon in the game.

A bit of backstory with my time in world. I’m on xbox, I have around 1600 hours in the game, my main was the lance with around 80-90% of those hours on lance hunts. Solo’d all non-multiplayer intended mons, got plenty/multiple rare decos of all of them (at least 3 of each attack boost+ 4, expert+ 4, challenger+ 4 etc). Finally started to get a bit bored of the lance, and so i decided to try other weapons. I’m not the kind of person to “main” multiple weapons, and would rather stick with 1 or 2 and master them instead, so began my search for my secondary.

To start off im a fan of the typical tank archetype, able to take hits, and generally slow but powerful. Now my secondary doesn’t need to fit this bill at all, its just my preference.

I started with CB, since i secondary’d it in 4/4U. Got around 600 hunts with it, thought it was the one, but i eventually come to dislike the switching mechanic and while the axe form is slow and powerful, you trade all your “tankiness” for it. To make an already long story just a bit shorter, my process with the next couple of weapons went like this: watched arekks tutorial>craft meta sets and adjust the QoL skills to fit my needs as necessary> hit the training grounds to learn set>fight temp teo, kulve(if available), temp f-rajang, fatty, AT velk, do that for at least 100 hunts each> make verdict. I did this for HBG, DB, HH, and hammer. While honestly really fun to play (HBG is less fun mechanically, but fun as a powertrip i.e. CC’ing imo), just didn’t live up to my expectations.

Then the moment of truth arrived, I decided to pick up GL. Holy hell, for whatever reason (out of the weapons i tried) GL was the hardest one for me to wrap my head around. Screw CB being difficult to learn/pick up mechanically, GL’s sheer combat options, even just picking between each of the 3 shelling types, took me a minute to learn. So i did, and now i have about 100 hunts with it, and jesus the only way to decribe this thing is it’s an absolute monster. Normal slaps feel even heavier and meaty than hammer hits. The amount of damage coming from this thing is disgusting. Long is just fuckin nasty man. This thing is the definition of aggressive. In all my time playing lance and DB, never have i felt like this relentless force of nature even against the likes of the monke. If f-rajang is SSJ2, long is SSJ3. Now wide, my favorite playstyle so far. Similar to long but up close and personal, just the way i like it. It feels the closest to lance with the pokes, but you got a little of everything the weapon has to offer going on. Not to mention the aesthetics, the weapons look badass, your moves look bombastic, the shielding clang sounds flippin awesome, you feel like an absolute tank both offensively and defensively (lance feels tank-like defensively but quick relentless jabs offense dont feel tank-like), your combat options are vast giving so much variety, GL has it all. I slept so hard on this weapon

So my search for a secondary, ended up with the weapon becoming my main. Lance still has a special place in my heart, but GL really is the cooler lance.

I want to end this off thanking the GL community for spreading the gold nuggets of information as i went on my journey to learn the GL. Especially Grandmaster Caoslayer for being an integral pillar of that element. Thanks for all your invaluable research on this fine weapon. It might not top the all the DPS charts, but funlance is the perfect way to describe it. Here’s to my bright future with the best weapon

Edit: Thank you for the award!


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