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Noob questions/idea. Viability of the Teostra Charge Blade in 2.0.

So firstly, this is my first monster hunter game, so if any thoughts or ideas I post here don't make sense there is a reason.

Now when 2.0 dropped I was hoping that the Charge Blade tree would have a few new choice charge blades that could compete with an affinity raw build (that don't completely depend on elemental weaknesses and good zones). It seems however we got that elemental weakness option (not the worse thing as CB was lacking a decent ice option), but we also received Teostra Charge Blade, and as weak blast procs are in this game (from my limited understanding ) maybe we shouldn't worry completely about the quality of the procs but the quantity.

The general idea, which I did very limited testing on, was to use Teostra's CB due to its high blast proc in comparison to the Magnamalo CB with the addition of the Teostra's Soul ramp-up skill, just cause. Then I made a mixed set using the Teostra waist and gloves to get two points into Teostra's blessing. I played around with two builds that were variations of this. In one build I used the Jelly chest, and in the other, I used a Blast Attack 2 charm, then adding one Blast Attack decoration to each. With two points into Teostra's Blessing and three into Blast Attack, we get 55 in the Blast stat for Teostras CB.

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Using the Charge Blade in conjunction with Condensed Spinning Slash (while in that mode) I tested these builds on the training area dummy with its head down. I think I was able to get a blast to proc with every other press of the X button.

Here are some of my questions then.

Is this blast proc rate correct or was it just my luck and etc.?

What series and combination of armor or skills would be best to add to do more damage and thus add more viability to this build? I.E. should we lean into adding crit? Instead, lean into raw? Or both on top of this general idea?

Considering that this build is about getting blast to proc via CSS would we need to slot in Artillery at all?

Could this even get close to the damage output of Nargacuga crit raw build or other similar meta builds?

For those of you who wanna tell me just do what seems fun for me, fun for me is making and using powerful or at least capable builds.


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