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Now, I’m Literally Pissed

Content of the article: "Now, I’m Literally Pissed"

So yesterday, I posted something about being abused by Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong and Taiwan ) players.

To be honest, I have to change some of the facts because this is my second account, I deleted my older account because there are a few people stalking me online.

And, I guess I shouldn't have posted that post, because they saw it, and they recognized the contents, and now, they're fucking following my account, again! Especially one of them is really starting to make me feel very uncomfortable!

This fucking kid, has been following me online for about 4 months, 4 god damn months, because of what?

Because I don't use meta gears, more specifically, I don't use affinity skills, but that's my own business because I have already beat the whole game in my very own way. So, I don't think there is any reason for me to change my playstyle because I'm having a lot of fun in my own way.

But this guy, I don't think he's ever gonna stop stalking me online, and he's not the only fucking one! To think that people could be such an elitist, they even start to stalk people online because they don't agree with your playstyle? How sick is that? Literally!

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He wants me to stop playing online and only solo, and I refused to do so, guess that pissed him off.

I have already left the Taiwan forums and deleted all my accounts on those forums, because I don't want to have anything to do with them, and I hate to have any kind of contact with those people ever again!

But, I guess they just want me to stop playing Monster Hunter Series for good, and don't ever speak of the game again.

I don't want to post these things here, but I got no choice because these guys started all of these because of MHW, can you believe that? I have reported his behavior to Reddit, but I'm not sure if they can do anything to stop these guys, so I'm probably gonna delete this account too, and this time, I'm not sure if I'm gonna create another one, because these people are starting to freak me out.

One of them even know where I live in the real world, and that is fucking terrifying!

I have a family, and I can't imagine they get harmed because of a game.

Being harassed online because of a video game, that is a very terrifying experience, feels like some fucking maniac is following you where ever you go, but people start creeping into your real life because of a game? That's a whole new different level!

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And these people are doing all of these things because of a game, guess some people out there does have a point, I should have never get involved with these Taiwanese players, this is probably my biggest mistake,

I'm sorry for the long ass post, but I really don't know any other ways to fight back at these people, because they simply won't let me be!


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