Monster Hunter World

OmNePlEgIa SaCs

I'm not even raging at this point. I'm beyond that; this game has broken me.

Remember Great Girros? The pain in the ass that doesn't hit hard enough to be dangerous, doesn't paralyze in one bite, et cetera? Remember how boring and yet obnoxious the fight is?

Here's something you probably don't remember: the drop rate for the fucking omneplegia sacs.

Because it's abysmal.

I need 10, in order to forge and upgrade the Great Girros HR charge blade, and to upgrade my paralysis attack charm.

If I'm lucky, I get one sack per run. I have hunted him seventeen times so far.

I have eight of ten sacs.

What do I even say? At this point, every time my character falls over and starts convulsing, I want to do the same.

Oh look, we've added some spice to the fight. Meet our friend odogaron.

Yeah, fuck off. That's the wrong kind of spice.

Throw shit at Odogaron

He doesn't leave.

Throw shit again.

He leaves along with Great Girros, and they both move into the same new area.

Screw it, I'll go Ghillie mantle, flash 'em both, then leave Odogaron snapping at MHFU while I deal with Girros.

Except that the wingdrake has other ideas, and hits me a millisecond after I put the mantle on.

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Ghillie mantle has worn off!

While I'm at it, fuck those chat notifications.

Screw it. I'll just shit Odo and hope he leaves.

I fire a dung pod, only to notice that girros is limping out of the area.

Odo follows him courtesy of my shit.

Wingdrake teleports out of MHGU and hits me from behind.

Suddenly my health bar has been split in half, courtesy of all the hits I've taken from the effluvium-infected small monsters.

I have no nulberries.

Fuck it, I'll capture Great Girros.

I run to him and put down a trap.

Mini Girros bulldozes me over the ledge while I'm popping down the tranq bombs.

Big Girros wakes up, jumps off the ledge, and lands on me. Thanks to my reduced health:




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