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On people who want to “””””carry””””” (and other curious players)

Content of the article: "On people who want to “””””carry””””” (and other curious players)"

Why? Why don't you please stay to G rank instead of plaguing lower and high rank hubs?

I recently bought GenU in the switch after playing it to death in my old 3ds. I've been playing online a lot more because its nice to play with people who I can understand what they're saying. But unfortunately I noticed a bad trend: people who "carry".

You probably know what I'm talking about: dudes who come into lower rank hubs being 100+ HR, wearing full transmog sets and endgame weapons, and they go and kill monsters sub 1 minute.

I don't like being carried. Most of the time this shit happens, I will just leave the hub, because it just takes away the full purpose of the game. They basically help you to play the game less. So if any of you read this, I gotta ask, why do you do this?

Now I'm gonna go in a bit of a tangent here on a story of hunting and language barriers, but it does include the topic of carrying so bear with me:

A few days ago I go online to go and clear hr 5. I go and join a hub, only one player who we will call yukata which wasn't their ingame name but close enough. So we go into the first quest to yeet a certain bitch owl, and this is when I realize that this dude is japanese, and thus I can't understand what their shot-outs are even saying. However this proves to not be a real problem as we proceed to blast the malfestio into stratosphere and complete the quest. We clear some more, with the occasional player passing by, but mostly just us two with the cats, kicking monster ass and chewing gum. Until the zamtrios quest, that is.

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Enter this absolute abomination of a player, HR 278, heavy pierce bowgun. Needless to say poor shark balloon doesn't even stand a chance. He does his full life balloon cycle in about 30 seconds and the poor fish dies without even knowing what even happened. Disgusting, 1 like = 1 prayer for best shark, fuck beotodus.

Fortunately this guy left after that, and me and yukata push through the rest of hr 6, kill popodrome and bubble fox twice because fuck you capcom your urgent quest method sucks ass, exchange guild cards and part wayss. 10/10, would hunt with them again.

(Also holy shit popodrome pin attack hurts so much and I love it)

Now while I wrote this I was playing a bit online again (big mistake) and I just want to vent a bit about players I found.

This dude was also from japan but not as cool as my man yukata, as proven by the fact that he botched a capture quest by killing the monster but that's an honest mistake. What's not a mistake is the fact that the next time we meet a few days later and I post that quest again, he says "that quest you alreay did?" No man, we failed because someone blasted the gurren lagan beetle instead of sleeping it. I'll admit I also sucked at that quest and it was not entirely their fault, but they sure were an ass.

There was also the guy that the moment I carted against Seltas E-Girl instantly abandoned the quest. Really classy.

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And last and definitely least because I'm still not sure about this one, this hunting horn player that sometimes stayed on the other side of the room playing melodies, but other times he actually fought the monster and got those sweet double notes beats. Overall not as bad as the others, just a strange man.

TL;DR: Online is sometimes very very annoying.


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