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Paralysis Hammer is Finally a Thing! Build + Discussion

I'm back again with another late-night build rant. This time, I've explored Paralysis options for hammer.

Why Paralysis? It's another status to build for on top of KO and Exhaust, and is very useful in multiplayer hunts for extended openings. The status also often combos with KOs for high CC uptime, which again contributes to high damage potential. A stationary, non-attacking monster makes for an easy target for all hunters.

There's only 3 options as of 2.0. Volvidon, Rampage, and Iron Devil's Soul. Volvidon's has high paralysis and natural blue sharpness, but pitifully-low raw. Rampage's can potentially reach white sharpness, with some great damage potential (after rousing roar negates the negative affinity), but has no slots and sports low paralysis. Iron Devil's Soul, however, is the happy medium with decent paralysis after the paralysis ramp-up, and can also have 50 hits of blue to never have to sharpen during a fight.

The following build strikes a balance between damage and CC. It doesn't require a "god charm", but any charm with 4 total level two slots can work that includes two levels of applicable skills (I've found that post-2.0 update, rarity 7 charms with two free level-2 slots are pretty common now).

Here's the build:

Iron Devil's Soul + 2 Flinch Free

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Kushala Glare + Flinch Free

Vaik Mail S + Handicraft, Attack, Stamina Thief

Sinister Gauntlets S + Paralysis Attack

Anjanath Coil S + Paralysis Attack, 2 Speed Sharpening

Hunter's Greaves S + Paralysis Attack

Talisman (Lvl 2 Slugger + Speed sharpening lvl 1) + Attack, Slugger

This gets AB 6, Handicraft 5, Paralysis Attack 3, Slugger 3, Speed Sharpening 3, Flinch Free 3, Stun Resist 1, Stamina Thief 1, Hellfire Cloak 1.

Spinning bludgeon (either aerial or on the ground) is your bread-and-butter for fast paralysis build up, especially if you can combo it into BB3 and BB Finisher. You can push the damage potential even further by subbing Peak Performance in place of slugger, and more stamina thief by subbing out levels of flinch free or speed sharpening (I use max flinch free as I often play with other hammers and don't want to get knocked out of a big bang combo). Further, if you don't need as much handicraft, you can easily reach Attack Boost 7 and still possibly have room for an evade extender or something.

Testing in 3-player thresholds, I hit no fewer than 2 paralysis activations on monsters in a hunt, even on those that aren't weak to the status like Apex Mizutsune. If you try this against Diablos who is 3-star weak to the status, he hardly gets a chance to move around at all!

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Have fun, and don't forget to eat for Dango Specialist and Slugger to boost the status potential and your KOs even further!


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