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Parastunlance v3

Disclaimer: I'm posting this before I've beaten Valstrax so I might be making one further version of this once I do. Until then, please don't put anything about the Valstrax gear in the comments, I'd like to get there myself

So update 3.0 has given us some really nice new rampage skills for parastunlance, and two that're a big double edged sword. The first two are net positives so let's start there:

– Shelling: wide III gives us level 5 wide shelling giving us more overall power and better stunning power with the wyrmstake

– Layered rampage weapons now means that we can fashion hunt much more easily now which doesn't really affect the functionality of the set but is just really nice

And now the double edged skills:

– Paralysis III gives us 20 base paralysis damage which is only 3 less than we got with paralysis II + para atk 3. Adding para atk 3 to this set gives us 29 para before feline specialist. The only thing that gets more is the Volvi gunlance. Unfortunately this ramp up skill comes with a 20 point reduction in our raw damage which is a lot

– Sharpness type IV gives us a really nice chunk of natural white sharpness making us less reliant on handicraft + protective polish to maintain white. It does, however, have the same negative as paralysis III which means that using both together reduces the power of the rampage gunlance to 170 raw

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That means that we'll have to choose between a more parastun focused set and one that balances those with raw damage. Level 5 shelling does help to make up the difference somewhat but I don't know right now if it's enough to make up the difference. Personally, I think the best overall setup is going to be shelling: wide III, paralysis III and sharpness type III alongside my parastunlance v2 set. But I have made a set to go with wide III, para III and sharpness IV which leans more into the parastun skills so here it is:

Volvi helm – grinder jwl x2

Kulu mail – Razor jwl

Bagel braces – Razor jwl x2

Bagel coil – Ironwall jwl + artillery jwl

Bagel greaves – Paralyser jwl

Slugger 1, evade extender 1 charm, lvl3 + lvl1 slots – Jumping jwl + Grinder jwl

All together that gets us Artillery 3, Para Atk 3, Guard 3, Slugger 3, Speed Sharpen 3, Razor Sharp 3, Load Shells 2, Evade Extender 2, Guard Up 1, Bludgeoner 1 and Horn Maestro (these last two are just throw-away skills on the armour). For context, the v2 build trades razor sharp and one level of slugger for handicraft 1 and protective polish 3 plus an extra 20 raw. That means that, while this set's likely more comfortable, v2 will be putting out more damage unless you sacrifice a bit of paralysis build up to use the para II ramp up skill or swap out para atk or slugger for some damage skills. Of these, I'd recommend dropping para attack as you're hitting similar values to para II + para atk 3 naturally and feline specialist will mean you're pretty much matching it

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Overall, this isn't a big improvement and I'll likely have something better in a bit but I thought this would be a nice update on the state of parastunlance. In summary, it's still fully functional, even slightly better but it feels like you have to be smarter in your choices of how you make it work for you when building your set. I hope this was useful for someone and you have fun using it. Let me know if you can see any ways of improving on this or just the versions you come up with to use, I always love seeing them


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